Trixie Makeup On A Budget

  • Publicado el 6 oct 2019
  • Get the Trixie look for Halloween at drugstore prices
    Products (In order of appearance):
    CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion, $16.99
    Elmer's Glue Stick-4 pack, $5.48
    Darksided Comb, $Your Soul
    Wet n Wild Photo Focus Matte Face Primer, $5.49
    Elmer's Jumbo Glue Stick, $4.92
    Beauty 360 Makeup Remover Towelettes, $5.99
    Wet n Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder, $5.49
    Powder Puff-3 Pack, $5.99
    Maybelline 24 Hr Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation, $11.99
    Total Face Sponge by E.L.F., $5.00
    Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Paint Palette - Neutrals, $6.99
    NYX Ultimate Edit Petite Shadow Palette - Warm Neutrals, $7.00
    Wet n Wild Photo Focus Stick Foundation-Porcelain, $6.49
    L'Oréal Paris Makeup Infallible Longwear Shaping Stick Foundation, Ivory, $10.99
    Wet n Wild Photo Focus Stick Foundation-Chestnut, $6.49
    L'Oréal Paris Makeup Infallible Longwear Shaping Stick Foundation, Chestnut, $10.99
    Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder, $6.99
    Maybelline Fit Me Matte Face Powder-Truffle, $5.99
    Nyx Gel Liner - White, $9.00
    Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Liquid Eyeshadow -White, $
    Trixie Cosmetics Marshmallow Sparkles, $10.00
    Nyx Gel Liner - Black, $9.00
    Dirty Liner Brush, $Your Dignity
    Eyestudio® Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner, $7.99
    Wet n Wild Color Icon Single Shadow-Panther, $.99
    Wet n Wild Color Icon Single Shadow-Sugar, $.99
    NYX Slim Lip Pencil-Muave, $4.00
    NYX Slim Lip Pencil Natural, $4.00
    Wet n Wild Mega Last Liquid Catsuit High-Shine Lipstick, $5.29
    Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick-Pink Really Hard, $1.62
    NYX Slide On Lip Pencil-Disco Rage, $8
    NYX Matte Lipstick, Shocking Pink, $5.99
    Trixie Cosmetics TOP SECRET PRODUCT
    Wet N Wild Lash Renegade Mascara, $5.99
    301 Lashes-12 pack, $20-ish
    Acid Betty's Paper Unicorn Lashes, $35
    Salon Pro 30 Second Bonding Glue, $6.60 (not for eyes, use DUO Eyelash Adhesive instead!)
    Ardelle Demi Wispies-5 Pack-$10
    Kryolan White Eye Shadow-$13.95
    Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder, $5.49
    Glam Fantasy Ultimate Illusion Nails, $8.99
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Comentarios • 3 819

  • brooklyn l
    brooklyn l Hace 2 años +2744

    “the girl with the kombucha” AND NOW THEYRE PALS IT JUST WARMS MY HEART

    • Zekkie's wife ;)
      Zekkie's wife ;) Hace 16 horas


    • glam studio
      glam studio Hace 4 meses +6

      I was just about to comment this

    • L
      L Hace un año +11


    • addi the introvert
      addi the introvert Hace 2 años +38

      omg pals is the cutest word

  • les
    les Hace 2 años +16079

    “the girl with the kombucha”
    *5 months later*
    *is giving britany (kombucha girl) a full drag transformation*

  • Mirandah Gartner
    Mirandah Gartner Hace 2 años +6748

    Remember when fergie was the spokesperson for wet n wild and then she did the national anthem and they were like nevermind girl

    • Katie Swann
      Katie Swann Hace un día

      Out of pocket 😂😂😂😂

    • Alyssa Mangum
      Alyssa Mangum Hace 20 días

      i still have the fergie nail polishes lmao

    • LuvsickDoll
      LuvsickDoll Hace 3 meses

      @Brian C she did the anthem years after, it’s not that deep

    • Luccas
      Luccas Hace 8 meses +3

      @Brian C cancel culture? that's definitely not what it is, fergie wasn't cancelled, she just made a real bad performance and got memed to oblivion

    • Brianna D
      Brianna D Hace un año

      Yikes lmao

  • Rob Idink
    Rob Idink Hace 2 años +1961

    I love how this is the cheap version, but adding all the prices listed still puts you over 300 dollars

    • Henry Alex
      Henry Alex Hace un año +2

      300 is a lot more affordable than 30,000

    • Ruby Blue
      Ruby Blue Hace un año +13

      Yeah it’s funny to think about but I think the point was the actual products don’t need to be luxury or expensive they just need to be good

    • Maggie Holland
      Maggie Holland Hace un año +9

      @Drezelle i mean you can also get eyeshadows, mascara, eyelashes, lipsticks, and and maybe some other similar products at the dollar store if its just for one night

    • notmyselfusee
      notmyselfusee Hace 2 años +39

      Think of how much makeup Trixie must write off as a business expense.

    • Drezelle
      Drezelle Hace 2 años +30

      If you are only purchasing them for Halloween and do not wear makeup any other day then its crazy expensive.

    MITCHELL WIGGS Hace 2 años +2890

    6:08 - full circle moment, 5 months later he'd be putting kombucha girl in Trixie Drag 🥰

  • Henry
    Henry Hace 2 años +1434

    I heard that food truck horn and immediately thought, oh here comes Katya

  • | verostation |
    | verostation |  Hace 2 años +167

    I’ve never noticed this before, but Trixie’s face without makeup has such a nice slate, the range of looks they could pull off is so versatile and it really makes me love the iconic look much more. Genuinely an icon.

  • Morissa Duke
    Morissa Duke Hace 2 años +510

    Trixie: "Oh yeah... no... well, yeah... okay." *a perfect description of what it feels like to use W&W products*

  • Genesis Kravitz
    Genesis Kravitz Hace 2 años +6734

    **Trixie pulls out 4 foot long receipt** “Honestly, for CVS, this could be for one thing” 😭 sooo true!

    • Atinkyboo
      Atinkyboo Hace 10 meses +3

      Why are they so long?

    • iambored678
      iambored678 Hace un año +1

      I actually bought one thing from cvs the other day and noticed the receipt was pretty short, maybe a little longer than a cell phone. I was at self-checkout and didn't enter any customer loyalty info though so that could factor in

    • Hyde Van Helsing
      Hyde Van Helsing Hace 2 años

      They do put in a LOT of coupons!

    • Tori Tomlinson
      Tori Tomlinson Hace 2 años

      Jin’s Pie u

    • Fiona
      Fiona Hace 2 años +4

      CVS really doesn’t fuck around!!

  • Turkey-chan
    Turkey-chan Hace un año +105

    This was the first video I watched of trixie, I can’t believe I hadn’t found her sooner. I found Katya soon after and my life is so much happier.

    • cephista
      cephista Hace un año +1

      same! I was just now going through my history to see which one was the first I watched! finding her and Katya saved 2020 for me

  • Sydney Goad
    Sydney Goad Hace un año +9

    Not me watching this in February 2021 as a throwback and hearing “that girl with the kombucha” and knowing it’s all gonna come full circle eventually 😍

  • MariaakaAnnie
    MariaakaAnnie Hace 2 años +68

    I love that Trixie will always say "marry it" rather than "blend it", I don't know why, but that brings me life

  • Waiana Kamo
    Waiana Kamo Hace 2 años +79

    Trixie: I'm gonna show you how to do Trixie make up on a budget
    Also Trixie: spends $394.35

  • Gio Monteiro
    Gio Monteiro Hace 3 años +13432

    this video should be called “Trixie Mattel Destroying Wet n’ Wild for 22 minutes straight

    • Emily Johnson
      Emily Johnson Hace 7 meses

      elf and NYX were sent to deliver us from W&W

    • Atinkyboo
      Atinkyboo Hace 9 meses

      I lost it at 20:04 when Juno in the background classically said "Stunnin'"... I had no idea she was there the entire time...

    • this is me
      this is me Hace 9 meses

      everytine trixie is like ‘actually i kinda like that’ i just think it’s hilarious

    • KiSea Katikka
      KiSea Katikka Hace un año +1

      still my fave drugstore brand

    • KaterinaTalantliva
      KaterinaTalantliva Hace un año

      maybe it is what he was paid for

  • zeskiyo
    zeskiyo Hace un año +25

    "Does that mean that normally my make-up looks only as good as the cheapest products I could find? Maybe."
    Her conclusion got me _ascending._

  • Minty
    Minty Hace un año +3

    Very late to comment, but I'm just beginning my drag journey and I'm definitely on a budget. This helps a lot with where to start with techniques and affordable Products. Thank you for this!

  • Love Pride🌈
    Love Pride🌈 Hace un año +4

    Me before trixie puts on her eyeliner- Ummm no
    Me after trixie puts on her eyeliner- this is art. pure perfection. gorgeous.

  • KateandBree
    KateandBree Hace 2 años +20

    You know a foundation is bad when a drag queen says, “Oh no. No no no no no, that’s disgusting.” LISTEN TO THE DRAG QUEEN. Pass the foundation.

  • Lottie Louise
    Lottie Louise Hace 3 años +5808

    everyone: blend it
    trixie: marry it

    • peppa pig uwuwuwuwu
      peppa pig uwuwuwuwu Hace 2 años

      @Heather Koller r/woooosh

    • Anna Milam
      Anna Milam Hace 2 años +2

      Tracy LOVES commitment

    • Zanillani
      Zanillani Hace 2 años

      @Heather Koller the point is that everyone says blend and almost no one says merry/marry it

    • iris f
      iris f Hace 2 años +3


    • Julia
      Julia Hace 2 años +23

      @Heather Koller r/wooosh

  • MutantCreeper
    MutantCreeper Hace un año +5

    Comparing Trix’s makeup from this video and now, I really like that she’s experimenting with with other colors. It makes her look pop off even more.

  • jums
    jums Hace 2 años +186

    Trixie is one of my favorite queens out there, but when she has her eyeshadow and forehead foundation done but nothing else she lowkey looks like Voldemort. Not tea, shade or hate, just a friendly observation
    please don't kill me

    • KT
      KT Hace un año

      The middle stage of applying drag is legit scary, no matter which queen. On more advanced looks, it’s scarier.

    • Justin PageSlayer
      Justin PageSlayer Hace un año

      Not as much as Gotmeek did 🤣

    • Kendra Haman
      Kendra Haman Hace 2 años +2

      Not gonna like cuz it’s at 69
      So consider this my like

    • Danny Quinn
      Danny Quinn Hace 2 años +2

      @Imogen Sleeman True

  • Allison Gross
    Allison Gross Hace un año +11

    Trixie- “put the darker shade right in the pocket of the eye”
    Then puts it half way up her forehead
    She is creating a whole new face shape the world has never seen before

  • Mia Park
    Mia Park Hace 2 años +49

    "I'm all talk, nothing like that happens to me" that's such a mood to me 😂

  • Amber Griffin
    Amber Griffin Hace 2 años +49

    Trixie: OMG I hate it make it go away
    Trixie: *keeps applying more*

  • Morissa Duke
    Morissa Duke Hace 2 años +5

    For me, when the lips finally go on, that's when Trixie Mattel comes out to play. Amazing artist

  • Spaghetits
    Spaghetits Hace un año +28

    “The girl with the kombucha”
    This is adorable considering how close they’ve become now

  • —𝐜𝐢𝐫𝐜𝐞
    —𝐜𝐢𝐫𝐜𝐞 Hace 2 años +2157

    *someone in the background with a british accent* “stunnin...”
    did i hear juno birch?????

    • Riley Thacker
      Riley Thacker Hace un año +1

      “the girl with the kombucha”
      5 months later
      is giving britany (kombucha girl) a full drag transformation

    • Emily Andrews
      Emily Andrews Hace 2 años

      I just thought the same thiiinnnggg! lol

    • Ana Erandi Montiel
      Ana Erandi Montiel Hace 2 años +5

      @-𝐜𝐢𝐫𝐜𝐞 we all love our stunnin' queen

    • —𝐜𝐢𝐫𝐜𝐞
      —𝐜𝐢𝐫𝐜𝐞 Hace 2 años +1

      wtf y does this have so many likes :000

    • Ana Erandi Montiel
      Ana Erandi Montiel Hace 2 años +24

      At 21:53 you can also hear her laugh

  • weiwa uwu
    weiwa uwu Hace 3 años +8657

    Trixie: this is bad. this is a bad foundation, don't get this
    me: *glancing nervously toward the w&w photofocus matte foundation stick in shade porcelain i bought this morning*

    • LelandLoner
      LelandLoner Hace 2 años

      Omg same

    • Kaleigh Cleveland
      Kaleigh Cleveland Hace 2 años +2

      I like to apply the stick foundation to the back of my hand then to my face. Something about that makes it not break apart!

    • jmcd1023
      jmcd1023 Hace 2 años

      Allison Linner *trixie

    • hannahcrackin
      hannahcrackin Hace 2 años

      But I also have the dewy one, not the matte one

    • hannahcrackin
      hannahcrackin Hace 2 años +1

      I fucking love mine 🤷‍♀️

  • shaggyscock scoobysballs
    shaggyscock scoobysballs Hace un año +2

    Seeing Trixie with no makeup is a trip every time

  • Indica Rose
    Indica Rose Hace 2 años +533

    Little does he know he's going to make a duet with the Kombucha girl

    • Indica Rose
      Indica Rose Hace 2 años +9

      @ObjectAndItemEnjoyer 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I made that comment at 1 am and I literally messed up that whole sentence

    • ObjectAndItemEnjoyer
      ObjectAndItemEnjoyer Hace 2 años +36

      I know you meant to say "collab" and for that reason I don't feel like I should say anything, but I really need you to know that I'm going to think about this comment every time I see a collab for the rest of my life.

  • Rosie Ramos
    Rosie Ramos Hace 2 años +5

    First time on Trixie channel and I’m LIVING for his energy 🥰😍😂

  • vanessa nava
    vanessa nava Hace 2 años +66

    literally my favorite stick foundation lmao

  • Miss Thing
    Miss Thing Hace 3 años +6419

    Wet n wild: *exists*
    Trixie: oh no sis.

    • Emily Johnson
      Emily Johnson Hace 7 meses

      When did W&W get so expensive?

    • 𝕾𝖕𝖆𝖈3𝕸𝖎𝖐𝖎
      𝕾𝖕𝖆𝖈3𝕸𝖎𝖐𝖎 Hace un año +6

      W&W is like hit or miss. You have to look really hard. Their highlighters are fucking sublime tho. I love them.

    • Rosie
      Rosie Hace 2 años

      Listen you can pry my wet n' wild everything out of my COLD DEAD HANDS OK

    • MilqToast_
      MilqToast_ Hace 2 años +2

      I luv w&w

    • Caitlin McGee
      Caitlin McGee Hace 2 años +19

      Miss Thing lol love wet n wild though

  • Isabel Rudduck
    Isabel Rudduck Hace 2 años +17

    trixie: ‘you don’t need to do this’
    also trixie ‘*oh my god that looks so much better*’

  • Alexandria Kaizer
    Alexandria Kaizer Hace 2 años +5

    I love how Trixie has that. “MEH it depends on how much effort you put into it” I love that 😭🥺

  • abby r
    abby r Hace 2 años +318

    “well, actually-“

    • Alexandra S
      Alexandra S Hace un año +8

      trixie: ‘you don’t need to do this’
      also trixie ‘*oh my god that looks so much better*’

  • Lora Bidner
    Lora Bidner Hace 2 años +2

    I love his personality and sense of humour. I have no need to watch drag queen makeup application but here I am enjoying every minute of this video. ❤️

  • Lyla Hammar
    Lyla Hammar Hace 3 años +3458

    Now we're just waitin on Jenna Marbles to give Julian a Trixie Mattel look

    • Andrea Manning
      Andrea Manning Hace 7 meses

      Nobody is waiting for that 😶🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    • acarrotte
      acarrotte Hace un año +5

      Pain 😞

    • BenBlack
      BenBlack Hace 2 años +7

      Aged like milk

    • clownbaby
      clownbaby Hace 2 años +7

      Sarah Sinclair she wasn’t cancelled she left on her own accord

    • kingspoon_
      kingspoon_ Hace 2 años +21

      this was disappointing to say the least

  • Erin Taylor
    Erin Taylor Hace 2 años +15

    Trixie: I’ve used this before!
    *5 seconds later*
    Trixie: I don’t believe in this.

  • Katie-did
    Katie-did Hace 2 años +2

    Trixie being antisocial and I'm here for it. Also flashforward a little bit and he's literally doing a drag transformation on kambucha girl, lol

  • Uni 💗💓
    Uni 💗💓 Hace 2 años +13

    The fact sis roasting Wet N Wild to filth while also being shook made me watch this again. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aiden Paetzold
    Aiden Paetzold Hace 2 años +2

    I love rewatching this cause how far Brittany and Trixies friendship has come

  • Liv
    Liv Hace 3 años +5764

    " *It's not good, but we're using it.* "
    Me discussing my brain.

    • Desiree Macdonald
      Desiree Macdonald Hace 4 meses

      Whoa….I have never related to a comment this much. I feel like this could also apply to my emotional coping mechanisms….

    • Kimberly Prieto
      Kimberly Prieto Hace 2 años

      OMG that Shit is Funny right there😘😍

    • Casey Sommer
      Casey Sommer Hace 3 años +5

      my brain, my body, my life.

    • Elya Hartley
      Elya Hartley Hace 3 años +4

      Ok I laughed out loud

    • Reaune Small
      Reaune Small Hace 3 años +4


  • Freyja Foy
    Freyja Foy Hace 2 años +1

    I absolutely loved this. Your demonstrations and reviews were very helpful and the end result is, of course, stunning-GUH!

  • Meredith Hagan
    Meredith Hagan Hace un año +1

    It makes me feel so much better when icons like Trixie stan more accessible brands like Nyx.

  • GuyGuinivere
    GuyGuinivere Hace 2 años +319

    trixie: beauty on a budget
    the description: $100000000

    • KT
      KT Hace un año +1

      @Wiysteria Legit. There is a difference between costumey drag, fishy drag, and then crossdressing that’s intended to fully pass as female. (And then some crossdressing that’s not intended to pass.) Different things. Different levels of effort and different environments it’s supposed to be worn in.
      Trixie’s drag is stage makeup and intended to look caricatured.

    • peppa pig uwuwuwuwu
      peppa pig uwuwuwuwu Hace un año


    • Lela Samone
      Lela Samone Hace un año +15

      @M.M must be new here.

    • Casper Lee Donovan
      Casper Lee Donovan Hace 2 años +8


    • maxx
      maxx Hace 2 años +10

      tealiswoke periodt

  • Heather Milligan
    Heather Milligan Hace 2 años +3

    I absolutely love this, I cannot believe she transforms herself like this!! I’m amazed ❤️

  • Ghieda Ellaham
    Ghieda Ellaham Hace 3 años +2556

    Imagine him doing your makeup and he starts licking all the brushes

    • Turtle Dove
      Turtle Dove Hace 3 meses

      Would Love every moment

    • Kayla Truax
      Kayla Truax Hace 2 años

      Ghieda Ellaham h

    • incensive
      incensive Hace 2 años +35

      lmaoo brittany broski was just with him and called him out on it. their entire video was hilarious

    • killjoy ana
      killjoy ana Hace 2 años +11

      Ghieda Ellaham I literally wouldn’t care

  • Elise Seymour
    Elise Seymour Hace 2 años +51

    James Charles: no makeup on white sweater
    Trixie: gets whole pot of setting powder on top
    Lol love you so much xx

  • Lauren O'Malley
    Lauren O'Malley Hace 2 años +26

    “my look is cheap, i got it at the amiDOLLAR store” padme would be proud

  • popemse
    popemse Hace 2 años +2

    Trixie went from making Brittany Broski references to doing Brittany Broski's makeup I love it

  • Harpeia
    Harpeia Hace 2 años +26

    Hooooooo I actually have a lot of these products and I hate them. Not feeling called out at all.
    Mini exception being the l'oreal infalliable stick because it matches my skintone more than anything else I've tried so far.
    Shopping on a budget in a 2nd world country = these products mean your entire paycheck gone in one go, so I'm personally thankful for this vid for showcasing some more products! Especially when used in such a manner.

    • Virginia M
      Virginia M Hace un año

      @Harpeia ah I know where that is.

    • Harpeia
      Harpeia Hace un año +1

      @Virginia M an insignificant land mass in the Balkans.

    • Virginia M
      Virginia M Hace un año +1

      What country are you in?

  • Janine Spiggott
    Janine Spiggott Hace 3 años +2623

    The dab. The stroke. The wet n wild fear. This video gave me everything I needed.

    • Jules Juno
      Jules Juno Hace 3 años +5

      Wet n wild's website sucks! They cancelled my order and my coupon without a reason?? :/ Never again, I wanted my ding dang halloween green lipstick....

    • Coh Bo
      Coh Bo Hace 3 años +6

      She went there!

  • Ellie Brown
    Ellie Brown Hace 2 años +2

    trixie is actually so funny i stan i love her shes my new fav

  • Ray Laventure
    Ray Laventure Hace un año +2

    You know it’s gonna be a doozy when she has you absolutely cackling in the first 10 seconds

  • Tina Heppell
    Tina Heppell Hace 2 años +2

    I'm a cosplayer and watching your videos has helped me tremendously. Love it!!

  • No Body
    No Body Hace 2 años +177

    My cousin met you in Norway and she hasn’t stopped talking about you ever since and she has the picture you two took together on the wall

  • cflowermakeup
    cflowermakeup Hace 3 años +274

    Lmfao at the food truck!!! I want the tacos 😫😂😂😂 the licking noises 💀💀😂 I love these makeup videos from you ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻

  • Moche
    Moche Hace 2 años +1

    The dress and bow combo is EVERYTHING

  • Amy Bolinger
    Amy Bolinger Hace 2 años +2

    I just love listening to the running dialogue. Love Trixie’s voice. I’m here for alllll the videos 💅🎀💖

  • Alyssa Murphy
    Alyssa Murphy Hace 2 años +2

    Trixie has been my number 1 favorite drag queen ever since I started watching Rupaul's Drag Race & began to get into drag queens & all that kinda stuff. Trixie is literally such an icon, & she is one of the funniest, most hilarious people I have ever seen before. I don't know anybody else that literally makes me laugh so fucking hard that my stomach hurts, I can't fucking breathe, I have tears streaming down my face & my face is prolly super fucking unattractive bcus I am an ugly cryer & an ugly laugher too lol. & Trixie is always fucking able to get me looking nice & horrid, ugly as hell looking like a fucking horse or a donkey when I'm laughing really freaking hard & I'm totally fine with it, bcus I mean, it's Trixie freaking Mattel, duh? Lol. 😂😍💘👑😘

    • Virginia M
      Virginia M Hace un año

      How much did you pay for 500 subs?

  • kayla
    kayla Hace un año +4

    i like how she was saying "i feel like that kombucha girl", to now being Brittany's friend, doing each others drag, and brittany facetiming trixie 💀

  • Jones
    Jones Hace 3 años +963

    Today we learned roughly 25% of all the makeup on Trixie's face is her own spit.
    And we love her for it.

    • Allie Bat 🦇🖤
      Allie Bat 🦇🖤 Hace 3 años +1

      bobby b I know. Haha..

    • bobby b
      bobby b Hace 3 años +6

      @Allie Bat 🦇🖤 Learn to spot trolls. That Aimenn person is saying those things for the sole purpose of making you upset and getting you to react. Why else would he or she be here commenting like that? When you see that stuff just remember that the person is sad, pathetic and has no life or friends to talk to.

    • Allie Bat 🦇🖤
      Allie Bat 🦇🖤 Hace 3 años +3

      Aimenn Penny I will ask again to you, why are you on this video? When you knew there was a drag man in the video? Do you have something better to do? So many questions I have.

  • Vinson Huynh
    Vinson Huynh Hace 2 años

    I like how trixie came into terms that expensive makeup doesn’t create beautiful drag. It’s really the artist and what she has. Just like photographers, thousand dollar cameras doesn’t make beautiful pictures. It’s the person.

  • Raven Ryder
    Raven Ryder Hace 2 años +1

    I just found this channel and I am SHOOK I have never seen Trixie out of drag before

  • Bronwyn Embree
    Bronwyn Embree Hace un año +3

    Trixie's shirt after the powder is a loooook

  • Teea
    Teea Hace un año +1

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