Getting Ready for Date Night with Brittany Broski

  • Publicado el 14 feb 2021
  • Brittany Broski drops by (after a negative COVID test) to film a "getting ready for date night" video...chaos ensues!
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Comentarios • 4 765

  • Daisy Maize (the Cartoon Queen)

    Whenever Brittany calls Trixie old I just assume Katya is feverishly watching from her smoking lounge in a wig, no makeup, and a romper like "at last"

    • Katelyn Spencer
      Katelyn Spencer Hace 2 días

      This comment though . I can see Katya doing this . I’m her “smoking lounge”

    • serena
      serena Hace 11 meses +1

      @Kelly VD-A IM CRYNG

    • Kelly VD-A
      Kelly VD-A Hace un año +10

      “It’s what she deserves.”

    • Amber C
      Amber C Hace un año +1


  • RuPaul's Drag Race
    RuPaul's Drag Race Hace un año +18151

    I will watch absolutely any video of these two together

  • Avery
    Avery Hace 11 días +64

    Oddly, “Cherry Valentine, Please give me a chance” was one of the first things I thought of when I heard the news. Rest In Peace Cherry ❤️🍒

  • willam belli
    willam belli Hace un año +9739

    date night or date fright?

  • daniisaurushax
    daniisaurushax Hace un año +4949

    Brittany: “I love you.”
    Trixie: “I hate when you come over”

  • SealKonga
    SealKonga Hace un año +13078

    Trixie not knowing who Hayley Williams is was the most homophobic thing she's ever done

    • rachelmorgan
      rachelmorgan Hace 9 días

      well trixie cosmetics collabed with gdy so i hope not now lmao

    • coffee pot ☕
      coffee pot ☕ Hace 16 días

      As a gay transmasc..... WHO'S THA-

    • Perri Lewis
      Perri Lewis Hace 3 meses +1

      I don't if you guys are joking but she's the lead singer of Paramore. She sang misery business

    • Michelle Tlusty
      Michelle Tlusty Hace 3 meses +7

      And one year later, she’s collabing with Hayley on a hair color line. What a journey❤️

    • Alice InChromatica
      Alice InChromatica Hace 8 meses +2

      I mean, Paramore isn't at the top of the gay music charts, tbh lmao I honestly haven't met another gay person who lives for Paramore 🤷‍♀️🤣

  • Amy
    Amy Hace un año +3007

    OK BUT YES TO BABY BELLE!!! its like, shes young, she's a southern belle, and shes cheese

    • Calum Sanderson
      Calum Sanderson Hace 11 meses +16

      also protected in wax

    • KittenStuffs :3
      KittenStuffs :3 Hace un año +20

      @Olivia Knight i live for this comment-

    • Olivia Knight
      Olivia Knight Hace un año +102

      Not to confuse her with her older sister Blue Bell who gives you the cold shoulder cause she’s literally ice cream

    • Yami Yugi
      Yami Yugi Hace un año +106


    • tris
      tris Hace un año +43


  • Erick Martinez
    Erick Martinez Hace un año +2786

    At this point your editor is off-camera talent. You owe him another check.

  • Willowisp
    Willowisp Hace un año +584

    So are we just gonna ignore that literally flawless dr phil impression

    • wybielawton
      wybielawton Hace un día +1

      ‘so you say your mom uh’ 😭

    • divine
      divine Hace 7 meses +9

      @MysteryMonsterLver 2:16!

    • MysteryMonsterLver
      MysteryMonsterLver Hace 7 meses +4

      I can't find the time spot I'm so mad! How do I keep missing it!

  • oatmilkluvr
    oatmilkluvr Hace 10 días +15

    i was rewatching trixies videos and just chanced upon this one a while after hearing the news about cherry. i hope she knows that she’s so incredibly loved and that she was an amazing artist.

  • Niamh Reilly
    Niamh Reilly Hace un año +10907

    This friendship is the best thing to come out of TikTok

    • Lejla Bajgoric
      Lejla Bajgoric Hace 5 meses

      How did they meet?!

    • *.♡Wīse♡.*
      *.♡Wīse♡.* Hace un año

      @sage didn't even read your comment liked it, was gonna take away the like, then I read it. So accurateeeeee🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Stephanie V
      Stephanie V Hace un año +2

      @Jennifer Dibella that's exactly what I figured. My husband does it all the time🤣 lol

    • Jennifer Dibella
      Jennifer Dibella Hace un año +1

      @Stephanie Vim sorry I did not mean to comment. I didnt even realize I did. I fell asleep on my phone after work. Lol my bad

  • Maranda Husband
    Maranda Husband Hace un año +1413

    “I learned how to be a functioning member of society from ESclips.” Girl...way to make lemonade from lemons chile...yaaas! I dig this girl, she’s entertaining and genuine without trying to be cool...she’s totally a refreshing representation of her generation (coming from the 40 year old black chick).

    • Ángel V. Ramírez
      Ángel V. Ramírez Hace un año +64

      from a fellow member of Brittany's generation, it's very refreshing for someone in your generation to say something like this! I feel like older generations have very high expectations of Gen Z and put way too much pressure on us. I think we're all just human beings wanting to enjoy the limited amount of time we have on the planet. let's embrace and celebrate each other like this more often!

  • strawberryvines
    strawberryvines Hace un año +911

    I think its hilarious Trixie HATES body noises yet tolerate Brittany's burps lmao Thats love

  • Solomon Whitmer
    Solomon Whitmer Hace un año +421

    Love that Trixie automatically switches to her "it's an everlasting gobstoppper" voice imediatley when reading "everlasting"

    • Oh Boi Lin
      Oh Boi Lin Hace 3 meses

      I was looking for this comment OMG EXACTLY

  • q-grietxedits
    q-grietxedits Hace un año +460

    It’s the way she says “oh my balls itch” in a southern accent that really gets u 💀

  • Sophia Walker
    Sophia Walker Hace un año +22817

    I need to see Katya thrown into this dynamic it would transcend us into another dimension

  • katie samol
    katie samol Hace un año +368

    it’s amazing how brittany doesn’t miss a beat. their chemistry is amazing and hilarious never stop these videos please

  • Uschi Reducka
    Uschi Reducka Hace un año +451

    I love how much Trixie loves them especially Sarah Idk why. Maybe cause shes mostly behind the camera, its nice to know that Trix isin't just friends with people for clout. She actually likes them.

  • sky dominguez
    sky dominguez Hace un año +235

    as someone who has never worn, put on, think of, or even attempted to buy makeup this is quite enjoyable for me

    • Voilet Vulpix
      Voilet Vulpix Hace 6 meses +9

      As someone whose makeup repertoire consists almost exclusively of *Apply black eyeshadow * * Call it a day *, I also enjoyed this video

  • Lauren R
    Lauren R Hace 10 días +7

    I just happened to turn this video on today, then Brittany starts randomly talking about Cherry Valentine. SO sad, what a loss.

  • Manny Mua
    Manny Mua Hace un año +4311

    y’all bring me so much JOY it’s not okay

    • allison
      allison Hace un año

      Mannny!!! It’s your turn girl!

    • Holly L
      Holly L Hace un año +1

      @daisy gonzalez well 4.8 million people don’t seem to think so, so I don’t think he’s worried about you girl.

    • Morgan Quinn
      Morgan Quinn Hace un año +7

      @daisy gonzalez rude, manny still creates good content and he hasn’t been breaking covid guidelines so i think he’s cool

    • Andrea
      Andrea Hace un año +1

      get outta here

  • haha lol
    haha lol Hace un año +142

    All this time I thought trixie edited her videos. I literally thought she was reading herself. Now that I know its somebody who is being paid to do a read on her, it makes it so much funnier.

  • sam ward
    sam ward Hace 12 días +11

    RIP Cherry valentine
    The true queen of England you will be missed xxx

  • Cassidy Hayes
    Cassidy Hayes Hace 3 meses +19

    Brittany: DRUNK AND SHAKING!
    Also Brittany: takes another sip

  • malakeSuperior
    malakeSuperior Hace 9 meses +13

    If Trixie ever did decided to go back for an all winners season she DEFINATLY should do Dr. Phil for snatch game

  • Faith Finch
    Faith Finch Hace un año +2955

    IMAGINE the POWER of being on Brittany’s close friends insta story. Tracey Martel is one lucky beech

    • Malicious Queefer
      Malicious Queefer Hace un año +8

      @ⓘ Official sources say this comment is false and still got more money than your monthly salaries HAHAHAHAHHAAAAA

    • ⓘ Official sources say this comment is false
      ⓘ Official sources say this comment is false Hace un año

      @Epiclyse she got sponsorship from baby bell cheese and she releases lazy trash content on a nonexistent upload schedule.

    • Mya Green
      Mya Green Hace un año +3

      I love Tracey martel

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy Hace un año +10

      @functioningdequately Just a tiny bit rude but I understand where you are coming from. Tik tok started her career but I don’t rlly think it’s gonna end it

  • OverlordAVL
    OverlordAVL Hace 11 días +8

    I was literally watching this and got a notification that Cherry Valentine passed away... Im so shocked. She was so young

  • StormInAJar
    StormInAJar Hace un año +425

    People sayin' they're "oddly attracted to Trixie all of a sudden"
    Meanwhile, I've been thirsting for years

    • Polliana Pavloski
      Polliana Pavloski Hace un año +9

      The one where she starts the video and she has a little mustache

    • TheYo Show
      TheYo Show Hace un año +6

      Right? What video was she even referring to?

  • mika
    mika Hace un año +303

    when brittany started takling about flushed away i thought she was a physic bc my internet went out on valentines so i only had my computer + like my entire shrek movie collection and flushed away so i spent the next four days watching flushed away on loop. can confirm its a master piece.

  • aeong
    aeong Hace un año +53

    immediately went to buy the prados palette :) it looks bomb, i've been wanting a bright colorful palette for a while because i don't have many yellow/green/blue shadows. thanks for showing us this product!! i can't wait

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr Hace un año +167

    Trixie's first date is literally the same as mine.
    First thing my date said was "I'm sorry, I should have told you, I'm only on day release"

    • Kelly VD-A
      Kelly VD-A Hace un año +4

      I - I mean, his ingenuity in pulling that off though... we have no choice but to stan

  • Just some Bread
    Just some Bread Hace un año +119

    I don’t even want to imagine the chaos that would ensue if Katya joined these two while drinking.

  • Saladglove
    Saladglove Hace un año +133

    Brittany: "Sometimes, when I see a 20 minute video, im like I dont have the attention span for that"
    This video: is nearly exactly 20 minutes long

  • Emily An
    Emily An Hace un año +155

    Trixie's first date is literally the same as mine. First thing my date said was "I'm sorry, I should have told you, I'm only on day release"

    • JP.
      JP. Hace un año +30

      stolen comment but go off emily

  • Sampson Smith
    Sampson Smith Hace un año +3278

    My absolute favourite thing about this video is that Trixie puts her wig on, and is too distracted by her own beauty to help Britney fix hers. That’s friendship.

  • Owen Myers
    Owen Myers Hace un año +35

    I love how, halfway through Trixie's makeup journey, she is full on giving us Cirque du Soleil.

  • Claire Bradley
    Claire Bradley Hace 7 meses +8

    Trixie should make a pallete called “welcome to the stage” and then name all the shadows after punny drag names and her friends who are queens too

  • Elizabeth Rawson
    Elizabeth Rawson Hace un año +104

    Trixie: “We’re gonna have to buy some of these gay bars”
    Also Trixie: *bought a gay bar*

  • Celest Waker
    Celest Waker Hace un año +34

    the energy between the two of you makes me feeling like i'm hanging out with my best friends that i haven't seen since covid, it's so comforting.
    giselle, annalisa, tia, makenna, shelby, i miss you all so much

  • Lois Xx
    Lois Xx Hace 7 meses +9

    Just broke up with my bf and been sobbing all day, this is my only source of serotonin, every video of Trixie and Britney I've watched multiple times and they bring me so much joy and I love them so much, thankyou for your service

  • Nalani Angelina
    Nalani Angelina Hace un año +65

    when trixie said the "you are like a rat, jumping around looking for a food" , I traveled back in time

    • Rozeh Kakes
      Rozeh Kakes Hace un día

      what is that referencing 👀
      im uncultured pls

  • Noam Klar
    Noam Klar Hace 3 meses +5

    You and Brittany have such great chemistry, I love watching you together! Bring her back on your channel!!!

  • Molly Timmons
    Molly Timmons Hace 5 días +7

    I have rewatched this video so many times but now after Cherry Valentine passed away it feels so sad

  • Melissa G
    Melissa G Hace un año +5126


    • Melissa G
      Melissa G Hace un año +2

      @Jackie I know, it was like we almost got bloopers!!!! But also now I want bloopers from both videos cause they filmed for like 4 hours 😹😹

    • Jackie
      Jackie Hace un año +2

      Brittany has a video up on her channel!

    • ourhoneymoon
      ourhoneymoon Hace un año +2


    • Melissa G
      Melissa G Hace un año +13

      @TheBrightest1 There’s not many that can literally make me laugh along whilst watching a video but they got my crying half the time 😹

    • TheBrightest1
      TheBrightest1 Hace un año +5

      THEYRe so joyful 😀

  • Bogs Bini
    Bogs Bini Hace un año +26

    I love it when Brittany does a southern accent. It's the most hilarious thing ever

  • Ri-Ri D
    Ri-Ri D Hace un mes +2

    Brittany being an art history nerd makes the art history nerd in me very happy.🥰

  • rainbow kid
    rainbow kid Hace un mes +1

    Pleaseee collab again, you have so much chemistry together. These videos are my comfort 😭💜 I've watched them so many times

  • Apollo9898LPs
    Apollo9898LPs Hace un año +21

    imagine the power of having Sarah and Brittany guest on an episode of UNHhhh

  • LalaLia
    LalaLia Hace un año +4816

    These two are people that I will never get bored of, I was just watching their videos together and I'm glad they made another one!

    • LalaLia
      LalaLia Hace un año

      @Ellena Park um i mean they are having so much fun together,they are almost siblings lmao,idk why would one of them use the other when they are normal friends just making vids

    • Queen of Lightning
      Queen of Lightning Hace un año


    • Gerrit Koelsch
      Gerrit Koelsch Hace un año +2

      For real. At this point, the Video has been out for 19 Hours and i allready watched this Video about 8 times. And im not stopping there

    • Aaron Jordan
      Aaron Jordan Hace un año +1

      they need a podcast together or something!!

    • 13strong
      13strong Hace un año +2

      Weirdly, I like Brittany with Trixie but not solo...

  • Thomas Africa
    Thomas Africa Hace 3 meses +4

    I want to have a drink or 2 with Broski so bad. She seems like so much fun to be around

  • lynds ann
    lynds ann Hace un año +7

    Came back just to say I’m preordering the Prados pallet. The fact that its 30 shades for 30 dollars is amazing AND I’m supporting an indigenous brand ? I love 🥺

  • CoCo Lee
    CoCo Lee Hace un año +5

    Cherry Valentine is my current out of drag drag queen crush. Beautiful eyes! Cheeky smile! Smart! Fun personality! Nurse!

  • Joah
    Joah Hace 8 días +8

    poor cherry, rest in peace

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H Hace un año +1454

    We need trixie, katya, Brittany and Sarah all in a video. The internet would explode.

    • Dylan Jolie
      Dylan Jolie Hace un año

      Who is Sarah?

    • snakesupurnose
      snakesupurnose Hace un año

      @Iridessa Ivy in what world???

    • jakobervorhood
      jakobervorhood Hace un año

      I had a braingasm thinking about that

    • jas
      jas Hace un año +4

      @Iridessa Ivy u think trxie and brit are better friends than brit and sarah lmao ??

    • clownbaby
      clownbaby Hace un año +9

      @Iridessa Ivy that's so rude /:

  • Belle
    Belle Hace un mes +1

    I legitimately need more brittany and trixie ♥

    SA_TYRN Hace un mes

    love how it seems that trixie usually drinks more then when she’s with brittany and sarah- we stan our great grandad watching the whippersnappers

  • Mads
    Mads Hace un año +28

    We need Katya and Sarah to join and have them all get together. ICONIC 😍😍😍

  • lauren
    lauren Hace un año +3

    they seem like family more than friends--like two gossiping cousins. Like it's almost like they are related the way the bounce off each other's energies. I love it.

  • Robin Hahn
    Robin Hahn Hace un año +4216

    Brittany: I don't have the attention span for a 20 minute video
    Also Brittany: *is in a 20 minute video*

    • Michael Peddy
      Michael Peddy Hace un año

      @Clutch Them Pearls she's in her 20'ssss awwweeeee

    • Clutch Them Pearls
      Clutch Them Pearls Hace un año

      She's living the 20! 🤣

    • MJ
      MJ Hace un año

      @Josephine Mahoney lmaooo

    • Mc Keon
      Mc Keon Hace un año +11

      Brittany two minutes from now looking at her own video: Oh, I can't watch that, it's 20 min.

    • Jon
      Jon Hace un año +3

      I thought she meant for watching 20 min videos

  • Diana Bronson
    Diana Bronson Hace un año +7

    Not going to lie. I’ve probably seen this video 7 times since it was uploaded. It’s currently the only thing getting me through a breakup.

  • Matthew Snleick
    Matthew Snleick Hace un año +7


  • iamtheuberscoot
    iamtheuberscoot Hace un año +7

    I just bought the Prados palette that Tracy used in this video and the top of the listing now says THIS PALETTE IS TRIXIE MATTEL APPROVED! 😭♥️

  • KuromiScreaming
    KuromiScreaming Hace un año +53

    Trixie: *drops something*
    Also Trixie: Oh SaRAh i’LL GeT iT

  • sassy hulk
    sassy hulk Hace un año +2817

    “I feel like you can only go on Drag Race if you have excessive trauma” the LOOK of realization on Trixie’s face

  • Kasey Dewey
    Kasey Dewey Hace un año +4

    I love how much they laugh together and vibe off eachother . Thank you guys for this video.

  • Erica Polo
    Erica Polo Hace un año +17

    YESSSS!!! I'm *ALL* about that Jojo dedication!
    "Living her BEST life!"

  • MarMar Manuel
    MarMar Manuel Hace 9 meses +2

    I love how even tho trixie has Native American blood she doesnt go around acting like she knows Native American discrimination personally she instead supports native brands !

  • ThanatosOnPluto
    ThanatosOnPluto Hace un año +6

    Trixie: I just don't understand when people use trauma as an excuse for their actions, especially when it comes to drugs
    Also trixie: Drinks and occasionally brings up past trauma
    Like girl, you are the person that you don't seem to understand. 😂

  • StripedBandit
    StripedBandit Hace un año +3016

    just two religious women applying a little bit of chapstick for Sunday Mass 🌸

    • m redwood
      m redwood Hace un año +6

      Me just notcing this is Sunday Mass Sakura
      Sunday Massakura
      Sunday Massacre

    • victoria pawlowska
      victoria pawlowska Hace un año +4

      Why Is this so hilarious 😂😂😂😂

    • Mariana Solís
      Mariana Solís Hace un año +65

      wearing makeup in a God honoring way!😫🙌🏼

    • A M
      A M Hace un año +2


    • lenama1234567890
      lenama1234567890 Hace un año +56

      Sunday massacre???!!

  • cookiebarsxtreme
    cookiebarsxtreme Hace 2 meses

    The pure brother sister relationship between these two is amazing and so cute!!

  • Trinity Valentino
    Trinity Valentino Hace un año +9

    This is the only social media friendship I’m here for

    SAMIXLOU Hace un año +4

    You two make me feel like I have friends to Kiki w for 20-30 minute spurts 🥺😩😂 Thank you omg love you

  • Emma Mcmurray
    Emma Mcmurray Hace 7 meses

    19 mins is not enough😭😭 id watch a whole hour with you two in it

  • DietSodaBitch
    DietSodaBitch Hace un año +2655

    I don’t know why Brittany and Trixie work so well together but they just do.

  • Jessica RR
    Jessica RR Hace un año +1

    Brittany has a great personality and she is so pretty.

  • Samara Georgina
    Samara Georgina Hace 2 meses

    The energy you 2 bring together is just incredible

  • Grace Furlong
    Grace Furlong Hace un año +1

    Videos the two of you make together genuinely get me through my day

  • Pedro Gines
    Pedro Gines Hace 4 meses

    I watched this video like 10000 times and lever get bored ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jillian Smith
    Jillian Smith Hace un año +4532

    Not Brittany ACTUALLY getting Trixie to finish a story

    • o.
      o. Hace un año +1

      @kitty_corpse YOUR MIKAN PFP

    • kitty_corpse
      kitty_corpse Hace un año +10


  • sminch
    sminch Hace un año +2

    I love the trio of friendship of Brittany, Sarah, and Trixie sooo much

  • Kait Nicole
    Kait Nicole Hace un año +2

    The chemistry y’all have together in every video is golden. I literally finish every video of you two together either smiling or laughing. Like y’all are perfect!

  • Shae C
    Shae C Hace 8 meses +2

    pls we need another collab😭 i hope trixie shows up on sarah and brittanys podcast, or maybe brittany doing fish on trixie like she said in their first vid

  • Beth Johnson
    Beth Johnson Hace un año +3

    You two need a podcast together. I crack up all the way through with you two

  • Sylla Atlas
    Sylla Atlas Hace un año +1642

    Trixie is gonna be the gay mogul. Watch her own 75% of the World’s gay bars, makeup brands, and a massive entertainment business

    • Sylla Atlas
      Sylla Atlas Hace un año +2

      @J Wulf as we should 😤

    • J Wulf
      J Wulf Hace un año +4

      And watch me be a patron to every damn one.

    • 𓋼𓍊 Doctor Slone's Wife 𓍊𓋼
      𓋼𓍊 Doctor Slone's Wife 𓍊𓋼 Hace un año +5

      @Christian magon GKSBFJSBHD BYEEEE

    • Christian magon
      Christian magon Hace un año +96

      @hilomona and then fall into a conservatorship architected by Katya zamolololobabah

    • hilomona
      hilomona Hace un año +70

      and then do a 5 year long, sold out Vegas residency when she's 50

  • GenderqueerCraig
    GenderqueerCraig Hace 10 meses

    These two have such amazing chemistry. I just discovered the makeover vids and I am living for them. Thank you, Trixie & Brittany for the serotonin boost. 😍🤣🤣🤣

  • Mary Wright
    Mary Wright Hace un año +11

    I found Brittany through Sara and you through Brittany. I’m so happy bruh it’s the trinity of happiness

  • Helen
    Helen Hace un año

    I LOVE these two together, genuinely truly excellent vibes.

  • Fireball Flamingo
    Fireball Flamingo Hace un año +15

    Brittany: 3 mins to apply makeup
    Trixie: 2 hours edited down to 20 mins

  • Hector Mercado
    Hector Mercado Hace un año +5745

    Are these the “How to Wear Makeup in a God Honoring Way” girls?

  • Rachael McLain
    Rachael McLain Hace un año +8

    Brittany: I learned how to be a functioning member of society from ESclips
    Trixie: Yeah, it shows

  • Camryn Gonzales
    Camryn Gonzales Hace un año

    I love u both together, you guys are so powerful together

  • Karine Bélair
    Karine Bélair Hace un año

    My absolute favourite Trixie makeup ever! wow!

  • Shannon Scott
    Shannon Scott Hace 8 meses

    As someone from small town Texas, seeing Brittany go to Texas A&M and then being friends with Trixie, makes me feel like I’ll be famous one day.

  • Jasmine Olmos
    Jasmine Olmos Hace un año +1

    Pls if I were in a room with both of you my depression would be instantly cured

  • Atalie Simpson
    Atalie Simpson Hace 4 meses

    This is the relationship I dream to have with Trixie.

  • Arron Porter
    Arron Porter Hace un año

    I feel like an awful fan. I've only just watched moving parts. I decided to buy Malibu for my Friday night drink and then thought MALIBU!! I KNOW THE PERFECT CONTENT CREATOR TO WATCH WHILST DRINKING THIS!! now I'm smashed and love you even more! X X

  • Keira Snow
    Keira Snow Hace 10 meses +1

    Trix and Brit are magical together!!!! Such fun chemistry 🥰☺

  • H. Palm
    H. Palm Hace un año +1301

    But the fact that they both ACTUALLY sing means we will get a duet sooner or later right👀

    • Oni Michael Mulling
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    • Lilly
      Lilly Hace un año +1


    • Chase
      Chase Hace un año +2

      Holy fuck yes please

    • bubble sky tower
      bubble sky tower Hace un año +2

      lets make it to comment do that it can happen

    • lana gaga
      lana gaga Hace un año +18

      please read this trix

  • Tayla Marie
    Tayla Marie Hace 3 meses

    Yes please. Keep taking us to work with you, Mom.

  • Brittaney Stewart
    Brittaney Stewart Hace un año

    Drinking my Friday wine while watch friends laugh and & drink liquor. I love this 💖