So You Want to Be a Drag Queen

  • Publicado el 24 ago 2022
  • Watch the full video of all my tips on how to become a drag queen here:ídeo.html
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  • Blu
    Blu Hace un mes +351

    I like the part where she imparted knowledge.

    • ccc
      ccc Hace 24 días +3

      Shorts on YT are not the same with shorts on TikTok. On YT it was used to promote your videos.

    • Melissa Sylvest
      Melissa Sylvest Hace un mes +1

      Information: imparted

    • Jerry conner
      Jerry conner Hace un mes +4

      Just listen for 15 minutes her repeated information, it is hidden from the normal human being...this is coded information that the faint of heart should not jump into. The hidden knowledge could go back as far as ancient Egypt 🇪🇬 😉 🤔 wow, fascinating, thank you!

  • bludreambby99
    bludreambby99 Hace un mes +73

    I rewatched this like 3 times I wasn’t sure if it was a loop or if she just kept repeating herself

  • Jerry conner
    Jerry conner Hace un mes +22

    This information goes as far back as ancient Egypt. Those folks had elongated 💀 skulls so their knowledge of wigs was important to cover their long skulls. The information has been lost over time but Trixie shared it nicely. You need to listen between her words, thank you, I'll remember for the next 2,000 years I'm here,

  • Christopher Bland-Hill
    Christopher Bland-Hill Hace 6 días +1

    I love you too death. By far the best queen of all time, to me. I do have an embarrassing and probably stupid question. I just watched your clean out makeup video. I'd love to have some of your give it up, lol. You should raffle off of make gift bags. Then donate coins to what ever your charity of choice would be.

  • latiosfreak
    latiosfreak Hace 18 días +1

    bianca gave me great advice how to become a drag queen: "don't"

  • John Milburn
    John Milburn Hace un mes +1

    I have wanted to do drag for 20 years

  • Shawny Coffman
    Shawny Coffman Hace 28 días

    I'm fixing to go completely bald secondary to chemotherapy. I need those notes! I'm not ashamed to admit that I have not a clue about wearing a wig and I need to learn. My hair loss begins around the 21st of this month so time is of the essence. 👏 😬 Pretty please? 🙏😊

  • Stevie Easter
    Stevie Easter Hace un mes +1

    So beautiful!!!!

  • Sunky🟦🟨
    Sunky🟦🟨 Hace un mes

    Yas Queen

  • N Kemp
    N Kemp Hace un mes +5

    At this point. The dolls are the dolls...

  • Robert Sisk
    Robert Sisk Hace un mes +1

    Much knowledge such wow

  • isabella!!
    isabella!! Hace un mes +4

    hi trixie i love u ❤️

  • SpicyBean Tofu
    SpicyBean Tofu Hace un mes +4

    So where is our knowledge? Lol

  • Alice s
    Alice s Hace un mes

    Hiiii ❤️❤️

  • anacaroline
    anacaroline Hace un mes

    Boa noite 😴

  • Stevie Easter
    Stevie Easter Hace un mes

    Didnt you Collab w Neon!?!

  • Dance Walker Tarot
    Dance Walker Tarot Hace un mes +5

    Trixiiiiiiiieeeeee. (Love you but I'm scared of wigs because itchy.)

    • kye wikeley
      kye wikeley Hace un mes +1

      @Dance Walker Tarot oh... Honey... Would you like some links?

    • Dance Walker Tarot
      Dance Walker Tarot Hace un mes +2

      @SpicyBean Tofu Maybe the Chinatown dollar store downtown wasn't the best place to get a wig? 😂

    • SpicyBean Tofu
      SpicyBean Tofu Hace un mes +2

      I've never worn an itchy wig. Only very warm ones.

  • hehe
    hehe Hace un mes

    yassssssss second

  • anacaroline
    anacaroline Hace un mes

    Boa Noite até a manhã sábado mas
    De tarde converso contigo

  • Syah Khan
    Syah Khan Hace 21 un día


  • LunarCeleste
    LunarCeleste Hace un mes

    No I don’t

  • Legend Gaming
    Legend Gaming Hace 16 días +1

    wtf is that thing?

  • arii
    arii Hace 27 días


  • J R
    J R Hace un mes

    Dude, I got so scared by her! Not expecting the eyeshadow 😵‍💫

  • Mine Blox
    Mine Blox Hace un mes +1


  • ☻preppy.bella☻
    ☻preppy.bella☻ Hace un mes +2

    I’m gonna have nightmares tonight 💀

  • TheMachine
    TheMachine Hace un mes +10

    Sorry I don't wanna be a circus clown

  • RH
    RH Hace un mes

    Is this not blackface?

    • RH
      RH Hace un mes

      @•💊•eriepill•💊• no, I specifically remember seeing articles claiming that tanning is the same as blackface

    • •💊•eriepill•💊•
      •💊•eriepill•💊• Hace un mes +1

      blackface is when u make yourself appear poc, mostly for comedy. this can be done thru dark makeup, making your features more african etc. trixies makeup is not to appear or make fun of poc. it is just tan.

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer Hace un mes +2

    Why is the line on your face

  • Robert Woodson
    Robert Woodson Hace un mes +2

    no thanks but go off ig

  • Ki
    Ki Hace un mes +4


  • Just a Fish
    Just a Fish Hace un mes +2


  • Καλεμ Τορρε
    Καλεμ Τορρε Hace un mes +3

    Wtf is that

  • kobi knight
    kobi knight Hace un mes +3