Trixie Tries Baking a Pizza In A 1975 Pizza Hut Toy Oven

  • Publicado el 13 sep 2020
  • Thank you to the fan that sent this vintage Pizza Hut Toy Oven! Trixie has learned from her mistakes with the Easy Bake Oven and is ready to take on a more savory treat in another children's toy-oven.
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Comentarios • 4 072

  • Beefwomen
    Beefwomen Hace 2 años +3616

    Trixie: shocked and disgusted at fans giving Katya their teeth
    Also Trixie: I'm going to use this 40 year old BPA laced children's toy that cooks by lightbulb that's been in a basement to make a nutritious pizza

    • Mason Finley
      Mason Finley Hace 5 meses +1

      This comment is very factual.
      I wonder if all the food tastes like plastic. Toys now adays just don’t give as much 💅🏼 LOL.

    • amber
      amber Hace 6 meses +8

      @Preston Mchand Katya got given a freezer dried leg and was upset she wasnt allowed to keep it, i dont think she cares about teeth

    • Cici K
      Cici K Hace un año +52

      @Preston Mchand It's called a joke, relax lmao

    • Preston Mchand
      Preston Mchand Hace 2 años +17

      going to express the huge difference between a toy oven and giving a “celebrity” which is another person, human teeth. that isn’t normal or even a comparison to say the least

    • Andrew C.
      Andrew C. Hace 2 años +261

      Beefwomen Trixie: this oven might have an asbestos lining, but it adds flavour honneeyy

  • Matthew Bishop Burn
    Matthew Bishop Burn Hace 2 años +1261

    Love that she said "30 year old mix" like the 70s wasn't fully 50 years ago.

  • trylon12
    trylon12 Hace 2 años +1895

    Someone needs to send her a Snoopy sno-cone machine.

    • le ciu
      le ciu Hace 3 meses

      @Kt85 iku u i i iipii i i ii i ki ok i iii know i i i

    • le ciu
      le ciu Hace 3 meses

      @Kt85 j i'm ii

    • Gloomy Bear
      Gloomy Bear Hace 4 meses

      I still have mine and I'm never gonna get rid of it

    • mgmegt
      mgmegt Hace 9 meses +1

      Omg I used to have one!!

    • Kathryn Buel
      Kathryn Buel Hace un año

      OMFG YES

  • PrincessMonkey 33
    PrincessMonkey 33 Hace 2 años +3311

    “I’m not using tools this is a gay house.”
    Lesbians: .....

    • Aelin Ashryver
      Aelin Ashryver Hace 8 meses

      @박신혜 everybody in this comment thread missed the joke🤣. The "tools" are referring to the ones used in the bedroom not powertools💀

    • I say what I want
      I say what I want Hace 10 meses

      @strawberry cow your comment is my spirit animal 🤣😂💯

    • Monica Lawhorn
      Monica Lawhorn Hace un año +2

      I lived with 3 straight men years ago and I was the only one who had tools. They were teal and lightweight but still mine.

    • Vilhelm Stenbro
      Vilhelm Stenbro Hace un año +2

      What kinda tools are we talking here?🤔…

    • 박신혜
      박신혜 Hace un año +5

      @MultiFandom HamHam lol i feel like straights just make up these things about us cause ain’t no way in hell i’m gonna attempt building anything

  • H C
    H C Hace un año +426

    is anyone else weirdly fascinated by the perfectly diced bell peppers??

    • H C
      H C Hace 5 meses +1

      @Nate Watson funnily enough, after i watched the video i found them at a publix 😂

    • Nate Watson
      Nate Watson Hace 5 meses +1

      You can purchase those at certain grocery stores like Publix. They're fabulous for this.

    • Bianca Florence
      Bianca Florence Hace 10 meses +2

      for realll

    • Jazzzzz
      Jazzzzz Hace 11 meses +13

      Yes! Trixie has secret dicing abilities??

    • Brian Aguilar
      Brian Aguilar Hace un año +35

      They looked like little candies at first

  • Eleanor Powell
    Eleanor Powell Hace 2 años +4914

    The sheer joy I experienced seeing this title... knowing the chaos that's about to happen

  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad Hace 2 años +990

    I'm italian and from now on i will scream "lemonicci" casually once in a day

  • Isaac Jordan
    Isaac Jordan Hace 2 años +750

    Trixie's shopping list:
    - Lash glue
    - Red Bull
    - Ooky spooky
    - Ding dang dookie
    - Bread

    • Jaqen H'gar
      Jaqen H'gar Hace un año +3

      You forgot funky jewlery💅🏻

    • God
      God Hace un año +1

      @Minja Arsić Why did I laugh so hard at this-

    • charlielew!
      charlielew! Hace un año +6

      If only we could reply with gifs, I’d use the RuPaul to Jasmine Masters in season 7: “Where did you get a loaf of bread?”

    • John-Paul Hunter
      John-Paul Hunter Hace un año +8


    • SOSEXYMAGAZINE RobinWatkins
      SOSEXYMAGAZINE RobinWatkins Hace un año +1

      @Forest RIIIIIGHT🤗

  • Rae of Lux
    Rae of Lux Hace 2 años +494

    "She's a creature"
    Katya is definitively my mood today, tomorrow, and for my life.

    • AgereArtist
      AgereArtist Hace un año +3


    • Demon of Darkness
      Demon of Darkness Hace un año +23

      Katya is a feeling, you know? Like, you can feel happy, you can feel sad, you can feel Katya...

  • AwesomeAriados
    AwesomeAriados Hace 2 años +198

    I love how the accent at 5:24 gradually went from Trans-Atlantic to almost Italian to Trixie Swedish

  • Diane Hutchinson
    Diane Hutchinson Hace 2 años +1882

    "there's not really BAD pizza, there's just different levels of good" Truth.

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth  Hace 2 años +3

      best pizza I had? in the Tuscany, by the sea under the soft warm spring sun.😍

    • Robyn Brown
      Robyn Brown Hace 2 años +2

      ....except for pineapple

    • David Fallon
      David Fallon Hace 2 años +5

      Diane Hutchinson it was horrible, the $1 a slice place around the corner was probably better lol

    • Diane Hutchinson
      Diane Hutchinson Hace 2 años +7

      @David Fallon lol, pizzart. That does sound bad, I admit

    • David Fallon
      David Fallon Hace 2 años +15

      I had this artisan pizza in nyc at this place called pizzart and it was terrible, the crust was thinner than the paper napkins and the sauce tasted like nothing but pure tomato, like it tasted like they put a couple tomatoes in a blender and called it a day. The pizza was topped with like 2 slices of mozzarella and the whole thing was only like 10 inches and it cost $20, so yeah, bad pizza DOES exist

  • a3zth3tikz
    a3zth3tikz Hace 2 años +118

    Imagine being invited to a party and you see Trixie in the corner handing out pizzas made from this easy bake oven. I'll take three, please.

  • Jack Milo Webster
    Jack Milo Webster Hace 2 años +56

    I love that Trixie showed her pizza off like it was a beauty product, with the hand and all,

  • Lexi Lowe
    Lexi Lowe Hace un año +37

    This 1960's housewife look Trixie is rocking gives me LIFE

  • Orso Festaiolo
    Orso Festaiolo Hace 2 años +614

    Trixie: LemOnIcci, LEMONICCI
    every Italian person watching:👁️💧👄💧👁️

    • Cri Os
      Cri Os Hace 6 meses

      @Emma Mancuso e in tutto questo Katya si è imparata il giapponese, il portoghese è il russo.
      Ma ancora non l italiano. :(

    • Chiara Rea
      Chiara Rea Hace un año

      Plus seems like we all sound like Super Mario 🥲😂

    • Luwucifer
      Luwucifer Hace un año

      @Katia true tho-

    • Luwucifer
      Luwucifer Hace un año

      @MultiFandom HamHam I think so

    • Luwucifer
      Luwucifer Hace un año

      No, I was like “wha? You’re amazing Trixie”

  • Leah Q
    Leah Q Hace 2 años +28

    As a Sicilian-American, I felt very seen by "you have an uncle or cousin who can break my leg" 🤣🤣

  • Matt
    Matt Hace un año +10

    Italian person here, and I can say that’s exactly what we do and say while making pizza in our Pizza Hut ovens

  • Crane S
    Crane S Hace un año +56

    I came here to watch Trixie make pizza, I stayed for David's pure sass.
    This is the pandemic content I need in my life.

  • Poppy Seed
    Poppy Seed Hace 2 años +467

    "Do you have a thing?"
    "A screwdriver?"
    When the gay in drag is also the one who owns a toolbox 😂🤣

    • Gabb Macías
      Gabb Macías Hace un año

      Pink tools!!!!!

    • Brandon Y
      Brandon Y Hace un año

      @Oh Boi Lin but we know Trixie is a top

    • Oh Boi Lin
      Oh Boi Lin Hace un año +10

      If we want to follow the stereotypes she is also the bottom 😅

  • Grace da Costa
    Grace da Costa Hace 2 años +1014

    Trixie: goes to get a screwdriver.
    Also Trixie: come back with a gorgeous bright pink tool box.
    How did I not see that coming 😂

    • Jessica Huang
      Jessica Huang Hace 9 meses

      @TheArchitect813 barbie is a scientist and astronaut (and president, and doctor, etc), barbie would probably own tools cause she's a badass :)

    • TazTaz
      TazTaz Hace 2 años +2

      She's getting her "screw gun"

    • Eline Fassaert
      Eline Fassaert Hace 2 años +4

      Trixie is soo on brand i love it !

    • TheArchitect813
      TheArchitect813 Hace 2 años +8

      oh i know right. i was like "really? trixie has tools? that seems a little off" and then she comes out with a pink tool box and i'm like. yeah.

    • Luciana Galvagno
      Luciana Galvagno Hace 2 años +2

      Because You didnt watch the video with britanny... That was a founding

  • sydney meacham
    sydney meacham Hace 2 años +8

    My Nonna is QUAKING in her boots 😂 if she saw me making pizza like that she would beat me with a wooden spoon 😂

  • Mark Wohlers
    Mark Wohlers Hace 2 años +30

    I love her happy little smile when she smacks herself with the miniature pizza peel and is like, "ooo, that hurt."

  • Ramie Mimie
    Ramie Mimie Hace 2 años +77

    Trixie: "You want it chonky"
    David: "chonky?"
    Trixie: "Yeah, chonky"
    When I tell you I cried laughing lmao idk why but that was funny as hell for me 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lukas Soto
    Lukas Soto Hace un año +9

    I love how much of a bimbo Trixie is in her channel, I love how happy she seems and hope she is as happy as she expresses in these videos~

  • Made in Busan
    Made in Busan Hace 2 años +6049

    Watching Trixie play with toys makes me so happy.

    • Maria Moon
      Maria Moon Hace 9 meses

      It's THERAPY
      I laugh so much with her!

    • • Amsinq •
      • Amsinq • Hace 11 meses

      @yihyen .

    • Imii L
      Imii L Hace un año

      @Extremely goofy most drag queens use she/her in drag? ive seen others refer to trixie w she/her in interviews

    • Extremely goofy
      Extremely goofy Hace un año

      @Lucas Garcia it’s not a her

    • Extremely goofy
      Extremely goofy Hace un año

      @Imii L you didn’t just say she

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith Hace 2 años +10

    The ending was more suspenseful than any action/thriller I’ve ever seen.

  • chronically_mads
    chronically_mads Hace 2 años +11

    I would love a series that's just viewers sending in their old toys from their basements, and then Trixie plays with them on camera. It would be incredible.

  • Amena S
    Amena S Hace 2 años +10

    The moment with you putting on that tiny oven mitt just sent me 😂

  • Charles W
    Charles W Hace un año +23

    “These kids are both dead”
    Me, looking at my very alive parents who were kids around this time and are in their 40s right now.... 😳

  • Honor
    Honor Hace 2 años +250

    david getting more confident to make small comments because he knows we’re all gonna agree with him anyway we LOVE to see it✨

  • Sarah
    Sarah Hace un año +5

    Every time I see Trixie in the beehive hair, I’m speechless.

  • stefaniamodia
    stefaniamodia Hace un año +7

    This just shows that youre never too old to get excited by toys

  • donizettirules
    donizettirules Hace un año +19

    Girl, this is 5 or 6 weeks later and my dad still can’t find yeast. And we’re in New Hampshire. Surrounded by trees. And wild turkeys. 😂

    • Brandon Y
      Brandon Y Hace un año +1

      There's a few jokes in there.

  • Michelle Gil
    Michelle Gil Hace 2 años +3

    The only thing in common that Trixie and I have is that we use the same olive oil.

  • Sate Kummerhays
    Sate Kummerhays Hace 2 años +831

    Who else would eat a small pizza from Trixie? 🙋‍♀️😂

  • Eva Uhalová
    Eva Uhalová Hace un año +32

    "that´s the thing about pizza - it´s kind of like ice cream - there´s not really bad it´s just levels of good" SOOOO TRUE!

    • LaydiNite
      LaydiNite Hace un año +1

      There is bad pizza. A local bowling alley in my town had some that was pretty much inedible. it tasted like nothing but flour and grease.

  • Grant D
    Grant D Hace un año +39

    "Lemonicci... Ariana Grande..." words to live by

  • Eddie Avila
    Eddie Avila Hace 2 años +5

    watching this woman cook mini food is so WHOLESOME!!

  • Saav V
    Saav V Hace un año +5

    "There is not really bad it's just levels of good " My god I will never forget this line in context to pizza and ice cream just fabulous .

  • cassie
    cassie Hace un año +3

    i used to work at pizza hut and tbh this is more sanitary than working at the real thing

  • Momma Core
    Momma Core Hace 2 años +6

    Just loving every second of these videos. I couldn’t stop giggling at your Italian accent 🥰 just adore you 😘

  • Nicole Hain
    Nicole Hain Hace un año +2

    I love that her tools are pink. That just made me smile.

  • Reese the Fox
    Reese the Fox Hace un año +2

    I would absolutely eat a tiny pizza you made in that! Love this Easy Bake oven thing you're doing. I had one growing up!😊 Loves your channel!💕

  • ineffable username
    ineffable username Hace 2 años +2099

    trixie: pulls out a completely pink toolbox
    me: *i'm in love with you*

    • yoo
      yoo Hace un año +5

      Stream I Can't Stop Me (English Ver.)

    • ♡leti
      ♡leti Hace un año +7

      Im in love with you perfil photo

  • 21
    21 Hace 2 años +2

    love love looove trixie's makeup in this video! these peachy colors look stunning

  • Alyssa McFarland
    Alyssa McFarland Hace un año +2

    Props to the legend who saw the oven in their basement and offered it up. They really said: "........... I know who could use this........."

  • Leslie Colwell
    Leslie Colwell Hace un año +2

    I freaking love you Trixie, you always put a smile on my face and make me laugh!!!!

  • Hannah Wootton
    Hannah Wootton Hace un año +2

    I'm just wondering has trixie got a whole room of toy ovens

  • Princess Trunks
    Princess Trunks Hace 2 años +1350

    Describe your best friend in 3 words
    “She’s a creature.”

    • MissFlux
      MissFlux Hace 2 años +4

      RetroFalconPilot 23 lmao .. nice 👌 that made me laugh more than the initial comment. Oh lol, I just love our Trixie & Katya fans, we all mostly get along. And everyone is so funny & witty. I love comments like these. 🙋😂

    • RetroFalconPilot 23
      RetroFalconPilot 23 Hace 2 años +21

      Katya = A Red Wheeze
      Trixie = Loud Bird Laugh

    • r0tt1on-s0cks!
      r0tt1on-s0cks! Hace 2 años +9

      Bohumil Kubiš *Pink one so terrify*

    • Cameron C
      Cameron C Hace 2 años +1

      Bohumil Kubiš LOL

    • Bohumil Kubiš
      Bohumil Kubiš Hace 2 años +25

      pink one scary

  • Sarah Moore
    Sarah Moore Hace 2 años +3

    Trixie's Italian accent = same as Trixie's Swedish Klarna accent 😹😹😹

  • Mikenzy Smith
    Mikenzy Smith Hace 2 años +3

    Truly a treat! My ex introduced me to your videos and I’m so happy I got to keep you after the break-up!! This has been my favorite so far! Love you babes!! Keep at it!

  • K S
    K S Hace 2 años +17

    trixie eating a tiny piece of pizza is everything i've ever wanted and needed. i can die happy

    • Yevgeniya Leshchenko
      Yevgeniya Leshchenko Hace un año +1

      Cringe. Knowing people are dying in these pandemics throwing around words like that, honestly...

  • LaDivinaLover
    LaDivinaLover Hace un año +1

    I really love these easy bake videos. We need a new one!! ❤️

  • LB
    LB Hace 2 años +574

    I love how she coordinates her makeup for the colour of whatever food she is making

    • Witch Corpse
      Witch Corpse Hace 2 años +2

      Why did I think this was shade? Hahaha

    • Savhannah
      Savhannah Hace 2 años +1

      I would expect nothing less

    • Shannon K
      Shannon K Hace 2 años +8

      Because she is an artist *chef's kiss*

    • ProlificBanana
      ProlificBanana Hace 2 años +6

      pretty sure this was her better homes and garden outfit as well ;)

    • Emma Holleman
      Emma Holleman Hace 2 años +22

      Her attention to detail is very detailed

  • Kate Willis
    Kate Willis Hace un año +4

    That time lapse is giving me life. I love this woman 😂

  • Autumn Frore
    Autumn Frore Hace 2 años +1

    I can’t stop laughing - this video is AMAZING 😂 Subscribed! You’re awesome

  • Elderly Emo
    Elderly Emo Hace 2 años +3

    That tiny oven glove sent me over the edge 🤣

  • BeakerInShortShorts
    BeakerInShortShorts Hace 6 meses

    One of my favorite things about the “cooking” videos is the integration of David. *Chef’s Kiss” 😘💕🇨🇦

  • Clonetrooper87
    Clonetrooper87 Hace 2 años +600

    I love how Trixie apologizes to the Italian community for mispronouncing stuff and then immediately goes on a tirade of Italian-sounding gibberish.

    • Daunting skeleton in the closet
      Daunting skeleton in the closet Hace 2 años

      @Em22 well there's a city called Colico in Italy. But speaking of words we would use, we have "colica" instead, which means kidney stone

    • Aldo :9
      Aldo :9 Hace 2 años +2


    • Em22
      Em22 Hace 2 años

      Lol, I loved the pronunciation of CoLEEco ... Is that Italian?! ;P

    • stella
      stella Hace 2 años +3

      Honestly the thyme was the thing that hurt me the most...

    • Derty Gerty Xx
      Derty Gerty Xx Hace 2 años +1

      @Daunting skeleton in the closet omg the answer better be none...

  • Morgan Sellers
    Morgan Sellers Hace 2 años +3

    “Levels of good” 😂 As always thank you for making my day!!

  • William Robinson
    William Robinson Hace 5 meses +1

    I'd dine at Trixie Hut for sure! Tiny pizza for everyone lol

  • Nicole
    Nicole Hace 2 años +1

    I would totally over pay for a pizza made my Trixie 😂

  • FilbieTron
    FilbieTron Hace un año +1

    I looked up that adorable Smeg electric kettle and oh my god, Trixie really is ballin...that shit expensive!!!

  • ev
    ev Hace 2 años +853

    trixie is just trying to burn her house down at this point

    • Rach
      Rach Hace 2 años +1

      Are these videos a cry for help? lol

    • Nevo Alsberg
      Nevo Alsberg Hace 2 años +3


    • Wojtek Cichecki
      Wojtek Cichecki Hace 2 años +9

      House down boots yas mamma *tounge pop*

  • maggs131
    maggs131 Hace un año +2

    Oh no Trixie my dear there most certainly is bad pizza. I moved recently and tried a place with no reference for their quality. The box was literally dripping grease and it smelled unique. Never went back 🤮

  • Grace Crabtree
    Grace Crabtree Hace 2 años +136

    0:48 “these kids are both dead”
    When I tell you I almost dropped my weights at the gym

  • R A
    R A Hace un año +2

    “every italian here... lady gaga” BAHHAHA EVEN TRACEY IS IN ON GAGA’S ITALY OBSESSION 😭 my world’s have collided yet again

  • Max Khanya
    Max Khanya Hace 2 años +3


  • Melissa Logan
    Melissa Logan Hace 2 años +2

    From this day forth, i shall order my pizza " Chonky". The sauce is the best part!

  • Sophia Arndt
    Sophia Arndt Hace un año +2

    I love how trixie just assumes all the kid models are dead even though they were like 8 in the 1970s lol

  • Cassie
    Cassie Hace 2 años +4

    Trixie: comical Italian pronunciations Also Trixie: pronounces “mozzarella” wrong

  • Tiger-Lily
    Tiger-Lily Hace 2 años +5

    “And I know it was in their basement because this box is marked ‘BASEMENT’” idk why that made me laugh so fucking hard

  • Simone Straub-Clark
    Simone Straub-Clark Hace 2 años +739

    "she's a creature" nothing truer was ever said about katya 💀💀

  • Sheblahh
    Sheblahh Hace un año

    That moment when you realize Trixie thinks you’re a creature for eating pizza with only pepperoni and banana peppers. My absolute favourite pizza combo!!!

  • Alexandra Meininger
    Alexandra Meininger Hace un año +1

    I wish I still had my baskin robbins ice cream maker!! I’d totally send it to you. We only used it once but it was really good

  • Karolin
    Karolin Hace 2 años

    That pizza looks so good 😭 I haven’t eaten for days now, other than a sandwich a couple of days ago, I literally have nothing at home and no money so this video made me drool 😭🤤

  • shadow
    shadow Hace un año +1

    Would definitely eat that bootleg pizza✨🔥

  • H Marie
    H Marie Hace 2 años +631

    "the gays in LA are in quarantine and they are baking so fiercely that I still can not get yeast at my grocery store" hahaha this sent me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Zen Vibe
      Zen Vibe Hace un año

      @Madiii 333 um k

    • Madiii 333
      Madiii 333 Hace un año +2

      I laughed so hard. It played as I was walking by my grandparents, haha.

    • bugs
      bugs Hace 2 años +20


  • Kelly V
    Kelly V Hace 2 años

    I only just discovered your channel and I love that you’re pretty chill and calm, yet still super funny. After a long work day I just don’t have the energy to watch people running and screaming lol.

  • BirdieHouse
    BirdieHouse Hace 2 años +10

    other fans: I got you flowers, roses because I know in video 25 you said you love them 🥰
    trixie fans: want a 30 year old pizza oven thing?

  • Alyssa Edmundson
    Alyssa Edmundson Hace 2 años +1

    I need the link for that tool kit! 😍Being an adult is so weird sometimes...

  • MeltingDoll
    MeltingDoll Hace un año

    I revisit this video whenever I need some comfort. And it helps a lot! It makes me laugh every time!
    I also work in retail, so I revisit this quite often.

  • Jillian S
    Jillian S Hace 2 años +680

    Imagine she’s your pizza sample lady at Costco 😂

  • Sarah White
    Sarah White Hace 2 años +3

    When she pulls out the little glove 😂😂 just great

  • Luis Estrada
    Luis Estrada Hace un año +2

    David is low-key the real star of these vids lol

  • Meg Lopez
    Meg Lopez Hace un año

    Every single one of these damn easy bake cooking episodes is GOLD. I need more. I am insatiable lol!

  • Ari Aranda
    Ari Aranda Hace 2 años +1

    I would absolutely eat the tiny pizzas you made on your front lawn.

  • morcates
    morcates Hace 2 años +186

    violet in quarantine: yeahh i just keep ordering expensive caviar ahah, anyway
    trixie in quarantine: *cackling over the tiniest pizza slice known to man*

    • R J
      R J Hace 2 años +2

      Our mother Tracey has class honey

  • MAUUmadness
    MAUUmadness Hace un año

    This has to be my favorite series EVER!!!

  • Jennifer BBB
    Jennifer BBB Hace un año +1

    Yum. Love Trixie’s top and now I wanna try bisquik 🍕 🫑 🌶 🧀 🍷

  • Shilo Harrington
    Shilo Harrington Hace un año

    I love when Trixie does these types of videos!

  • Good Soup
    Good Soup Hace un año

    Bringing in the new year binge watching Trixie indulging in her easy bake oven FANTASY💖💖💖💖

  • Autumn Ruiz
    Autumn Ruiz Hace 2 años +381

    “If you can fit it in an easy bake oven.. you can dream it.”
    Inspirational. Motivational. Skinny.

  • becky2743
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