Kiki with Kim Chi

  • Publicado el 1 mar 2020
  • Kiki with Kim Chi about doing drag for 10+ years, the old days, and Kim Chi Chic Beauty
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Comentarios • 3 612

  • Billy G
    Billy G Hace 2 años +23340

    Kim Chi being visibly, physically, emotionally, and psychologically upset about not receiving pr from Chipotle is forever a mood

    • Cassissippi
      Cassissippi Hace 7 meses +1

      racially motivated

    • Heidi Lacy
      Heidi Lacy Hace 8 meses

      I really felt for Kim. She was shaking and everything.

    • judith ann
      judith ann Hace un año

      @Jordan YES

    • Brii Cosgalla
      Brii Cosgalla Hace un año +2

      Kim Chi on the verge of an anxiety attack because of Chipotle's lack of emotional responsability.

    • MIL Dungca
      MIL Dungca Hace un año +4

      Cut to them in 2021 doing a sponsored ELF x Chipotle makeover, we love to see growth

  • Emerson Santiago Ayala Mendoza
    Emerson Santiago Ayala Mendoza Hace 2 años +9093

    Just two girl wearing makeup in a god-honoring way...

    • RD
      RD Hace 2 meses +2

      You know you're too deep into the DragQueen-Lore if you know what this reference is me

    • Ava Cado
      Ava Cado Hace 2 meses +2

      Two biological women at that

    • luke fischer
      luke fischer Hace 9 meses +4

      if this has taught me anything trixie and kimchi do close to the same makeup in this vid but trixie does makeup for kimchi sized face and kimchi paints a trixie faced sized makeup lmaoo

    • Sanner
      Sanner Hace un año +5

      I just screamed.

  • Jazzzzz
    Jazzzzz Hace 2 años +8983

    I choked on water when Kim put down her mirror and said “I lost my way”

  • cflowermakeup
    cflowermakeup Hace 2 años +1870

    Your videos are legit the only ones I don’t skip any parts of no matter how long they are 🥰💛

    • Katie Carlson
      Katie Carlson Hace un año

      Same! Love them!

    • gerard sullivan
      gerard sullivan Hace un año +4

      I could listen to Trixie read a physics textbook and her relationship with Kim is very sweet and fun, old watch Trixie with Edward Hanson, really fun too

    • Heather B
      Heather B Hace un año +1


  • Tanita
    Tanita Hace 2 años +2022

    Trixie: *covering kim with compliment, love, glitter, sunshine etc*
    Kim chi: "should I make the nose crooked??"

  • Edd VCR
    Edd VCR Hace 2 años +14033

    Kim and Trixie *need* to release beauty masks with their iconic makeup printed on them. Imagine how fun that would be!

  • WaggyDogTail
    WaggyDogTail Hace 2 años +3261

    Trixie: holds up *3 inch lash* “IS THIS YOUR LASH???!!”
    Kim: “I don’t wear big lashes”
    Girl those lashes would break my eyelids

  • Jordan Guay
    Jordan Guay Hace 2 años +1198

    Fun fact: Trixie doesn't do the bird laugh until the wig is on.

  • Tr00mtr00m
    Tr00mtr00m Hace 2 años +1212

    Finally a nice easy simple look that I can wear to school everyday

  • Ella T
    Ella T Hace un año +1192

    You can really notice that Trixie is a true Harry Potter stan by the quotes she uses when talking about Voldemort. It's never just like "Avada kedavra", but instead she says more unknown quotes like "stay close to me Nagini", and that is truly iconic.

    • Leslie Alfaro
      Leslie Alfaro Hace 11 meses +2

      OR she knows one reference cause I’ve never heard her say anything else from the books or movies haha

    • A. J.
      A. J. Hace un año +13

      @Tarue Akusawa No that was clearly Trixie lol....

    • Tarue Akusawa
      Tarue Akusawa Hace un año +1

      Kim actually said the nagini thing. :-D

    • Butterflysnme2
      Butterflysnme2 Hace un año +3

      Ella T and this is why I Love her!

    • Nathan Literoy
      Nathan Literoy Hace un año +45

      I think she mentioned several times that she likes books very much

  • vibecheck
    vibecheck Hace 2 años +516

    im so proud of kim chi she literally became what she wanted - asian american representation ;~;

    • l_lai
      l_lai Hace un año +5

      What about her,what about Jujube 😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Mucker
    Elizabeth Mucker Hace un año +322

    I just love how frequently they look at each other and say “is this right?!”

    • Elizabeth Mucker
      Elizabeth Mucker Hace 11 meses +1

      @roxy picasso love you! Same to you!

    • roxy picasso
      roxy picasso Hace 11 meses +1

      i came down here to comment this LOL
      memento mori, my friend :)

  • Terri Crowe
    Terri Crowe Hace un año +70

    Totally just bought the KimChi mirror. I totally love the concept of a mirror being a lit hand held since I’m slowly losing my eyesight. I can’t wait to use it. Thanks Ladies!

  • Smug Boogiepop
    Smug Boogiepop Hace 2 años +147

    In one tutorial, I remember Trixie said her makeup is amazing for round faces because you kind of carve the shapes back into your face. Kimchi is living proof of that. STUNNING.

  • Peter Andrew
    Peter Andrew Hace 2 años +419

    "I don't have to bottom if there's Chipotle involved."
    Never related to a Queen more than then. 👑👸😂

    • F Frai
      F Frai Hace 2 años

      what does that mean...

  • littleitaly
    littleitaly Hace 2 años +384

    “For the fun loving gals, watermelon and strawberry” is the purest thing I’ve ever heard

  • Amanda Bourke
    Amanda Bourke Hace 2 años +81

    After that mini freak out, Chipotle HAS to send Kim Chi a PR pack! That was hysterical, watching Kim get so bent over Trixie receiving a free bee from Chipotle!😂😂😂

  • zzzq829
    zzzq829 Hace 2 años +158

    the way kim chi did this flawlessly and trixie didn’t even try 😭😭😭

  • my_wig_is_on_fire
    my_wig_is_on_fire Hace 2 años +8846

    Trixie just looks like trixie but taken down a tiny notch and Kim looks like trixie x100. I am living for

    • Juno
      Juno Hace un año

      @Nicu 💀💀

    • Anna Banana
      Anna Banana Hace 2 años

      @my_wig_is_on_fire it is Trixie Mattel and not Tracy Martel... It really is not that hard

    • H Sc
      H Sc Hace 2 años

      I was also thinking that

  • Gabi bby
    Gabi bby Hace un año +25

    I love how at 1:18 they’re laughing back at the days when they couldn’t even afford an Uber home, now they can afford a private jet if they wanted to 💅🏽 so proud of how far these two queens have come

  • Jessica Rose Thomas
    Jessica Rose Thomas Hace 2 años +64

    I literally bought Kim’s mirror because of this video it was sold out for months and I was on the text message text chain to let you know when it came back in stock as soon as I got the text I clicked on it and ordered right away it looks so cute in my bathroom on my vanity with all of my skin care products And honey you will see every pore on your face I can promise you that it’s literally the best mirror I have ever had make sure to get four AA batteries

  • Brandi Munguia
    Brandi Munguia Hace 2 años +309

    Trixie: “You have a really good face for makeup”.
    Is that like telling someone they have a great face for radio?

    • Saint-Izawa 伊澤😈
      Saint-Izawa 伊澤😈 Hace un año +4

      Nah Trixie always says some ppls faces cant handle a lot of make up and it looks crazy so she saying her faces has great features to carry make up, hence why Kimchi said Thanks

    • Theo Dore
      Theo Dore Hace un año +13

      @Daiquiri L I felt seen, plucked, and GAGGED by this comment

    • Daiquiri L
      Daiquiri L Hace 2 años +35

      Lol I'd take it as a compliment. Like for example I have hoodes eyelids so they're not good for makeup, they would be if they were more normal tho :(

  • jessica likes lychee green tea

    5:05 got me really sad. Kim Chi I love u and you're so beautiful

    • ac1d..g4ts_
      ac1d..g4ts_ Hace un año +2

      I love how Kim’s talking about representation and Trixies like hm,, hmm.. and asks about the makeup😹

  • Lili B
    Lili B Hace 2 años +12187

    This is just trixie and kim being confused at doing slightly altered versions of their own makeup

    • ThePC360
      ThePC360 Hace 9 meses +1

      and I love it.

    • Dee Dee
      Dee Dee Hace 2 años +2

      Lili B OMG

    • Tan Desmond
      Tan Desmond Hace 2 años +54

      Kimchi looks like Trixie but Trixie still looks like herself. lol.

    • Maria Conway
      Maria Conway Hace 2 años +10

      Yea their makeup is similar

    • ✿ Mar ✿
      ✿ Mar ✿ Hace 2 años +19

      Their looks are pretty similar anyways

  • Taylor Cloutier
    Taylor Cloutier Hace 2 años +3

    Kim chi is so sweet, and so is trixie it’s just nice watching people that are actually kind I will 100 percent start buying all my makeup from you guys and encourage others to do so. Those prices girl? Y’all are awesome hope to meet you one day.

  • Jaydee Haze
    Jaydee Haze Hace 2 años +47

    KimChi's laugh fills my heart with glitter and sparkles.

  • Collin Meehan
    Collin Meehan Hace 2 años +171

    My favorite part is when Kim draws the contour down to her mouth and has that immediate regret in her eyes and scrambles to fix it...

  • Ava Bedaque
    Ava Bedaque Hace 2 años +163

    Without the wig/clothes, Trixie's makeup just makes her look like Thorgy Thor

    • Juno
      Juno Hace un año +3

      Oh my god it does

  • milly fiore
    milly fiore Hace 2 años +5988

    kim fully having a meltdown over not getting free chipotle is a mood lmao

    • Paul Something
      Paul Something Hace 2 años +4

      It was actually quite adorable how genuine it was. Felt bad for laughing so hard lol.

    • Gino Santos
      Gino Santos Hace 2 años +4

      totally felt the devastation

    • Jason Powderly
      Jason Powderly Hace 2 años +7

      Trixie (as RuPaul): Kim Chi, your milkshake didn't bring ALL the boys to the yard.
      Kim: I am sharting, right now...but it's no Chipotle!!!!

    • Adeline Ong
      Adeline Ong Hace 2 años +11

      Is there a way to tag Chipotle and have them do a collab with both queens?

    • Lizzy C
      Lizzy C Hace 2 años +11

      That was the best part of the whole video

  • Emily LeMoine
    Emily LeMoine Hace 2 años +80

    I feel like trixie is the most real rich person. like she flexs but its always from a place of "i worked so hard look at my shit" and never malicious

  • Ryan Bronco
    Ryan Bronco Hace un año +7

    Kim: opens up and speaks so beautifully about sharing how proud she is to represent her Asian culture
    Trixie: “totally...”

  • MsSierraAlexis
    MsSierraAlexis Hace 2 años +15

    I feel like Kim is such a shy and quiet queen, I LOVE seeing how well her and Trixie bounce off of eachother 💕

  • Seattle Kiwi
    Seattle Kiwi Hace un año +10

    Kim does Trixie’s makeup so cleanly. Her lines are perfect. I love watching.

  • Yokai Pie
    Yokai Pie Hace 2 años +8611

    Kim chi really questioned her life when she realized she didn't get a Chipotle PR

    • LadyRavencide13
      LadyRavencide13 Hace 2 años +50

      Poor Kim. Her reaction was funny tho🤣

    • Shialaubeef
      Shialaubeef Hace 2 años +263

      She was genuinely so hurt that I almost felt bad laughing

  • Sephicious
    Sephicious Hace 2 años +42

    Trixie after completely devastating Kim: "Well shall we put some wigs on?"
    Kim: "I... yeah..."

    • Aldo Lazuardy
      Aldo Lazuardy Hace 2 años +3

      we can really hear her soul leaving her body

  • Cthulhu
    Cthulhu Hace un año +17

    “And for the fun-loving gals theres like watermelon and blueberry” thats the cutest shit ive ever heard ❤️

  • EmilyToots
    EmilyToots Hace 2 años +9

    0:40 you know Trixie really loves you. THAT GENTLE STROKE.

  • Blue
    Blue Hace un año +15

    This video is actually so cute I know they joke a lot but I love their friendship both of them seem like they'd be so fun to hang out with

  • Punch Buttfacey
    Punch Buttfacey Hace 2 años +9577

    Kim: *totally opening up about the importance of asian representation and what being asian and gay means to her*
    Trixie: "totally."

    • Michelle Kennedy
      Michelle Kennedy Hace un año +2

      @J. J. to be fair, this a very generalized statement to make from a few interactions, but also since Mexico is literally our neighboring country, I think Americans generally think they know a lot about Mexico and the culture. Whether they do or not is up in the air. But with Russia being a very private country, I can understand the curiosity there.

    • 💊Star-Gutz💊
      💊Star-Gutz💊 Hace un año +5

      @Alaina Bland you probably say "not all men" when people bring up bad men. You seem like that person 😒

    • Buzz Novo
      Buzz Novo Hace un año +3

      But then Trixie could be like "my grandma has ptsd from war" and Kim would just be like *yup*

    • Alaina Bland
      Alaina Bland Hace un año +3

      @J. J. shame on you. Maybe the people you’ve met are like this but don’t you dare go putting a label on “all Americans” the same way you’re blaming ALL of American citizens. These two have been friends for years and probably have had those deep conversations off camera because of the people with the same goal as you to make a scene.

    • blgdoesthings
      blgdoesthings Hace 2 años

      @S3SProductions because nobody asked

  • Kemi Faye
    Kemi Faye Hace 2 años +19

    I love how Kim Chi is pouring out her heart to Trixie about having Asian representation in drag and Trixie responds, Totally!? 😂

  • Mark Wohlers
    Mark Wohlers Hace 2 años +8

    Kim is so sweet. Hearing her talk about the importance of representation is heartwarming. For me at least. Trixie didn't seem too interested...

  • SnuffBby
    SnuffBby Hace 2 años +45

    15:14 kim holds trixie in complete disbelief, like “girl I better hold on to you before I fall AS WE SPEAK”

  • Louise Woodward
    Louise Woodward Hace 2 años +34

    I mean... Trixie doesn’t look any different. Kim looks amazing.

  • Daniela B
    Daniela B Hace 2 años +7382

    Kim Chi: asks if she should paint her nose on crooked.
    Trixie: gets offended
    Trixie also: paints her nose crooked

    • Ronnie Rich
      Ronnie Rich Hace 2 años


    • Muffin
      Muffin Hace 2 años +5

      I mean, I fricking love Trixie but I know for a fact it's possible to contour a nose so it looks straighter.

    • please get off of my account Thomas
      please get off of my account Thomas Hace 2 años

      LatinaKamilla hi

    • Patrick Batemans Waifu
      Patrick Batemans Waifu Hace 2 años +1

      I dont think it was on purpose lol like no shade

    • Meghan Taylor
      Meghan Taylor Hace 2 años +20

      Clio Alexandra nah her brother hit her and broke her nose and she never got it fixed

  • TheFreakyFangirl
    TheFreakyFangirl Hace un año +7

    I'm gonna watch this every Sunday for my church look. Thank you soooo much for this God honoring tutorial I really needed! (:

  • MallBRATgirl_300
    MallBRATgirl_300 Hace 2 años +47

    Aw I love how Kim did Trixie's makeup how Trixie used to do it like three years ago.

  • •††Forwardspider54††•

    You queens look wonderful in each others makeup ❤

  • Sarah Glick
    Sarah Glick Hace 2 años +670

    Did Kimchi just say “less is more” in the presence of Trixie Mattel? 10:33

    • Mathis Meyer
      Mathis Meyer Hace un año +1

      @Gonçalo Cordeiro lmao so true

    • Gonçalo Cordeiro
      Gonçalo Cordeiro Hace un año +10

      This whole video is just an elaborate read on Trixie

  • Jo A
    Jo A Hace 2 años +5891

    Kim Chi: Getting deeply personal about identity and representation growing up.
    Trixie: "Totally"

    • Ahmet Oguz
      Ahmet Oguz Hace 2 años

      Ben Vo rr

    • Ahmet Oguz
      Ahmet Oguz Hace 2 años

      Waffle_Boo cd

    • David
      David Hace 2 años +5

      Why is it giving me Jeffree star vibes when he was like “uh huh” not even paying attention while James Charles was talking lmao

    • Kayla Coursey
      Kayla Coursey Hace 2 años

      I was half waiting for Trixie to just go "... party."

    • 🤍Millie_Gilroy🤍
      🤍Millie_Gilroy🤍 Hace 2 años +6

      M M “you lady boy? You lady boy???”

  • Robot209
    Robot209 Hace 2 años +2

    I could watch Kim Chi interact with anyone all day! She brings out the funny in all the Queens

  • Molly
    Molly Hace 2 años +305

    "Stay close to me Nagini" SENTTTTT ME.

  • Juno
    Juno Hace un año +2

    What’s nice about seeing Trixie out of drag is that I get to appreciate his micro expressions you literally cannot see under all the usual makeup 😂
    Actually saying this now I literally never realized that painted on brows don’t move to emote like regular brows do 😭

  • Steven Campbell
    Steven Campbell Hace un año +2

    This is literally like hanging out with your friends while they roast the absolute fuck out of each other

  • Zack Vaughan
    Zack Vaughan Hace 2 años +19

    I love how they are constantly stopping and checking their makeup asking if they are doing it right all while looking like clowns in the process 😂😂

  • Don Bosco Than
    Don Bosco Than Hace un año +2

    This friendship is so wholesome and authentic it fills my serotonin to the brim

  • Gracelyn Fetzer
    Gracelyn Fetzer Hace 8 meses +2

    Never thought I’d hear a drag queen say “less is more” 😂

  • Dev
    Dev Hace 2 años +21

    Trixie saying “stay close to me Nagini” was something I needed to hear today

  • ceremon1als
    ceremon1als Hace 2 años +3012

    "I love the delusion that you live in that you think you look like a woman."

  • prettyfarfromOK
    prettyfarfromOK Hace un año +4

    I love these two!! need more videos with this duet. Kim Chi is hilarious, her laugh is contaigious

  • BobbieMariee
    BobbieMariee Hace 2 años +6

    Kimchi’s makeup line is amazing! Especially for the price. I can’t wait to try Trixie’s 😍

  • M1ngi1
    M1ngi1 Hace 2 años +11

    Okay but kimchi’s lisp is literally so fucking cute 😭💗💗

  • Chasity Renne
    Chasity Renne Hace 2 años +21

    Trixie: I love how everyone thinks you’re the nicest person in the world.
    kim: literally nobody thinks that.
    me: I think that!

  • Lord Weebus
    Lord Weebus Hace 2 años +2284

    Kim Chi’s breakdown over Chipotle is genuinely heartbreaking.

    • LuciFern
      LuciFern Hace 6 meses

      It's making me sad😭😭😭

    • Djembe Davidson
      Djembe Davidson Hace un año +13

      @xdajlo82 yes they sent Kim a gift card and swag, its on Kim's instagram!! so funny!! I love Kim❤

    • Alaska Carrillo
      Alaska Carrillo Hace 2 años +7

      Seriously so mad at chipotle bc of kim chi's reaction. She was so terribly hurt :'(

    • xdajlo82
      xdajlo82 Hace 2 años +27

      I wonder if Chipotle ever sent Kim a PR

  • Marie Lineman
    Marie Lineman Hace 2 años +91

    I think the real question is in Chipotle ever gave Kim a gift card...

    • Virginia M
      Virginia M Hace un año +3

      She did get it, for a year

    • Jose Abarzua
      Jose Abarzua Hace un año +13

      they reached out to her... and then they DIDN'T

  • iris f
    iris f Hace un año +4

    trixie laughing the same way while clapping her hands on repeat is my favorite thing

  • Charlee Wrzosek
    Charlee Wrzosek Hace un año +2

    I CANT STOP SEEING IT🤦🏻‍♀️ 8:54 Kim radiates “guy from glow up who stares into camera” energy🤣🤣

  • Daniela Navarro
    Daniela Navarro Hace un año

    Kim: does exactly Trixie's makeup from memory
    Trixie: does her own makeup yet again lmao

  • Krystal Duncan
    Krystal Duncan Hace 2 años +2

    Hearing you all laugh together is my favorite thing about this video 🤣

  • Gabi M
    Gabi M Hace 8 meses

    I'm at my first infusion appointment for my chronic illness and I was so nervous I almost passed out. I started watching your videos for comfort and it's honestly helped so much. Thank you for everything you do, Trixie!! 🥰

  • Juniorverse
    Juniorverse Hace 2 años +52

    I love how these two think they are doing each others makeup looks when in reality they both do pretty much the same exact looks, just different colors.

  • smolplantss
    smolplantss Hace 2 años +1

    Take a shot every time Trixie licks her brush🤣 like a teacher licking the test pages love you girl LMAO

  • Jessica Diflavio
    Jessica Diflavio Hace 2 meses

    Love how Kim was getting deep about being proud of showing Korean drag and Trixie was like totally

  • katiecoollady
    katiecoollady Hace un día

    Trixie and Kimchi have the most infectious, iconic laughs

  • Allison Ellis
    Allison Ellis Hace un año

    Watching them struggle bus with each other's looks so hard makes me feel better about myself lol

  • Martín Shieppa
    Martín Shieppa Hace 2 años +2

    I don't know when I stopped thinking Trixie's makeup was crazy and started seeing it for how beautiful it is, I love it so much

  • Robyn Brown
    Robyn Brown Hace 2 años +1723

    The look of sadness on Kim’s face when she thought that trixie didn’t like her makeup
    ....I can’t

    • M I Luxor
      M I Luxor Hace 2 años +12

      My heart is still breaking at the Chipotle treason... My queen robbed twice 😭😭😭😭

  • faithopedestiny
    faithopedestiny Hace 2 años +4

    I love how they have laugh attacks in the beginning!! So genuine and fun!! I want to hear more stories.. lol.. love you both!!

  • Rebekah
    Rebekah Hace un año

    I’ve watched this video so many times.
    I love Kim Chi’s makeup. I have quite a few items and enjoy them all

  • J PZ
    J PZ Hace un año

    Two of my fav Queens...such a beautiful heart on Kim and a such a beutiful and dark heart on you guys...really do. The Catrina look mid way was too funny.

  • Florida
    Florida Hace 10 meses +1

    Tricia is proof hard work pays off. And Kim is proof natural talent exists

  • Malvina
    Malvina Hace 2 años +2764

    Trixie: “If I die i want Kim Chi to do my funeral makeup because shes amazing”. Also Trixie: “If Kim Chi dies i will expose her phone and no one will want to come to her funeral.”

    • MikelosM
      MikelosM Hace 2 años +7


    • kina
      kina Hace 2 años +12

      alexandra campbell I love trixie so much for this

  • kuroos big toe
    kuroos big toe Hace un año +2

    I want a friendship like this

  • Nom De Plume🏴‍☠️
    Nom De Plume🏴‍☠️ Hace 2 años +1

    Also, why havent i loved Kim before this? !?! Ive never seen so much of her personality and i adore it!!!

  • judith ann
    judith ann Hace un año

    I love Kim's liner! Butterfly vibes. Gorgeous, girl.

  • Bernardino Lemus
    Bernardino Lemus Hace un año

    Love love love you Kimchi! You know how to keep it real! 🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️🥰💜💜💜💜💜

  • antonio snyder
    antonio snyder Hace 2 años +1662

    Kim chi: looks like Trixie
    Trixie: looks like Tracy with blue eyeshadow

    • TrekAdam30
      TrekAdam30 Hace 2 años +69

      Trixie looks like what Tracy Martel would look like, if Tracy was a real person.

  • TheCrystalTide
    TheCrystalTide Hace 8 meses

    12:51 Kim: pouring her heart out about representation and growing up 🥺
    Tracy: uh huh... totally..

  • Vicious Gladiator Disperse

    These gals are hilarious. Amazing chemistry, clearly educated, and best of all... Natural.

  • maid-en -America
    maid-en -America Hace 2 años

    I'm taking time out of my day to watch this....and I'm proud of it😊

  • Lorenjmr
    Lorenjmr Hace un año

    Kim’s eye shape got lost in all that liner and lash and yet she still MADE IT WORK! ❤️ Also y’all are giving me Tammy Faye Baker and Dolly Parton vibes. 😆

  • Darls Barkly
    Darls Barkly Hace 2 años +2

    This was amazing, I haven’t laughed so hard in awhile 🥰😂

  • neta jones
    neta jones Hace 2 años +2

    Trixie telling Kim that she "went full John Wayne Gacy" had me spitting my coffee out laughing 😂 these 2 NEED a show together, they are so funny and so dang shady.....I live for it. ;)

  • K. Rose
    K. Rose Hace un año

    I knew next to nothing about drag a couple days ago, and I don't know why ESclips gave me Trixie Mattel but I'm so happy it did. You too Kim, I love you too. From one Kim to another 💙

  • verukasalt
    verukasalt Hace 7 meses

    Kim chi’s makeup skills are truly artistic. Natural talent - and so funny in a deadpan way.

  • Daniel Lawson
    Daniel Lawson Hace 2 años +4578

    “btw, sending a bottom burritos for pride month? do ur homework, that’s all I’m saying” - Tracey Martel 2020

    • E Presley
      E Presley Hace 2 años

      Daniel Lawson 🤣🤣🤣

    • Germán Rivas
      Germán Rivas Hace 2 años

      tops appreciate it...

    • Miss Juiceboxx
      Miss Juiceboxx Hace 2 años

      Horrifying and hilarious

    • Tomás Alberto Chang Pico
      Tomás Alberto Chang Pico Hace 2 años +11

      "I don't want to bottom if there is Chipotle involved" - Kim Chi 2020

    • a piedra
      a piedra Hace 2 años +3

      Taren-Layne Warfield omg im currently shitting myself bc i had chipotle before work

  • aLittleBitClassy
    aLittleBitClassy Hace un año

    I love to come back here once in a while, mostly to watch Kims horrorfied reaction to "Did you get a pridemonth thing from Chipotle?"

  • zeddnl
    zeddnl Hace un año +1

    Trixie to Kim : Nothing but love and respect
    Trixie to Katya: *Read.Ya.To.Filth*

  • 777 Jolie
    777 Jolie Hace 6 meses

    Wait Kim Chi is SO adorable!!! And the laugh just lights my heart 💕🥺

  • Caitlin Powell
    Caitlin Powell Hace 2 años +1

    This whole video is just Kim and Trixie roasting the crap out of each other 🤣
    Gimme more, Britney.

  • Amber Cucu
    Amber Cucu Hace 2 años +2438

    Kim: spilling her guts about asian drag
    Trixie: totally...

    • Amber Cucu
      Amber Cucu Hace 2 años


    • pass the boof
      pass the boof Hace 2 años +7

      Hydrangeabed wait but I thought Trixie was Native American? It’s not exactly Asian but I don’t think she’s fully white lol

    • alice liardet
      alice liardet Hace 2 años +26

      haha maybe trixie told kim chi to just talk to the camera for a bit while she tried to catch up with her makeup because kim had basically finished at that point

    • Bri D
      Bri D Hace 2 años

      No im not Your nan exact same lol