Kiki with Katya! Red Scare Collection Reveal

  • Publicado el 27 sep 2020
  • IncREDible news-the Red Scare collection is launching on October 2nd so Katya came by to get in drag and live her QVC fantasy!
    Shop the full collection this Fri, Oct 2 at 10AM Pacific only at! Save $ and get a free gift of Katya-inspired temporary tattoos when you make it a bundle, Barbara!
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Comentarios • 7 255

  • Ty Keyu
    Ty Keyu Hace 2 años +4157

    Normally I would be irritated by another celeb trying to do a quick cash grab - selling a product they have no interest in. But I’m sorry Katya’s lack of knowledge on her own collaboration is just hilarious.

    • deviltrigger
      deviltrigger Hace un mes +2

      It totally gives "dad being as surprised by your christmas gift as you are even though it says 'from mom and dad' on the card" energy xD

    • Meowt
      Meowt Hace 5 meses

      Its so on brand for her

    • Spork'N'Spoons
      Spork'N'Spoons Hace 5 meses

      Who asked

    • Taryn Varley-Twyman
      Taryn Varley-Twyman Hace 5 meses +1

      "did you say you have a gloss?"

    • Limmie Dee
      Limmie Dee Hace 7 meses +5

      that's for the entertainment value, dear

  • eloise f
    eloise f Hace un año +7055

    The fact that both of their names is Brian still enters my mind daily

    • Byakuya Togami
      Byakuya Togami Hace 2 días

      Imagine a remake of Heathers but it's Brians (Rock can be there too her real name is Bryan)

    • cecil le
      cecil le Hace 2 meses

      Pat and Val suddenly rear their
      5 decades long con

    • roxy picasso
      roxy picasso Hace un año +60

      it’s just the fact that brian has to be the straightest name ever that sends me

    • Mama Polar Bear🐻‍❄️
      Mama Polar Bear🐻‍❄️ Hace un año +2

      My dads name is brian too 😂

    • KT
      KT Hace un año +72

      @Erin Rockhill True. She’s made enough jokes referring to herself as white/her white side (mostly class jokes) for it to make sense for people to get confused, but she isn’t fully white and references the Indigenous side pretty often too.

  • MarMar Manuel
    MarMar Manuel Hace un año +8744

    I love Katya doing the same hand joke repeatedly and Trixie laughing like it’s new each time

    • Hotboxbitch
      Hotboxbitch Hace 2 meses

      Time stamp please?

    • -bear-
      -bear- Hace 5 meses +1

      @Liz Nolan goldfish brain lmao

    • Shai
      Shai Hace 5 meses +1

      And Trixie repeating “ur little HEADDD!” To make Katya laugh

    • Liz Nolan
      Liz Nolan Hace 6 meses +4


    • Charlotte Fox
      Charlotte Fox Hace un año +13

      i honestly can’t tell if she’s doing it on purpose to make a joke

  • gemlikestardust
    gemlikestardust Hace un año +4689

    it's incredible how as soon as she puts on the red lip its like.. BAM! KATYA!

    • olivia
      olivia Hace un año +150

      for trixie it’s when you can’t see her actual eye anymore

    • Juno
      Juno Hace un año +258

      And for Trixie it’s when she puts on the eyelashes

    • bubble sky tower
      bubble sky tower Hace un año +311

      before the lip it was a brian mccook with a red eye

  • emily
    emily Hace un año +3543

    I know they said they would never do each other’s makeup but I really just want to see the shapes of Trixie’s makeup on Katya’s head😂

    • Víctor G.
      Víctor G. Hace un año +1

      @wet sock full of hot meat NURSE!!!!☠☠☠☠

    • ok
      ok Hace un año +8

      @wet sock full of hot meat

    • Franco Sansotro
      Franco Sansotro Hace un año +1

      @Scarlett628 omg im diying its awfull

  • A.Rodriguez
    A.Rodriguez Hace 2 años +6641

    Katya repeatedly, consistently, steadfastly and diligently showing us the product close ups:
    YAS girl give us NOThiNG

  • Alex Gatto
    Alex Gatto Hace un año +1388

    The fact that a terrifying recovering meth addict/Voldemort impersonator can transform into a gorgeous biological woman in just 2-3 short hours keeps me awake at night. Also the fact that Trixie's wearing a Katya shirt and Katya's wearing a Julia Roberts one says something truly profound. No clue what it is, but it's there mama.

    • Tas Fisika
      Tas Fisika Hace 6 meses +1

      @Claire Audient feel you

    • Claire Audient
      Claire Audient Hace 10 meses +37

      @Alex Gatto the amount of times I have scrolled down to comment on a video only to see that I’ve commented that very thing before… it’s like I’m haunting myself.

    • Slowtown.Http
      Slowtown.Http Hace 11 meses +59

      The fact that you came back to comment IS SENDING ME. because me. I can watch the same videos from these 2 once a week and it still feels new.

    • Alex Gatto
      Alex Gatto Hace un año +113

      Not me rewatching this and thinking EXACTLY all of the same things. I am just like these parrot whores telling each other the same 6 stories over and over again until the heat death of the universe.

  • Sierra Krueger
    Sierra Krueger Hace un año +1843

    I love Trixie explaining how her and Katya just aren’t that close while wearing a shirt with katyas face on it😂😂😂

    • Ra
      Ra Hace un mes +1

      Love that shirt!!!

    • Suzy
      Suzy Hace 7 meses +3

      @Xavier Aguinaldo I want it too!!! I stan

    • Xavier Aguinaldo
      Xavier Aguinaldo Hace 10 meses +12

      Does anyone know where I can find that shirt? It’s so cute!

  • Simulated Rain
    Simulated Rain Hace un año +1761

    i love that katya just randomly quotes latin

  • CS
    CS Hace un año +1170

    “i dont clean my brushes”
    “[in a russian accent] ars longa, vita breva”
    has me DEAD

    • Aimee Grober
      Aimee Grober Hace 6 meses +59

      It means "skillfullness tatkes time, and life is short"
      Or, directly, "art is long, life is short"
      And that makes it even better

  • Aj Romero
    Aj Romero Hace un año +13061

    Seeing Trixie and Katya out of drag is like when you've only ever seen your dad with a beard/mustache and then he suddenly shaves it off.

    • Ace23 Spades
      Ace23 Spades Hace 10 días

      Omg that's spot on🤣 when my dad shaved his mustache off I screamed like I saw a monster.

    • T M
      T M Hace 4 meses

      Or he takes off his baseball cap

    • salome
      salome Hace 6 meses +1

      BAHA FR

    • Nobody xx
      Nobody xx Hace un año +1


    • Kyla G
      Kyla G Hace un año +4

      @Millie Haazen there’s a bunch of funny videos where dads will shave their faces and their babies don’t recognize them and cry

  • sophie langlands
    sophie langlands Hace un año +1080

    Katya’s CHEEKBONES holyyyy-

    • ShGSU
      ShGSU Hace 7 meses +8

      Could cut sheets of metal!

    • Illyarna Jones
      Illyarna Jones Hace un año +31

      I want them soooo bad

  • Ginny G
    Ginny G Hace un año +444

    I love that Trixie's Trixie personality comes out way more when she puts the lashes on.

  • No Need
    No Need Hace un año +134

    Katya wasn't kidding when she said, "I do my makeup and [it looks fine], but then I put on the wig and it's like 'oh! woman!'"

  • Fabiano FKB80
    Fabiano FKB80 Hace un año +247

    Katya and Trixie are really a match made in Heaven. They go from insightful to goofy to just plain weird in a matter of seconds. Whatever they do together is priceless!

  • Sarah True
    Sarah True Hace un año +451

    alternate title: trixie and katya talking about how much they love spending time apart for 14 minutes

  • Sara
    Sara Hace un año +318

    Katya is that character in the show we rarely see but when we do, she appears like she just murdered fifty people and is wearing a floor length gown and is just absolutely stunning. Like Trixie’s rich and snobby mother who runs a spy organisation or something or other.

  • Coraline Moth
    Coraline Moth Hace un año +317

    Katya's eyes when she's out of drag though are so INTENSE. I love it.

  • Ola K
    Ola K Hace un año +285

    ok but am I the only one that wonders HOW tf did they put TURTLENECKS on without touching their MAKEUPS?? is this some drag queens' secret and we'll never know?

    • Slowtown.Http
      Slowtown.Http Hace un año +22

      I do it all the time and still don't understand how I don't mess my makeup up. It's truly is a mystery. sometimes theirs a bit of makeup on the inside but... the face looks flawless!

    • Ola K
      Ola K Hace un año +4

      @No Need u saw here any?

    • No Need
      No Need Hace un año +14 mean zippers?

  • Ivy
    Ivy Hace 2 años +20424

    Sometimes I forget that Trixie and Katya out of drag are just two eggs.

    • Gloria
      Gloria Hace 8 meses

      Oh such peace it would be to be two eggs named Brian

    • magpie
      magpie Hace 8 meses

      two eggs named brian

    • jp deocampo
      jp deocampo Hace 10 meses

      @Jan Jurečka I love u for this 😭😭

    • Eleni M.
      Eleni M. Hace 10 meses +1

      HI EGG

    • Mino QT
      Mino QT Hace 10 meses

      yes, mine.

  • Dazyet
    Dazyet Hace 2 meses +9

    LOL Katya full on taking what Trixie said to heart “do the ESclipsr thing and block the product with your hand” 😂

  • Josi
    Josi Hace un año +218

    I'm a 65-year-old straight woman and I didn't know I needed to watch this. BUT I DID.

  • IlluminOnion
    IlluminOnion Hace un año +86

    It’s so unfair how hot they are both in and out of drag

  • • Alice Rose •
    • Alice Rose • Hace un año +31

    Katya is the only person that can tell the same joke in the space of 5 minutes, multiple times, and it still work.

  • gaymer
    gaymer Hace 2 años +23929

    just two biological christian women doing their makeup in god honoring way

    • Reik von Wittelsbach
      Reik von Wittelsbach Hace 8 meses

      Yeah. No braids

    • that's that
      that's that Hace un año

      @Júlia Castro then don't. No ones asked you to do that but there might be someone without an enormous ego who might be willing to say a few things

    • Júlia Castro
      Júlia Castro Hace un año +2

      @that's that It isn’t LGBT people’s job to be straight people’s teachers, specially one that didn’t ask for it. I can’t stand the whole let’s hold hands and have a conversation with ignorant people theory. If they don’t get it, they can Google it or ask. If they don’t do any of those, and choose to say whatever they think, I don’t own them any patience or time. Lol

    • tris
      tris Hace un año


    • veronica
      veronica Hace un año

      @19 X what are you talking about? those are two biological women.

  • Shai
    Shai Hace 2 meses +6

    Definitely one of my favorite Trixie and Katya moments ever.

  • Vimari ♡
    Vimari ♡ Hace un año +31

    The fact that it goes, Brian² to Trixie and Kayta always astonishes me

  • Amber Furcoe!
    Amber Furcoe! Hace un año +79

    Katya actually keeping her promise from the Netflix channel and using, “DINGDONG!!”

  • Jae
    Jae Hace 9 meses +7

    do not ask me why but this is inexplicably one of my comfort videos, i come back to this all the time help

  • Ruby Askin
    Ruby Askin Hace un año +10044

    katya not knowing her own makeup line has a gloss is the most on brand thing she’s ever done

    • Stephen Sanchez
      Stephen Sanchez Hace 11 meses +11

      maybe theyre just doing a bit for us, like in other commercials

    • i’m sad lol
      i’m sad lol Hace un año +21

      @Goose Goose everyone’s referring to 10:54 when she asked if there was a gloss

    • Goose Goose
      Goose Goose Hace un año +214

      I’ve seen a lot of comments about this but I don’t think she is actually surprised about that I think she’s just reacting to trixie saying “Gloth”. Also the gloss is from trixies line, Katya wasn’t involved in its production.

  • True
    True Hace un año +58

    Katya making the same joke and making Trixie laugh every time is iconic in itself

  • croctologist
    croctologist Hace un año +47

    9:22 is the begging of perhaps the funniest moment of them together

  • Samuel
    Samuel Hace un año +57

    Trixie being able to say “look at this imperfect nose that I hate” and then immediately say that she doesn’t need a nose job is the reason why I don’t connect her to the drag world at all. She’s too healthy with herself to ever be part of a toxic world (even though that world is kinda fun)

  • Phoebe Jones
    Phoebe Jones Hace un año +93

    5:48 I stg Katya’s soul left her body as she stopped laughing 😂

  • Kathrin Wolf
    Kathrin Wolf Hace 2 años +4962

    Trixie: wears a Katya shirt
    Katya: wears a Julia Roberts shirt
    Get a friend who is as supportive as Trixie. Or just be Julia Roberts.

  • Olive
    Olive Hace 11 meses +40

    Katya’s reaction to Trixie saying “gloth” really takes me out

  • HotEmoToaster
    HotEmoToaster Hace un año +18

    I just realized that Trixie's eye makeup looks like a butterfly

  • Melanie Elliott
    Melanie Elliott Hace un año +5

    No , no to the nose job Trixie,you are a natural beauty!

  • Isabel Tib
    Isabel Tib Hace un año +41

    I want you to know that i say this with every fiber of my being... I NEED more video's of you guys getting ready together, like ASAP.

  • Nicole Harter
    Nicole Harter Hace 2 años +2604

    This video was three hours too short and these women are making me smile.

    • IDS
      IDS Hace 6 meses +1


  • Sheridan DeGraffenreid
    Sheridan DeGraffenreid Hace un año +3

    Trixie asking Katya about being a boy scout so Katya would ask her back, but Katya doesn't is priceless

  • Don Bosco Than
    Don Bosco Than Hace un año +64

    Katya's/Brian's eyes are so pretty

  • Aurora Hemingway
    Aurora Hemingway Hace un año +26

    Ive watched so many of Trixie's videos with other people and she never seems as happy and so herself as she does when she is with Katya!

  • Steven Brooks
    Steven Brooks Hace 7 meses +5

    Watching Katya go far zero makeup to full drag is so magical. Like, there's literally a point where he becomes a different person....well, Katya lol. It's just crazy.

  • Elles Belles
    Elles Belles Hace un año +12195

    I love that this was a "collab" and katya is completely unaware of the products. We stan

    • Andre S.
      Andre S. Hace 7 meses +9

      trixie and katya forget key details about each other's lives frequently and proceed to tell each other the same stories over and over again so i would honestly be surprised if she actually knew

    • Megan Pobst
      Megan Pobst Hace 7 meses

      @Nathan Literoy m

    • Megan Pobst
      Megan Pobst Hace 7 meses

      @Nathan Literoy m

    • Júlia Castro
      Júlia Castro Hace un año +16

      Ik this is late but she’s just making fun of Trixie cuz she messed up and mispronounced gloss in a weird way, she’s not shocked about the gloss 😂

    • GarbageTM
      GarbageTM Hace un año +60

      I mean it takes over a year to curate products so she could have picked everything in development then ✨completely forget about her choices✨

  • Jamie Nicole
    Jamie Nicole Hace un año +282

    “Oh yeah DING DONG”
    I love them 😂😂😂

  • Junebug
    Junebug Hace un año +28

    They just have so much fun together and it makes me love life

  • Adeline H S Lim
    Adeline H S Lim Hace un año +38

    i have been in a serious depressive episode for almost 2 years and you two made me laugh for the first time since then. love y'all. ♥

    ᏰᏒᎥᏖᏖ Hace un año +38

    10:27 This reaction had me howling!

  • Madison Ablin
    Madison Ablin Hace 2 años +4039

    me when Katya held the products behind her hand just like Trixie already told us that she would 👁 👄 👁

  • Rayne Curtsinger
    Rayne Curtsinger Hace un año +13

    drinking game: every time either of them say “deep rich color” and every time katya covers the makeup she’s using you take a shot

    • SelinaCat
      SelinaCat Hace 13 días

      No thanks, I don't like alcohol poisoning. 🤣

  • Hotdogdaddy
    Hotdogdaddy Hace un año +8

    Katya blocking all the products with her hand on purpose is such a mood

  • Colleen Helminiak
    Colleen Helminiak Hace 5 meses +2

    Ah, Katya, you and Trixie are a breath of fresh air after a long winter's hibernation - love ya, gurls, keep on doing what you do best! 💖🥂🎆

  • Gabriela Salazar
    Gabriela Salazar Hace un año +8

    Katya's blend is SO PERFECT I'm so jealous

  • betp
    betp Hace un año +21

    katya: * belches * sorry
    trixie: girl on girl

  • kirby boii
    kirby boii Hace un año +13

    Completely in love with the fact that trixie is wearing a t-shirt with katya's face on it

  • Anon Dabs
    Anon Dabs Hace un año +32

    I’m so glad my two favorite people are bestfriends.

  • Castiel Novak
    Castiel Novak Hace 9 meses +3

    I was too broke when this came out to get anything and now that I have enough to buy this it’s gone… I’m like so sad.

  • Axchiie
    Axchiie Hace 2 años +11614

    The image of Katya bald with her make-up half done outside smoking makes me hysterical...

    • Jolie Messingee
      Jolie Messingee Hace 5 meses +1

      omg this made me smile thank you

    • Jared H
      Jared H Hace 8 meses +5

      @Don K My ex bf had me move to Lowell with him and said it was a nice place 😭 I walked a different direction then him and he said “not that way there’s gangs” lmaooo, I’m a boy from the woods mamaaa

    • lia
      lia Hace un año +3

      @Alex Michaels as someone from Lowell YES and I am absolutely shook that I opened this comment thread and ppl are talking about Lowell

    • Danny The Friendly Cactus
      Danny The Friendly Cactus Hace un año


    • Teddybear AF
      Teddybear AF Hace un año +11

      Me but Im drink a monster energy with one combat boot on one eye has my eyeliner done the other it’s cried off my lashes falling my hoodie stained with face paint my jeans covered in mud my lipstick smudge

  • Chris
    Chris Hace un año +6

    Katya's transformation is astounding.

  • Emily Whittle
    Emily Whittle Hace un año +3

    Seriously this is the best Red Lipstick I own. Normally I like a blue undertone in my red lipsticks. But this one is a “True” fire engine red. Also the tattoos the lipstick, gloss, and glitter came with are so cool. Perfect for a Katya cosplay

  • Donna Litchfield
    Donna Litchfield Hace un año +4

    I love how Katya laughs with Trixie and together they are so funny.

  • Kelly Black
    Kelly Black Hace un año +5

    They make each other light up and it's everything.

  • Rose Whilliby
    Rose Whilliby Hace un año +7523

    I love how Katya just basically does her makeup like a real girl

    • SparkSparkle
      SparkSparkle Hace un mes

      She is a real girl

    • anna bruh
      anna bruh Hace 2 meses

      @w0rthl3ss no it was just funny

    • w0rthl3ss
      w0rthl3ss Hace 2 meses

      @anna bruh I'm sure they didn't mean anything transphobic literally chill💀

    • anna bruh
      anna bruh Hace 11 meses +1


    • VynDelia Gates
      VynDelia Gates Hace 11 meses +4

      @linzy c Yep. 100% real woman & she's working that axe wound out~

  • Felipe Gomez
    Felipe Gomez Hace un año +7

    Trixie out of drag is sooo beautiful. 100% My type.

  • misterlister
    misterlister Hace un año +4

    I have not, until this day, realised just how much it is not the eyes that make the drag, but the lips... valuable lessons

  • Samantha Green
    Samantha Green Hace un año +3

    I love love love Katya. Such a brilliant wit. Such a talented person. Definitely one of my favourite drag queens

  • Donna Litchfield
    Donna Litchfield Hace un año +5

    I love you two so much. Your laughs are the best and so contagious!

  • Ratapus
    Ratapus Hace 2 años +1582

    *These females are honestly keeping me alive during this pandemic*

  • allison.bway
    allison.bway Hace 8 meses +3

    0:44 Trixie hasn't even finished the joke and Katya's already game to laugh. I love them.

  • ¡Juno Maguire!
    ¡Juno Maguire! Hace un año +3

    i’m blown away by these prices, not NEARLY as bad as i thought it would be, especially considering the line itself. she’s really helping us turn tricks for cheap. love that

  • Vitoria Alvarez
    Vitoria Alvarez Hace un año +8

    i wish they had more videos out of drag, the vibe is totally different (in a good way!)

  • jackyinwondrland
    jackyinwondrland Hace 2 meses +3

    “I think it’s nice to do something nice for Daisy’s last day” I SCREAMEDDDDD 😂😂😂 I love that movie so much

  • Réi
    Réi Hace 2 años +5077

    Trixie Cosmetics should make “Krisis Krontol” as a setting mist for their next collab 😂

    • Dallas Baker
      Dallas Baker Hace 5 meses


    • lemqnshark
      lemqnshark Hace 7 meses

      they can't because of the drag race contract

    • HellbentonScent
      HellbentonScent Hace 8 meses

      DUH....million dollar idea

    • James Fluker
      James Fluker Hace 8 meses +1

      The IP is owned by World of Wonder cause Katya came up with it on Drag Race 👀

    • Woah Mona
      Woah Mona Hace 9 meses


  • kim army
    kim army Hace un año +3

    trixie without lashes and wig but in full eye makeup looks like a fire nation version of kyoshi warriors

  • Julie
    Julie Hace un año +11

    Them spelling beetles like the 'Beatles' the whole time is pure gold.

  • ZanraiKid
    ZanraiKid Hace un año +4

    As a pianist, I’m kind of obsessed with Katya’s fingers? She has full spider crab yaoi hands fantasy going on.

  • jiff Jefferson
    jiff Jefferson Hace un año +8

    Me being a film major I was dying when Katya said “soft sticks!😃” then proceeded to slam the slate in Trixie’s face

  • Rat
    Rat Hace 2 años +6092

    This is the stages of them transforming into drag queens
    1. Frat boy
    3.trixie mattel
    1.the reason why you run up the stairs after turning off the lights

  • K ZM
    K ZM Hace un año +5

    Anyone else taken aback how NATURALLY HANDSOME they are????!?!??

    • arturocas90
      arturocas90 Hace 10 días

      Katya out of drag and when he grows his beard he is very handsome!!!!

  • Bridget ODonnell
    Bridget ODonnell Hace un año +132

    I’ve watched this video an embarrassing amount of times

  • Grace Savides
    Grace Savides Hace 10 meses +3

    I really love both of these looks. Gorgeous.

  • Phoebe Jones
    Phoebe Jones Hace un año +9

    Love how this is the first time that Katya is seeing this collection 😂

  • Dude Man19
    Dude Man19 Hace 2 años +1141

    Trixies shirt has the Judgement card, and Katya is the Angel of Judgement.

    • sharkitty
      sharkitty Hace 2 años

      I wish the shirt actually said Judgement. Cool take on the Tower card as the "other woman."

    • Dude Man19
      Dude Man19 Hace 2 años

      @Stine Albrechtsen i kno i aint mad, it's just a technicality is all

    • Stine Albrechtsen
      Stine Albrechtsen Hace 2 años

      @Dude Man19 Indeed. But the T-shirt is called The Woman, that's all I ment by it.

    • Denise Dutton
      Denise Dutton Hace 2 años

      @S. Stellium at welovekatya dot com. It's perfect! ❤️

    • Abby Frie
      Abby Frie Hace 2 años


  • superficialwannabe
    superficialwannabe Hace un año +11

    I love how Trixie just throws in some random Girl Interrupted line lol A Polly throwback and Katya is just mesmerised by the lunacy

  • Makenzie A
    Makenzie A Hace un año +3

    Does anyone know if this collection will ever get restocked I’m devastated I missed it 😩

  • Kamila
    Kamila Hace un año +2

    Trixie I'd rly love if you used urucum as a red dye. It's a type of fruit, so it's vegan, very common here in Brazil, it's easy to find and the color is SOOOOOO strong

  • Ky
    Ky Hace un año +21

    Someone needs to do a compilation of all the times Trixie says "my nose is so crooked."😜

  • Alesha Lyon
    Alesha Lyon Hace 2 años +1109

    Katya not knowing she has a gloss in her OWN collection is SENDING MEEEEE

    • Nathan Literoy
      Nathan Literoy Hace un año +1

      @Alesha Lyon It's not "her" collection, she has only ever talked about and promoted the lipstick, the lipstick has premium price and Trixie has said that part of the proceeds of the lipstick goes to Katya, etc. Also "Pleather Daddy" has nothing to do with Russianness or Katya

    • Alanna O'Connor
      Alanna O'Connor Hace 2 años +8

      Or she's acting oblivious so that Trixie can introduce the products, almost like saying from the viewers perspective "Ooh, what's this new thing?" to be engaging

    • Jenna Hyser
      Jenna Hyser Hace 2 años +1

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    • J Secrest
      J Secrest Hace 2 años +6

      Well katya has done a lot of drugs in her life guys. I'm sure she participated in designing her collection. However it was probably over a year ago bc that's when they told us about it.

    • Alesha Lyon
      Alesha Lyon Hace 2 años +5

      @Jenna Hyser no the glitter and gloss are both part of her collection aswell

  • Bubbleateagirrl
    Bubbleateagirrl Hace un año +12

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    “It’s coming along....It’s coming along”

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  • Mekenna Madison
    Mekenna Madison Hace 2 años +2113

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    • Mekenna Madison
      Mekenna Madison Hace un año

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    • Orange Blossom
      Orange Blossom Hace 2 años +7

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      Tracey-Ann Scherptong Hace 2 años +14

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    • Kasey Hunter
      Kasey Hunter Hace 2 años +19

      That's how I felt!! Like she will always be a woman to me. Refuse to see it any other way.

    • Pam Everett
      Pam Everett Hace 2 años +9


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    Meldoesmakeup Hace un año +3

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    • Nathan Literoy
      Nathan Literoy Hace un año +2

      @Jason Petersen No, I think it's the other way round - they've both talked about lipstick a lot, so Katya has probably helped with it, which is why it has premium price. Then Trixie made a gloss based on this color and added red glitter to finish off the collection

    • Jason Petersen
      Jason Petersen Hace 2 años +3

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