Kiki with IGGY AZALEA! (Iggy learns Trixie makeup)

  • Publicado el 18 oct 2020
  • @Iggy Azalea , yes THAT Iggy Azalea (rapper, singer, songwriter) drops by to try out a Trixie makeover!
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Comentarios • 5 066

  • Kaylee Noel
    Kaylee Noel Hace un año +33921

    Iggy Azalea is what Tana Mongeau thinks she looks like

    • Z
      Z Hace 2 días


    • Charlie Bale
      Charlie Bale Hace un mes

      Bruh 💀

    • B.B. Campbell
      B.B. Campbell Hace un mes

      Everyone I read this I still cry laughing!

    • Kaylee Noel
      Kaylee Noel Hace 2 meses

      @Kira Anastasia Andersen I get that my comment wasn’t very nice, but it’s hella weird to be sympathizing with tana mongeau in 2022… but keep preaching ig

    • Kira Anastasia Andersen
      Kira Anastasia Andersen Hace 2 meses

      This is such a rude comment. Lets not be bullies in 2022

  • Brenna Villamagna
    Brenna Villamagna Hace un año +8599

    Trixie: my Australian accent is unclockable
    Also Trixie: *sounds like a kiwi*

    • Jacks Atkinson
      Jacks Atkinson Hace 11 meses +1

      @Eva Grace not the slur…..

    • Will
      Will Hace un año

      she sounds like Art Symoné

    • Ruben Ibarra
      Ruben Ibarra Hace un año +2

      Iggy’s shade after his accent 😂😂

    • Leo
      Leo Hace un año +3

      Definitely not brown Kiwis 🤣

    • niamh
      niamh Hace un año +8

      @Katelyn Cecelia don't talk about something you have literally no clue about. Is the kiwi bird their native bird? No. It's not. That's why we are called Kiwis...

  • Charles Ozeta
    Charles Ozeta Hace un año +8417

    Trixie: You’ve fallen off stage that many times?
    Iggy: Enough to make a montage...

    • Blah Blah
      Blah Blah Hace un año +120

      I instantly loved her. I've liked her music but never saw her in a real format til now!

  • Francisco Andujar
    Francisco Andujar Hace un año +3926

    “You’re 31, you’re gay, your body is turning against you, somehow you built a career on looking like a dalmatian” LMAO Trixie being relatable

  • Ashleigh Coffey
    Ashleigh Coffey Hace un año +3732

    Iggy is so down to earth. Every interview Ive ever seen her in shes absolutely wonderful. Of course I love her music as well lol.

    • morgmorg
      morgmorg Hace un año

      same!!! except the carpool karaoke, she seemed uncomfy :(

    • shadowflower22
      shadowflower22 Hace un año +3

      this is how all Aussies behave. We are a pretty chill people

    • Maria Lindell
      Maria Lindell Hace un año +1


    • Your Inner Lawyer
      Your Inner Lawyer Hace un año +10

      She's just a human being lol. Some celebs acting all cool or whatever are just acting they're not human beings without realizing. 😂

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu Hace un año +6

      I love Muriel’s Wedding 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽you’re terrible, Muriel! 💜

  • xxxilva
    xxxilva Hace un año +13594

    This is the chillest and coolest celebrity interaction I’ve ever seen. She is so down to earth and real

    • Nat Marlene
      Nat Marlene Hace 2 meses +1


    • Buckwet Gwen Is My Religion
      Buckwet Gwen Is My Religion Hace 6 meses

      @S domingo I don’t remember what I was replying to either 💀💀 I’m assuming what I was replying to related somehow but I know just as much as you do

    • Ka Chi
      Ka Chi Hace 6 meses

      You mean, Boring !

    • S domingo
      S domingo Hace 8 meses

      @Buckwet Gwen Is My Religion ider what I commented but what does not having any videos have to do with anything??? ESclips is for commenting on videos ?

    • Buckwet Gwen Is My Religion
      Buckwet Gwen Is My Religion Hace 8 meses +1

      @S domingo you literally have no videos

  • - Aquamarine -
    - Aquamarine - Hace un año +5748

    “she filed a police report saying I stole her identity and that she was the real iggy” 💀💀💀💀

  • Jammin710
    Jammin710 Hace un año +1798

    She actually did AMAZING for her first try holy shit she’s super talented

  • 🌻 Jackie Silver 🌻
    🌻 Jackie Silver 🌻 Hace un año +2120

    "shave your head and then just change the bow every few days like gypsy rose" 😆
    soooo are we not gonna talk about how ICONIC that quote is omg 😂😂😂

    • Kiara Lewis
      Kiara Lewis Hace un mes

      That’s what I’m saying he said it so slick I had to replay it cuz it went over my head at first

    • Steven Grondin
      Steven Grondin Hace un año


    • Meaghan Crawford
      Meaghan Crawford Hace un año +2


  • KannO
    KannO Hace un año +1074

    Trixie: “I look like your mom👁👄👁”
    Iggy: “No you don’t”
    Trixie: “..I look like your weird dad⚫️👄⚫️”

  • Qveen Herby
    Qveen Herby Hace un año +7483

    I enjoyed every minute of this 💕

    • Lord Dorignac II
      Lord Dorignac II Hace un año


    • no name
      no name Hace un año

      Yassss qveen

    • Khlav Kalash!!🍗
      Khlav Kalash!!🍗 Hace un año

      OMG Here an addicted to your music from Madrid, Spain. Recently I discovered your music and omg you’re pure talent and so unique💜💜💜.
      They love my juice!!!🤷‍♀️🔥🕺🏻🕺🏻💃💃

    • Dillon McClintic
      Dillon McClintic Hace un año +3

      @Qveen Herby hun, don’t apologize to him. You shouldn’t have to apologize for your creativity and artistry. You are doing amazing things. You have never identified as a black woman and yes, white privilege is very real, but you are appreciating culture, not appropriating it. It’s not like you used rap and then stopped after you made some money. You still rap all this time later, so there’s nothing wrong with you and I love your music. Please don’t apologize to anyone for being who you are.

    • Dillon McClintic
      Dillon McClintic Hace un año +2

      @Chocolate Top there is a difference between using culture for a profit and then abandoning it, and just appreciating culture. She has always rapped in her music. Culture is meant to be shared. I guess you didn’t pay attention in class when your teacher talked about cultural diffusion. Sit down and stop hating.

  • Takara Oneá
    Takara Oneá Hace un año +1905

    I bet you’re watching this video with your legs crossed 😂💕💖

  • Allie Bean
    Allie Bean Hace 6 meses +93

    just wanna say i love how refreshingly honest iggy is about her cosmetic procedures - it's a great example for other celebs imho

  • chocolate milk
    chocolate milk Hace un año +1858

    I still can’t get over Fancy and that was like six years ago.

  • Melissa coviello
    Melissa coviello Hace un año +34

    She jumped right into the Trixie makeup and didn’t bat an eye. She did a phenomenal job

  • Megan Post
    Megan Post Hace un año +4601

    Ever since Iggy has started doing the things she wants to do with her people, I’ve fallen for her. She seems so pure and humble for her profession and that’s so refreshing to watch

    • Charles W
      Charles W Hace un año +1

      @Taylor Berry but she never acted “black” or talked in that way it’s only singing. It’s an art form. There’s plenty of people that do it. It’s just the sound of rap. It’s evolved. Look back at African Americans in rap from the 80s they didn’t have those types of accents. It’s stretched

    • Odell Dixon
      Odell Dixon Hace un año

      @Rochelle she moved to america in 2006

    • Odell Dixon
      Odell Dixon Hace un año

      @Taylor Berry she moved to america in 2006

    • Darc Moon
      Darc Moon Hace un año

      RIGHT?! It's such a change now that we are seeing her a little bit more personally and it's kinda amazing.

  • Aubry Stout
    Aubry Stout Hace un año +124

    Iggy is so symmetrical lol. I never watched her other than her music, her personality is so fun

  • Abbie Prothero
    Abbie Prothero Hace un año +572

    I love how lowkey iggy is, most assume she’s as big and loud in energy as the art and media she creates but she’s soooo chill dude

  • Mia Park
    Mia Park Hace un año +537

    This is so chill like to friends just hanging out.She didn't even come to promote anything just to hang out and talk.

  • 313 V
    313 V Hace un año +298

    Iggy asking what happened here with her brows ... “well I think it started in your childhood there was a lot of trauma there and you carried it into your eyebrows here today” I’m crying

  • Kazfraz
    Kazfraz Hace un año +387

    Iggy looks like the evil pink twins from Bratz, and Trixie is the mom 😭😭

    • Michael! In The Bathroom
      Michael! In The Bathroom Hace un año +7

      She's not their mom LMAO, she's their boss!

    • Ibuki Mioda
      Ibuki Mioda Hace un año +16

      Those are the tweevil twins, and the “mom” it literally a parody of Barbie

  • Shana Sapp
    Shana Sapp Hace 2 meses +4

    Trixie is the kind if friend who would come over over at 1am for no other reason but to do makeup and spill tea. You wouldn't even realize the sun is coming up. She is definitely that friend you want in your corner.

  • Maria Jameson
    Maria Jameson Hace un año +29

    Iggy just cracks me up. She's absolutely fun to talk to. Thank you Trixie for having her on your channel.

  • thejoeschmoshow
    thejoeschmoshow Hace un año +79

    Never seen Iggy in such a casual setting. She’s a really cool girl!

  • Ross
    Ross Hace un año +6487

    Why is this the most accurate Trixie make up recreation i've seen?? Like I've seen really cool takes before but woah the accuracy!!!

    • Liam Flaherty
      Liam Flaherty Hace un año

      Sis is talented 😹😹😹

    • laneybug
      laneybug Hace un año +3

      @hilomona right asf usually after getting in drag trixie usually is feeling her oats but u could tell miss thing was looking right at miss iggy 💀

    • big deal
      big deal Hace un año +1

      Girl like.. she did this perfectly! If rapping doesn’t work out she can do makeup for a living.

    • msbraindamage
      msbraindamage Hace un año +4

      @Robbie Alexander doesn't guarantee success

    • Smurfette_Blues
      Smurfette_Blues Hace un año

      And she made it look effortless!

  • Maisie carter-king
    Maisie carter-king Hace un año +62

    this is the only grwm chit chat thing i’ve ever watched all the way through and actually enjoyed!!!

  • Scott Cook
    Scott Cook Hace un año +17

    I love that Iggy done this. She shows such a natural, cool, chillaxed persona.

  • Luis Bel
    Luis Bel Hace un año +5

    Iggy's BLENDING SKILLS are astronomical! She did it PERFECTLY for her first time!

  • Ky Viera
    Ky Viera Hace un año +26

    I need Trixie's laugh as my alarm clock sound because every time he laughs, I pay attention again.

  • Elise Blair
    Elise Blair Hace un año +4974

    Never seen Iggy on a “normal” level and she’s actually so down to earth and sweet! Her face is actually incredible though wow

    • hollyobaby
      hollyobaby Hace un año

      Her on monet’s show exchange rate was so cute

    • Vanta Black
      Vanta Black Hace un año +6

      You will find that artists are human

    • RobbyRockaholic
      RobbyRockaholic Hace un año +2

      Yeah people
      Need to see this and get over hating her and thinking she’s some extra ass Girl she deserves so much more I know she’ll keep working

    • Cattachi
      Cattachi Hace un año +24

      @Rob cousimano I don't think it's damage control as more this is actually her. Shes not trying to hide behind, AAVE, stereotypes, and what she thought rappers in America were supposed to act like. Cause that's why people started to hate her in the first place.

    • Elise Blair
      Elise Blair Hace un año +9

      @Rob cousimano I never followed her career in the first place. Not my sort of music honestly. I just merely commented on what I was seeing here. That’s all.

  • Jessenv
    Jessenv Hace un año +222

    Iggy: “Raven who?”
    Trixie: *points at camera* “Keep it in!”
    She would 😂

  • Hayley Smith
    Hayley Smith Hace un año +560

    “You look like Detox at 2am” LMAO

    • ki
      ki Hace un año +6

      d to the e to the t to the o hold x

    • Mn 8r
      Mn 8r Hace un año

      @honk Detox

    • Mn 8r
      Mn 8r Hace un año +1

      @Megatrrrrrron Detox

    • Megatrrrrrron
      Megatrrrrrron Hace un año +1


  • girlFr1day
    girlFr1day Hace un año +21

    She's so personable I love her. Like a cool friend who is always down for everything and knows all the trends before they happen

  • ES7
    ES7 Hace un año +725


  • lalo 3833
    lalo 3833 Hace un año +2107

    Iggy seems so genuine and cool , I don't get why everyone hates her

    • clippedwings
      clippedwings Hace 4 meses +1

      Can anyone help me with "profiting from black culture?"
      Are you guys sure that Black people want yo be exclusive? Do they want to keep what they invented and developed for themselves?
      Because trust me. They're not surviving with that mentality when everyone else is living by the invention and development made by every other race and nobody's gatekeeping them to be exclusive just for their race only.

    • Dave Mchugh
      Dave Mchugh Hace un año

      @joshua benjamin Scott none of you’re business.

    • Jeff Knutsen
      Jeff Knutsen Hace un año +7

      @TNAOSBHLAE uh I did some cursory googling after being told the alleged racist tweets were false (which I never found anything showing that they had been) and read a couple articles so my critique of her was better informed than half remembered shit from 5+ years ago. No I don't come for Jeffree Star's past, I don't have to, he comes for himself with his own actions constantly. That man has almost as many apology videos as he does make up tutorials.

      TNAOSBHLAE Hace un año

      @Jeff Knutsen You are DIGGING for some past drama with her, aren't ya? You probably also come at Jeffree Star for his past too😂

  • Dominique Morales
    Dominique Morales Hace un año +180

    Sometimes I forget trixie's a man, even when she's out of drag, then I see her next to other women and im like "damn, she's fully a man", just because I forget how large she is

    • S
      S Hace un año +6

      she'll love this.

  • Ella Ocean
    Ella Ocean Hace un año +187


  • veecrtz
    veecrtz Hace un año +309

    “You didn’t tell me I was going to have two eyes? I’m leaving...” 😂😂💀

  • e s
    e s Hace un año +4

    Always love Trixie’s vibe...a goodness and fiercely smart-funny. So lovely to see Iggy like this. More, please.

  • AngeOnymous
    AngeOnymous Hace un año +17

    The moment where they both got quiet and focused while iggy drew on her nose 😂

  • Roxy A Brooks
    Roxy A Brooks Hace 2 meses

    This was a blast to watch! Totally digging the "Casual Drag"! So sweet! Thank you, Trixie!

  • Maryland
    Maryland Hace un año +8

    this was the most enjoyable make up video I have ever watched😁 and the ending was super sweet, natural energy that's all we need 💝

  • darlene t
    darlene t Hace un año +112

    I’m watching this with my little sister and she asks me “are they doing day of the dead looks??” LMAOOOOO

    • Juliana
      Juliana Hace un año +7

      HAHAHH necromancy realness

  • Mayank Negi
    Mayank Negi Hace un año +4322

    "She's the original go-girl-give-us-nothing." - Iggy Azalea

    • Allysha Nila
      Allysha Nila Hace un año +6

      SHE AIN'T WRONG! love posh spice tho

    • Caroline
      Caroline Hace un año

      @KushKitten mbbonh onno

    • ait
      ait Hace un año

      I dieddddd

    • João Lucas
      João Lucas Hace un año

      @Vida Talab Thank you so much

    • KushKitten
      KushKitten Hace un año +27

      Where is the lie tho!!!!!!

  • сяaиky вiтсн
    сяaиky вiтсн Hace un año +6

    his laugh is so fun! it's a pleasure to hear him laughing it's contagious

  • CrowLad27
    CrowLad27 Hace un año +96

    “Oh I love how they put that I’m bullied on my Wikipedia, how fabulous”

  • Lucas Official
    Lucas Official Hace un año +5

    I love this so much! Too many Iconic moments. Great chemistry. Iggy seems like a lot of fun ❤️

  • Devin Sidd
    Devin Sidd Hace un año +5

    great chemistry, entertaining conversation. i actually fully enjoyed this video a lot PLUS IGGY SERVED THIS LOOK TOO

  • Trixie Mattel
    Trixie Mattel  Hace un año +13728

    I don’t know who needs to hear this but ~you are loved~
    𝓛𝓲𝓿𝓮 𝓵𝓪𝓾𝓰𝓱 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮

    • Kimmy Ball
      Kimmy Ball Hace 10 meses

      Too sweet!!!! 🍰🍪🍩🍨🍭🍫

    • AfrøPlayz
      AfrøPlayz Hace un año +1

      Live, laugh, love to live.

    • Amanda Rogers
      Amanda Rogers Hace un año

      why are you attacking me like this

    • oxoxo xoxo
      oxoxo xoxo Hace un año

      i swear to god that no body loves me or ever did . i don't know how being loved feels and I'm 35

    • Corrina Lopez
      Corrina Lopez Hace un año

      Period girl

  • jenniferbryn
    jenniferbryn Hace un mes

    Thank you both! I'm recovering from some stuff and this was a great experience. I wish everyone would learn how to advertise like this where you actually get a sense of fulfillment. I got many lols and appreciated the skill of the process and filming., and most importantly for Trixie Cosmetics, a soft introduction to the product! I LOVE that clean face to drag application tutorials were present more as a pleasant, light hearted chat than the typical yelling at the audience about buying new cosmetic trends sell.

  • Gabriela Ferradas
    Gabriela Ferradas Hace un año +23

    i just love the energy when they r together

  • Antonio Alves
    Antonio Alves Hace un año +86

    "You're a woman behind bars" dead! pure gold! finished!

  • drywall-face
    drywall-face Hace un año +11

    I rlly admire that Trixie isn't afraid to say she's famouse, and when she does talk about it it's never stuck up,bragging,or acting better than anyone else. It's so cringey watching celebrities grimmus at the word "famous"

  • Raymond Thai
    Raymond Thai Hace un año +1722

    “I actually had a woman file a police report against me, because she said I had broken into her house and stolen her identity and that she was the real Iggy.” **side eye**

  • Tony Luebke
    Tony Luebke Hace 10 meses +3

    Not Iggy being gaslit by her production team about her hair falling out, I am on the floor

  • Jennifer Jones
    Jennifer Jones Hace un año +65

    She let her use her Trixie mirror. Damn she must really like iggy lol

  • Heather_Ryuk
    Heather_Ryuk Hace un año +4

    She did a good job of Trixie makeup! That's amazing. 💕

  • Brian Jankowski
    Brian Jankowski Hace un año +1

    So much to Iggy than what I thought. I remember when she first came out, I called my friend who I take to the gay clubs and said,''there is a white girl named Iggy and she is going to be a star. This video isn't a one time wonder. She's gonna make it. Then I saw the sweet humble side and just fell in love. I'm a huge fan and I'm sorry she has haters but that means she's doing the damn thang. You go girl. I love you both. Keep up all the hard work cause you both work ya asses off. Love and hugs, Brian jankowski.

  • Vivi D
    Vivi D Hace un año +8204

    how is literally no one talking about Iggy's hair

    • Gh Gh
      Gh Gh Hace un año

      @Shirin Shu i dont really see the problem? like she very obviously likes black culture, but unlike a lot of other (wyt) celebrities she doesnt try to look as if she’s not white. she just takes inspiration and wears it. i saw the style and it immediately reminded me of the parkers lol, if other white people dont know where its from you need to educate THEM its not on iggy that her fans dont know where the style is from, unless she’s saying she invented it, or calling it something new.

    • Elinacab
      Elinacab Hace un año

      Selena rocked this all the time and I love it! We can thank the black community for this!

    • Irene C
      Irene C Hace un año

      @Shirin Shu noo,
      my Irish aunt wore her hair that way in the
      Stop making bs up

    • 陈杰
      陈杰 Hace un año

      A masterpiece

    • Mephistopheles
      Mephistopheles Hace un año

      She’s an artist/supermodel and he’s a drag queen, this is just an everyday thing

  • Femineity
    Femineity Hace un año +9

    Iggy was the realist and the make-up interaction between you two was the illist! In other words, I enjoyed this video!

  • Nikki
    Nikki Hace un mes +1

    Okay but Trixie really is Iggy's drag mom tho 🥰 the FISHIEST Mommy/daughter duo 💘❤️💘

  • Daven Miller
    Daven Miller Hace un año +2

    Iggy did an AMAZING job with that makeup! She seems like so much fun! I loved every minute of this video!

  • Your Inner Lawyer
    Your Inner Lawyer Hace un año +5

    Iggy and Trixie are the friends we all wish we had! ♥️😭

  • r c
    r c Hace un año +7

    i need more of this dynamic duo puhleaaaaase!!!

  • Brookelynn Keele
    Brookelynn Keele Hace un año +1

    Iggy seems so down to earth and so chill.

  • penngheeney
    penngheeney Hace un año +5

    Can we get the hour long special, please? This wasn't enough, but it was also too much, and it was also JUST RIGHT!

  • Nneka Agbakwuru
    Nneka Agbakwuru Hace 11 meses +1

    This was so refreshing! Iffy is so full of life and hilarious! I can’t understand why people bash her so hard! 💗

  • Your real dad
    Your real dad Hace un año +7

    “Detox at 2am” lmao that was a great read from the one time I’ve seen her not in drag and with a mountain of Pepsi

  • doral cook
    doral cook Hace un año +41

    Trixie: You’ve fallen off stage that many times?
    Iggy: Enough to make a montage...

  • Su 4242
    Su 4242 Hace 6 meses

    Just rewatched this, still one of my favorite in Trixie's "celeb collabs" 😍 Iggy actually rocks the look. I kept thinking this must be how gorgeous Trixie thinks she looks when she's feeling her oats 😁

  • marianne meissner
    marianne meissner Hace un año +2

    She’s so fun. I’m shocked.

  • oh HONEEEY
    oh HONEEEY Hace un año +1832

    The way Trixie is able to become friends and collab with literally everyone is powerful. What’s next?? Is she gonna have a straight man on her channel?

  • Kristin 65 Roses
    Kristin 65 Roses Hace un año +9

    Iggy killed it with the makeup and Trixie too as always 🖤

  • Dimitris K.
    Dimitris K. Hace un año +1

    Iggy is legit such an awesome person! So down to earth, just doing her own thang, having fun. Truly an icon!

  • notthesun
    notthesun Hace 3 meses

    Iggy Is Hilarious!
    Also I really want to try gluing my brows down and doing Trixie makeup.
    also, LOVE COTY AIR SPUN!! I have been using it since I was in highschool!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee Hace 3 meses

    I’ve only ever listened to Iggy’s music, but seeing her in these clips with Trixie makes me like her much more. I never understood the negativity given to her, but i’m glad she stays to herself now & is just enjoying her life with her son. 💖

  • Adryanna Mataele
    Adryanna Mataele Hace 4 meses

    I literally was not expecting to laugh this much with this video, these two are so fun together!

  • Makeup Eclectic (Marie)
    Makeup Eclectic (Marie) Hace 2 meses +2

    I could listen to the two of you talk all day.

  • Estudio Innovacion
    Estudio Innovacion Hace 11 meses

    Oh wow, I never thought she was this cool and down to earth and so queer friendly. I have a whole new outlook of her. She’s got a new fan in me.

  • NightNight
    NightNight Hace un año +15

    Iggy's makeup is SO GOOD

  • Vjeran Pezdirc
    Vjeran Pezdirc Hace un año +3349

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