Mukbang with Kim Chi (Trixie tries Kim's favorite Korean dishes)

  • Publicado el 8 nov 2020
  • @KimChi Chic Beauty introduces Trixie to some of her favorite Korean dishes and chaos ensues.
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Comentarios • 8 019

    MITCHELL WIGGS Hace un año +30613

    I'm loving the strange psychological warfare Chipotle has engaged in with Kim Chi

    • Geoff Stark
      Geoff Stark Hace un año +1

      Boycott them until they go a whole year without giving someone e.coli

    • sunshine
      sunshine Hace un año +4

      this comment is even funnier in the kim x chipotle collab context

    • Grim
      Grim Hace un año

      haters to lovers... to haters?

    • Millsy Kooksy
      Millsy Kooksy Hace un año


    • bookwrm xoxo
      bookwrm xoxo Hace un año +2

      @Minju Lee no one cares, Bethany

  • C.o.R (Lex)
    C.o.R (Lex) Hace un año +14605

    Trixie and Kim revealing their true identity: those two old ladies from Coraline

    • The Wii Neko
      The Wii Neko Hace 6 días

      LMFAO BYE😭😭💀💀

    • Eva Lillian
      Eva Lillian Hace un mes


    • Elerantula_
      Elerantula_ Hace un mes

      @Rayne B I thought they were sisters but maybe it was the Italian adaptation :')

    • t o r i
      t o r i Hace un mes

      I know I’m a year late but this comment!!!

    • 𝑀𝒶𝓇𝒾𝒶
      𝑀𝒶𝓇𝒾𝒶 Hace un mes


  • midnitehour1
    midnitehour1 Hace un año +8557

    *Trixie is given dozens of Korean treats and dishes to eat*
    Also Trixie: the MILK was lovely!

    • Jimin’s Eyebrows
      Jimin’s Eyebrows Hace 5 meses +1

      @Aron Faßelt I’m upset I was the first like and it’s a month later. 😭 I immediately thought of JK. 🤣

    • Shaula Garcia
      Shaula Garcia Hace 6 meses

      @BiologyChic Ain’t that the sad truth

    • BiologyChic
      BiologyChic Hace 6 meses +4

      You can take a girl out of Wisconsin, but you can’t take the Wisconsin out of the girl!

    • Shaula Garcia
      Shaula Garcia Hace 6 meses +1

      Like a true Wisconsinite

    • Aron Faßelt
      Aron Faßelt Hace 6 meses +1

      A Jungkook moment

    MYSTERIO MUSIC Hace un año +1482

    Trixie is a 1950's housewife and Kim Chi is the pillow she puts on the couch before visitors come over.

  • Not Meg
    Not Meg Hace un año +2512

    Trixie and Kim Chi are like the angry and happy versions of the same makeup. Like Trixie's is more angular and harsh, and Kim's is round and soft, but they have an extremely similar vibe

    • Danielle Wales
      Danielle Wales Hace 6 meses +58

      Truthfully I never noticed the similar shapes until today
      But they both do really graphic shapes and I totally see it

  • paintingwithpj
    paintingwithpj Hace un año +13562

    let it be known: i would watch yall drink different flavors of milk

  • Emilio Mattar
    Emilio Mattar Hace un año +4896

    This is like “american discovers vegetables are actually good”

    • Tara Newhole 🛹🦝
      Tara Newhole 🛹🦝 Hace 4 meses +1

      @Alice I mean. Maybe it's just (and I don't mean this in a rude way) but like uncultured and or white Americans who eat vegetables like that-

    • Johannes P
      Johannes P Hace 7 meses

      @ruefulfigure Sadly those people will all have SERIOUS health problems when they get to their 30s.

    • Alice
      Alice Hace 8 meses +9

      Why do we as Americans hate vegetables and why do we serve them in the most unappetizing way possible. I love vegetables in every other cuisine I’ve tried that wasn’t just strict American

    • a bathtub
      a bathtub Hace 8 meses +16

      plz when trixie said she is vegetarian and likes plain food I just imagined her eating unseasoned fried tofu and cheese curds.

    • ChrisTea
      ChrisTea Hace 9 meses +5

      @♡Antonio♡ it could be the basic Bs trying to be smart, you know how the basic ones love to chirp

  • Kris Rockwell
    Kris Rockwell Hace 5 meses +328

    Kim makes eating look so delicate. The way she handles the food, combined with that voluminous dress and the perfect hair, she looks like a princess.

  • Marko_B
    Marko_B Hace un año +1712

    It is UNHEALTHY how many times I've watched this video while eating my dinner

    • Maggie Karabel
      Maggie Karabel Hace 3 meses +8

      I’m not alone!!!! I’m not into mukbangs usually but two beautiful, hilarious, smart women who are close friends eating together and sharing culture is a different experience.

    • E S
      E S Hace 4 meses +3

      this and the chipotle one!!!

    • L.J.
      L.J. Hace 5 meses +5

      AHHHH I'm eating dinner now too!

    • Heather Turner
      Heather Turner Hace 7 meses +2

      Same lol

    • Maria Lindell
      Maria Lindell Hace 8 meses

      444L, 5th C

  • Pedro Camacho
    Pedro Camacho Hace un año +4484

    “It’s called spice. It’s called flavor.” lmao I’m dead 😂

    • D Z
      D Z Hace un año +63

      Asia is a huge continent, very diverse, politically heterogeneous, but that is one sentence I feel like the whole continent can rally behind.
      EDIT: TWO sentences

  • seulgisz
    seulgisz Hace un año +12139

    can we just take a moment to appreciate how stunning kim looks??

    • Nautica💖💕
      Nautica💖💕 Hace 2 meses

      She kinda looks like Steven universe mom

    • Pink T Rex
      Pink T Rex Hace 2 meses

      She looks so cute eating and laughing. Really entertaining duo.

    • Primo Alefosio
      Primo Alefosio Hace un año +1

      @Jes and you do? Nice try.

    • The Chocolate Glasses
      The Chocolate Glasses Hace un año

      I’ve learned so much about Korean food! Love it, and Kim Chi is working that pink!

    • edro51188
      edro51188 Hace un año

      @froggytoes it's her new teeth! 😁

  • Estefany Chang
    Estefany Chang Hace 11 meses +237

    After re-watching this episode a lot of times, i've realized that Kim Chi's eye-makeup (the cut creases) are both making the shape of a heart, and i just LIVE FOR IT.

  • Priori Fern
    Priori Fern Hace 2 meses +12

    Listen. When i'm depressed i don't eat for days, sometimes weeks. But watching two friends in wigs chilling and eating wearing my favourite colours makes me want to try Tteokbokki sooo bad. This is weirdly lighthearted and i appreciate that

  • weston schroder
    weston schroder Hace un año +660

    I’m obsessed with kim chi’s whole look I can’t get over the dress, hair, EVERYTHING

  • Ollie Olson
    Ollie Olson Hace 3 meses +96

    Kim: “Is it too spicy?”
    Trixie: “A little bit…”
    Kim: *💅✨munch✨💅*

  • lonnacusmax
    lonnacusmax Hace un año +389

    I am so amazed by the amount of times Trixie took a sip of the banana milk and it doesn’t run out 😂

  • Giphri SutCanKill
    Giphri SutCanKill Hace 9 meses +6

    Kim: Ooo these are nice plates
    Also Kim: *grabs plates aggressively*

  • William Putt
    William Putt Hace 9 meses +7

    Girl Kimchi looks so stunning in this video

  • J s
    J s Hace 5 meses +11

    one year later and we still haven’t seen a flavored milk mukbang

  • Raymond Thai
    Raymond Thai Hace un año +3347

    Trixie: **trying not to gag and throw up**
    Meanwhile Kimchi: **laughing maniacally**

    • OtterSpace
      OtterSpace Hace 4 meses +1

      Next they should make Trixie eat natto

    • Allen Craighead
      Allen Craighead Hace un año +7

      I felt so bad for Trixie, I know that had to smell and taste like nato and I can't believe she tried it. I couldn't have done it.

    • love, jia
      love, jia Hace un año +1

      makeupaddict003 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Dalsemien
      Dalsemien Hace un año +9

      They should show this to Rupaul, he hates seeing other people eat.

    • makeupaddict003
      makeupaddict003 Hace un año +29

      I love when she laughed it sounded like a tickle me Elmo

  • Lee Yeonmin
    Lee Yeonmin Hace un mes +18

    *Trixie saying "tteokbokki" is so adorable help 🤧🤧*

  • Makayla
    Makayla Hace un año +176

    The way Kim Chi was eating those noodles was SO SATISFYING 😂

  • Sotiris Christou
    Sotiris Christou Hace un año +307

    Kimchi : "More for me I guess...🤷🏻‍♀️"
    *Trixie overhearing that and bursts in laughter*
    *Kimchi surprised she heard*
    priceless 😂

  • Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander Hace 7 meses +24

    Kim Chi: *introduces Trixie to delicious Korean flavours*
    Trixie: *the milk and plain rice are her favourites*

  • Brock davis
    Brock davis Hace 6 meses +66

    Trixie blowing on cold noodles never fails to make me laugh 😂

  • TangledFlower
    TangledFlower Hace 9 meses +37

    when you pulled out the fermented bean soup. i was like oh that's going to be gold either way! (fermented anything is very polarizing people either LOVE it or HATE it. there is no in-between)
    I cackled with Kim lol. 😂

    • gazepskotzs
      gazepskotzs Hace 6 días +1

      Lol, so true!, here in the Netherlands we have fermented herring and i almost never heard of anyone but the Dutch liking it.

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown Hace un año +85

    I am crying laughing at her deer joke and immediately spitting out Kim’s favorite dish! Yes please do milk, I would watch you guys eat leaves from the yard and live for it

  • Fireball Flamingo
    Fireball Flamingo Hace 5 meses +60

    Kim chi delicately going HAM on that food while trixie is off camera gives me life

  • A. R.B.M
    A. R.B.M Hace un año +4692

    Can we just talk about how there's literally 0 competition between these two drag queens and brand owners. They genuinely support each other and I understand they were friends before their makeup brands but's just so beautiful.

    • Chloe Ciolli
      Chloe Ciolli Hace un año +2

      Like some friendships end over competition and brands but they just support each other and grow. It’s so heartwarming

    • James Fluker
      James Fluker Hace un año +6

      @Corrine I don't know ha 😌

    • Corrine
      Corrine Hace un año +9

      @James Fluker Jeffree Star can't relate

    • S
      S Hace un año +5

      They have me wanting to BUY EVERYTHING THEYRE SELLIN

    • treebles
      treebles Hace un año +4

      true sistahs! 💗

  • Cherry
    Cherry Hace 10 meses +10

    The way Kimchi let her have the egg.. I am not that generous

  • Omega Astra
    Omega Astra Hace 8 meses +3

    Trixie, the next dish you should try is 물냉면 (mulr nangmyeon) a cold noodle dish served in the summer. The noodles are a buckwheat noodle, it comes with a boiled egg, cucumber and carrot stripes, some Asian pear slices, a cold broth with some ice in it, and a pair of kitchen scissors you use to cut the noodles in four. You add vinegar and a sort of mustard along with it, though I don't know if it's in the states.

  • r
    r Hace un año +62

    the parents packing kimbap for picnics for their kids is actually so wholesome and cute

  • ava
    ava Hace 8 meses +28

    Trixie: A lunch gangbang?!
    Kim chi: jangbang
    Trixie: *oh*
    Gets me *EVERY. TIME.*

  • Sarah Kin
    Sarah Kin Hace un año +5613

    I’m in love with this video because it looks like a middle aged 50’s housewife trying to participate in her adopted daughter’s culture

    • Emily Ash
      Emily Ash Hace un mes

      That’s such a cute way of putting it

    • Nah Im good
      Nah Im good Hace 3 meses

      Wait this is so cute haha

    • Dannie tie Dye
      Dannie tie Dye Hace un año +1

      Omg you’re so right

    • Sarah Kin
      Sarah Kin Hace un año +11

      @Cali Cuneo I love you for validating me

    • Cali Cuneo
      Cali Cuneo Hace un año +26


  • Jhin
    Jhin Hace un año +297

    My God Kim Chi's makeup is so good in this one

  • Chelynne Hines
    Chelynne Hines Hace un año +146

    I love Kim's laugh when Trixie ate the fermented bean stew. Like she knew trix would of hated it.

  • Kelly M
    Kelly M Hace un año +64

    I am so late to this video but I would love to see Trixie and Kim eat Wisconsin fair foods 😂

  • Caitlin m
    Caitlin m Hace un año +7

    Trixie trying to pronounce Korean and Kim just saying the word over and over and trixie still not getting it. I love them

  • Alexander Johnson
    Alexander Johnson Hace un año +8403

    My sleep paralysis demon is just Kim sitting at the end of my bed in this look, eating fermented bean stew and cackling.

    • Kool Moe D.
      Kool Moe D. Hace 3 meses +2

      I’ve literally been laughing at this for 10 mins

    • Nah Im good
      Nah Im good Hace 5 meses +2

      17:08 btw :)

    • Jessica Huang
      Jessica Huang Hace 7 meses +1

      It was going so well, up till that point😂

    • Maria
      Maria Hace 7 meses +3

      Comment of the year. I come back to re read it every few months.

    • NMT 12
      NMT 12 Hace un año +1

      @Andres nazarith is everything

  • Ybaby
    Ybaby Hace 6 días +2

    I love how respectful and open trixie is on trying traditional foods, okayyyy queen ❤️‍🔥

  • Stop feeding The birds
    Stop feeding The birds Hace un año +35

    I love this video so much, love the support from Trixie by trying the foods even if it isn’t what she’s used to. I feel like Asian cuisine gets a bad rep and people are afraid to try it but this is so warming and cute❤️ Kimchi and Trixie also look fabulous as always too

  • Kiara Lewis
    Kiara Lewis Hace un mes +6

    I want to protect Kim chi at all cost she is so precious and wholesome

  • Kenneth Huh
    Kenneth Huh Hace un año +72


  • Nora
    Nora Hace 3 meses +5

    The best part about diverse friends is getting to try food from different places with guidance !!

  • sabieDxMx
    sabieDxMx Hace 4 meses +4

    Kim: i got us vegetarian food.
    Proceeds to almost feed trixie octopus 😆
    And i didnt expect trixie to eat eggs 😆

    • Edward Hisse
      Edward Hisse Hace 4 meses +2

      Vegetarians that eat dairy and eggs are so rare now, it's either avoid breathing in direction of animal products or nothing.

  • Molly Fraser
    Molly Fraser Hace 4 meses +7

    trixie blowing on the cold noodles is so funny to me for no reason

  • Kitty Bat
    Kitty Bat Hace un año +14

    it's been 10 months and i still want them to try different milk flavours :(

  • lovely
    lovely Hace un año +6229

    It looks like a white lady from the 60’s and a Korean lady from the future who are best friends, time travel together but decided to take a little break and eat

    • D Ann
      D Ann Hace un año


    • Kittymeg
      Kittymeg Hace un año

      please write a book :’)

    • Jhin
      Jhin Hace un año

      This is bizarrely accurate

    • joanna._.
      joanna._. Hace un año +1


    • Isabelle Cassar
      Isabelle Cassar Hace un año +2

      This is such a cute fucking point, light up my life @The incredible Dweeb

  • Juno
    Juno Hace un año +58

    15:11 Trixie watching Kim eat so approvingly is my aesthetic

  • Sara glittermepink
    Sara glittermepink Hace 8 meses +3

    I seriously love Kimchi’s eye makeup in this video

  • Dally
    Dally Hace 4 meses +11

    Trixie: “Im not gonna spit it out”
    Trixie, literally not even 5 seconds later: *spits it out* 😂

  • Kathleen McKay
    Kathleen McKay Hace 4 meses +9

    I’ve watched this video multiple times over and over again throughout the year. It’s like a comfort video whenever I have a bad day I watch this. I LOVE YALL!!!!

  • Sarah Akiyama
    Sarah Akiyama Hace un año +1383

    I could listen to Kim’s laugh literally forever.

  • Chris
    Chris Hace 5 meses +8

    Lol I love how Kim is just laughing ,like taking it with humor, when Trixie doesn‘t like something 😂 jus laughing at your friend‘s unpleasant moment, I relate. 😂

    • Megan Ledford
      Megan Ledford Hace 5 meses

      I love it too! And Trixie telling Kim she would IMMEDIATELY monetize a video she died in! 😂

  • Loryn Taylor
    Loryn Taylor Hace un mes +4

    i’ve always been interested in eating Korean food that isn’t the Korean bbq! thank you for educating me and def will look for restaurants and recipes! 💖💖

  • fernandAaAaAa
    fernandAaAaAa Hace un año +19

    i love how trixie is dying with the spicy food while kimchi is just 🥱🥱

  • Freya A gata
    Freya A gata Hace un mes +1

    Como brasileira posso afirmar a gente come mais em casa mesmo kkkkkkkkk café da manhã? Em casa. Almoço? Em casa. Janta ? Em casa. A gente sai pra comer lanches em geral e comidas diferentes

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu Hace un año +1477

    Kim rocking back and forth, eating and laughing is the sleep paralysis demon at the foot of my bed.

    • caen
      caen Hace un año +3

      NOOOO!!!!! I will not stand this Kim Chiu slander!!! Lol

    • Johan Degerman
      Johan Degerman Hace un año

      Hahahaha! YES! SLAY! 😆👻😱

    • Ethan AhMu
      Ethan AhMu Hace un año +4

      Honestly that sounds like my Guardian Angel lol

    • mpdg11
      mpdg11 Hace un año +4


    • Ana Nabi
      Ana Nabi Hace un año +1


  • Vitamaria DeDivitiis
    Vitamaria DeDivitiis Hace 7 meses +8

    Kim’s laugh 17:14 … absolutely adorable 🥰 lol

  • SeaSkies
    SeaSkies Hace 6 meses +7

    This is my comfort video. I watched it when it came out. I keep coming back and just watching it again and again. We need more trixie and Kim just eating food

  • Natalie
    Natalie Hace 6 meses +3

    they should do a mukbang and eat 1950's housewife foods like meat jello pie

  • Kittymittens 14
    Kittymittens 14 Hace un año +10

    I love how much Trixie’s look is dependent on each individual piece. Like as soon as her lower lash was off I went ‘HUH?’

  • BurlyQ Tease
    BurlyQ Tease Hace un año +1631

    "Trixie and KimChi 's Mukbangs" needs to be a serie.... I think the world needs it.

  • Ty Adams
    Ty Adams Hace 2 meses +3

    I wanna try Korean food with Kim Chi!!!! So much of this looked super yummy and I've never tried any of it!!

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez Hace un año +9

    Oh my gosh! All of this made me so hungry! I love Korean food! Anytime I’m anywhere near a Ktown or as close to it as possible, I gorge myself. Lol.
    I’m not of fan of that banana milk though. It tastes a little synthetic to me, but it does indeed help with spice if needed.
    Loved this video!

  • Summer Wiglesworth
    Summer Wiglesworth Hace 5 meses +3

    Kim chi looks absolutely stunning btw, same for trixi, trixi’s look is giving Martha Stewart, and Kim chi’s look is giving Steven Universe’s mom 🤧✊

  • Summer VDV
    Summer VDV Hace 8 meses +4

    These two women really showed they own their own makeup lines in this. Smudge? We don’t know her.

  • Fridaythe13th
    Fridaythe13th Hace un año +5671

    Kim Chi still being upset about Chipotle is everything

    • Judson Putnii
      Judson Putnii Hace un año +17

      I'm upset

    • Lauren Moore
      Lauren Moore Hace un año +20

      I would be salty too!!

    • Fridaythe13th
      Fridaythe13th Hace un año +88

      @Tay absolutely not, i would be upset for years 😂😂

    • Tay
      Tay Hace un año +68

      Do you blame her 😂

  • MDN
    MDN Hace 3 meses +3

    I haven't eaten dinner and here i am starving while watching two gorgeous queens eat their hearts out, i'm a masochist at this point

  • xnataliex
    xnataliex Hace 9 meses +11

    S/O to Kim for introducing us to tteokbokki. I got it from my local Korean restaurant and it's my new favorite food.😭🥺

  • M K
    M K Hace un año +7

    I love how white Trixie uncultured, brand new, very basic. Her reactions to different foods is funny.

  • Laurajayne Nolan
    Laurajayne Nolan Hace 6 meses +2

    I feel like Asian food has way more actually delicious vegetarian and vegan options than western food. (Coming from a mixed Thai girl living in Ireland 😂)

  • Hazel Made
    Hazel Made Hace un año +1269

    Trixie: it smells so intense
    Kimchi: it's called spice. It's called flavour~

  • Gene_Dragneel
    Gene_Dragneel Hace 2 meses +1

    I’m absolutely OBSESSED with Kim Chi’s look in this video, very whimsical and elegant 💖

  • Anna Coben
    Anna Coben Hace 20 días +1

    Kim should just make a Mukbang channel where she eats in her fabulous drag. I’d love to hear her recommendations!

  • GrymmLine _
    GrymmLine _ Hace 8 meses +1

    I think it's so interesting how our upbringing can impact our enjoyment of different foods. Usually when considering this I think about dishes prepared using meal worms or other insects that objectively are very nutritious and flavorful, but depending on where you grew up you may just be incapable of enjoying it. You also see it with goat head, fish head, and like in this video fermentation.

  • Morgan Cloutier
    Morgan Cloutier Hace 3 meses +4

    Kim chi’s laugh brightens my entire week. I love these two so much!

  • Emma Dickinson
    Emma Dickinson Hace un año +5545

    Kim eating noodles and maintaining a perfect lip is my hero.

    • Zytavis Parks
      Zytavis Parks Hace un año +1

      I said this same thing !

    • Sushi The Cockatiel
      Sushi The Cockatiel Hace un año +1

      I have no idea how she dies it

    • jeezreadabook
      jeezreadabook Hace un año +5

      Agreed such an icon. My lipstick would be gone LOL

    • Joshua Bechtel
      Joshua Bechtel Hace un año +13

      Yes, I found that equally impressive. Kim Chi looks so beautiful in this bubblegum fantasy!

    • faith avery
      faith avery Hace un año +11

      i read lisp and i was like well no shit 😂😂😂

  • rosa destina
    rosa destina Hace 8 meses +4

    The way trixie nervously looks into the side camera every time she’s about to eat something is so funny 😭😭😭

  • Amy W
    Amy W Hace un año +1

    Kim cracking up as Trixie was suffering was golden

  • Joakim Dahl
    Joakim Dahl Hace 2 meses +1

    I've probably seen this video a hundred times. Pretty much my favorite video on the internet. Can we get another Korean mukbang? :D

  • mickey
    mickey Hace 8 meses +7

    this is my comfort video. i swear i've watched it at least 20 times now

  • MisterLooKass
    MisterLooKass Hace un año +7533

    This is such a good advert for their lipsticks, they didn't even budge

    • Allyse Madyson
      Allyse Madyson  Hace un año


    • Popeye
      Popeye Hace un año +5

      Wow, so true. Great catch. I sensed it when Kim kept dabbing with a napkin but couldn't QUITE articulate it until I saw your comment. Kudos.

    • sans
      sans Hace un año +21

      i mean, as a drag queen myself, your lipstick moves and rubs off a LOT when you lip sync. they probably made their lipsticks with that in mind.

    • Michelle James
      Michelle James Hace un año +5

      @Eva Puhlmann sorry I was mistaken, I looked and it was the glosses that I had liked better but I have the bauble lipstick and I like it also but just wear a gloss over it if it gets dry. I do that with a lot of other companies products too so I forget to even mention it. But it's a lot more long wearing than other places for the price IMO . Everyone just likes different things tho.

    • Moonlight Shadow
      Moonlight Shadow Hace un año +40

      @Dor bruh don't buy a bad product again, just contact the support and they'll refund you...

  • Ruka
    Ruka Hace un año +71

    imagine you wake up at 3am to go get a glass of cold water, you go to the kitchen, you open the fridge, and you hear this from the living room.

  • Dutch Guy
    Dutch Guy Hace un año +78

    Here's an idea. How about you and Kim just eat diner together every day and film it and put it on youtube. Yeah great idea.

  • Jamie Holton
    Jamie Holton Hace 7 meses +3

    I loved this! Love Trixie trying foods she's never had before

  • howtobeacoffeemaker
    howtobeacoffeemaker Hace 5 meses +3

    i keep coming back to this video every few months i dont know why it has such a hold
    On me

  • Han x
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