Feeding Parakeets with Michelle Collins


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  • YellowFlower
    YellowFlower Hace un mes +1388

    "He'd be coming straight for this chin" 🥜😂 Trixie is iconic as always

  • sassy hulk
    sassy hulk Hace un mes +954

    When all else fails, blame the children

    • d610
      d610 Hace un mes +2

      I'm gonna writea letta

    • A. Kenneth
      A. Kenneth Hace un mes +3

      Welcome to our clubhouse. We have lots of pointy things and electrical sockets.

    • Wiki Woof
      Wiki Woof Hace un mes +3

      See people never understood that’s what they meant in the Simpson when they said, will somebody please think of the children! Little known fact 💯

    • BloofCloof
      BloofCloof Hace un mes +30

      That's my life's motto.

  • Um chile anyways so…
    Um chile anyways so… Hace un mes +449

    “Kinda heavy”
    I DIED!!!!💀🤣

  • LuvMagic77
    LuvMagic77 Hace un mes +372

    “I blame the children” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Exactly!

  • Squeedily Spooch
    Squeedily Spooch Hace un mes +463

    “They GENUINELY hate me”
    “…That’s hard.”

    ANTHØNY Hace 28 días +21

    child: *screams*
    Michelle: "you see, that's not gonna work for me"

  • BirdTricks
    BirdTricks Hace 3 días

    This is hilarious... I love this so much.

  • Kit M
    Kit M Hace un mes +69

    When London parakeets are more welcoming than the Ritz…
    Love this for you, our urban wildlife is such a great part of being in London. Just don’t try this with foxes 😀

    • Kit M
      Kit M Hace 17 días

      @nom3n nescio alright? Not sure what point you're making here but they're wild now and outside, so I'll go on calling them wildlife for ease.

  • Myr go
    Myr go Hace un mes +39

    I’m jealous of Michelle because she’s hanging out with Trixie. I’m jealous of Trixie because she’s hanging out with Michelle. I love them both!!!

    • Greg Xxo
      Greg Xxo Hace 23 días

      Instead if reading the title, I spent the whole time thinking "who is that woman, I know her!" 😄

  • Connor
    Connor Hace un mes +28

    i love michelle 🤣 if you’re reading this and don’t listen to her podcast, you should. its called Midnight Snack

  • Meitar Rubin
    Meitar Rubin Hace un mes +5

    So nice to see Trixie spending some time with her distant relatives☺️

  • Shawny Coffman
    Shawny Coffman Hace 28 días +3

    I LOVE Indian Ringnecks! You look so adorable with them. 😍😆

  • Aaditi
    Aaditi Hace un mes +22

    Why do I find Trixie's posture funny
    Everything you do is funny

  • RatRatRat
    RatRatRat Hace un mes +60

    I never knew a drag queen's ESclips shorts could be so wholesome

  • Bijou
    Bijou Hace un mes +1

    Michelle with that fixed smile on her face, hoping to convince the birds that she's a friendly person who only wants to give them treats. She really is lovely.

  • Lilah
    Lilah Hace un mes

    Michelle and Trixie!!

  • Karen Dyer
    Karen Dyer Hace un mes

    I'm such a huge Michelle Collins fan! Michelle and Trixie, what a combo!

  • dressbitch
    dressbitch Hace un mes +3

    This suddenly reminds me of what Trixie said to Brittany, "you look like one of the parakeets from the coal mine" 😂

  • Illenial Lisette
    Illenial Lisette Hace un mes +2

    Awe! They know an awesome human being when they see one! 💜❤

  • Deborah Beynon
    Deborah Beynon Hace un mes +1

    Trixie is so fun y. Straight for my chin. 😂

  • höměgîřł
    höměgîřł Hace un mes +19

    Birds are really fierce 💅🏼

  • SRC
    SRC Hace un mes

    Ill never forget when Michelle described seeing Anderson Cooper.
    "It was like seeing a beautiful steely blue eyed Alaskan husky walking towards you !"

  • SgtRainicorn
    SgtRainicorn Hace un mes +1

    omg please do Midnight Snack again. Trixie is the reason I’m now a weekly listener, Michelle and Dan are my everything

    • Louise Barrowman
      Louise Barrowman Hace un mes +1

      Who is she? Is she just a podcast host or is she involved in anything else?

  • Diananou
    Diananou Hace un mes

    Why have I NEVER thought of putting fruit on a railing though? Love it

  • Jac M-P
    Jac M-P Hace 7 días

    “I blame the children” I’ve never felt so seen 😂

  • retroyoobie
    retroyoobie Hace 22 días

    “i blame the children” truer words have never been said

  • Shannon
    Shannon Hace un mes +4

    Me trying to get my dogs to love me.

  • Rhonna Marsden
    Rhonna Marsden Hace 18 días

    there used to be a place on Oahu years ago called bird paradise park. its was a huge closed in space where different bird species could fly around. its was VERY cool. they had macaws, toucans and everything. sadly it closed quite awhile ago. i love birds.

  • thefeathered amigos
    thefeathered amigos Hace 12 días

    The one that Michelle says is cute could be a young Indian ringneck! They're adorable birds

  • Unapologetically Geeky

    The birds are so cute

  • jose gabriel ortiz rojas

    So sweet 💚

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega Hace 26 días

    This is so gosh darn CUTE

  • childrenofthecornbread
    childrenofthecornbread Hace un mes +1

    Not gonna lie, really enjoying the out of drag content as well

  • Kira C.
    Kira C. Hace un mes +1

    Love Michelle Collins so much!!$

  • Nicole Porter
    Nicole Porter Hace 24 días

    You are so freakishly beautimous and funny.. nothing is worthwhile without a lil bite to it!!💯💎

  • BSMAG87
    BSMAG87 Hace un mes

    I’ve lived in London all my life and still find the fact that you can do this weird

  • whaitwhatwhyamihere?
    whaitwhatwhyamihere? Hace 28 días

    "I blame the children" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Stephanie Lynnette
    Stephanie Lynnette Hace un mes +24

    Hope you’re enjoying Hyde Park!

  • Triggered
    Triggered Hace un mes

    Trixie is so cute 😍

  • Rosemary Cabanillas
    Rosemary Cabanillas Hace un mes

    Yay! So cute!

  • Loba Oceano
    Loba Oceano Hace un mes +3

    Okay...the entity that is Trixie is funny in all forms!

  • cutiepiemania45
    cutiepiemania45 Hace un mes +9

    Lol the way you're leaning your entire body away from the birds. I wouldn't even be able to do this though. Birds are scary 😂.

    • cutiepiemania45
      cutiepiemania45 Hace un mes +3

      @sassy hulk I mean she's a bird so makes sense 😂.

    • sassy hulk
      sassy hulk Hace un mes +6

      Trixie loves birds. They have hollow bones!

  • Stella
    Stella Hace un mes +1

    The hope in her eyes! 😅

  • Jamie G
    Jamie G Hace un mes

    "I blame the children" Lmaoooooo

  • Boston Reese
    Boston Reese Hace un mes

    “I blame the children” lmao

  • Solar Fields
    Solar Fields Hace un mes


  • Warren Vent
    Warren Vent Hace un mes +3

    Me when the house is a mess
    *...I blame the children..*

  • Dennis Cruz
    Dennis Cruz Hace un mes

    😂😂😂😂 “I’m not moving at all”

  • Ambah is Gaming
    Ambah is Gaming Hace un mes

    Always the children's fault! 😆

  • sara chavez
    sara chavez Hace un mes

    I’m with Michelle, I blame the children, for what? Idk but it’s always their fault

  • lostwitchu
    lostwitchu Hace un mes

    Her voice is very soothing!

  • MissTea
    MissTea Hace un mes +8

    Who came here thinking that it would be the Michelle Collins from Eastenders?

    • MissTea
      MissTea Hace un mes

      @Dan B apparently not.

    • Hayley
      Hayley Hace un mes +1


    • TheDivine MrM
      TheDivine MrM Hace un mes +3

      Any other platform and I'd be posting an Ian Beale gif....

  • C C
    C C Hace un mes

    I was expecting Eastenders Michelle Collins since you’re in the UK 😆

  • christie francis
    christie francis Hace 16 días

    I love MichColl 😅

  • Bowie Da Bunny
    Bowie Da Bunny Hace 8 días

    Trixie needs a bird.

  • MSK
    MSK Hace 9 días

    Finally bird noise meets birds

  • New York Kitty!
    New York Kitty! Hace un mes

    Epic content

  • Emiliano Mara
    Emiliano Mara Hace un mes

    We love you trix

  • Nic Bellanger
    Nic Bellanger Hace 22 días

    Where is this? I wanna go!

  • Granny M
    Granny M Hace un mes

    When in doubt, Always blame the Children!

  • ppo190
    ppo190 Hace 26 días

    This is an artistic vision of a video.

  • Bailey
    Bailey Hace un mes +2

    i thought this said misha collins and i got so excited

  • Tyr Sharr
    Tyr Sharr Hace un mes +1

    "I blame the children"

  • cloudie :D
    cloudie :D Hace un mes

    Oh to be a little parakeet that eats the snacks out of Trixie Mattels hand.

  • Martin Larrea
    Martin Larrea Hace un mes +1

    The power of an Iconic drag queen are you the new supreme 😍

  • Zoinks
    Zoinks Hace 24 días

    You’re just like mom

  • Nicole Mahan
    Nicole Mahan Hace 20 días

    Her hair is lush!!!

  • dimplechops88
    dimplechops88 Hace un mes

    Parakeets are annoying when they squeak at 5am outside my window

  • Lord Walker
    Lord Walker Hace un mes +7

    Straight for this chin lol Trixie

  • Madame Pigeon
    Madame Pigeon Hace un mes +1

    Why not feeding the pigeons behind you😭😭

  • The Plantastic Nerd
    The Plantastic Nerd Hace 27 días

    I blame the children- 💀💀💀💀

  • WittleIndianGirl
    WittleIndianGirl Hace un mes


  • fairydustpocky
    fairydustpocky Hace 27 días

    "I blame the children"

  • icy storm
    icy storm Hace un mes +1

    I'm surprised they didn't try to eat Trixie since she's a .....

  • Some cutename
    Some cutename Hace un mes

    Birds are fierce

  • Neversaw
    Neversaw Hace un mes

    Those Alexandra's were gorgeous

  • J
    J Hace un mes

    Children ruin everything :) 😂

  • Mohammad Butt
    Mohammad Butt Hace 15 días

    trix those are ringneck parrots get it together sis

  • Madam Roast Beef
    Madam Roast Beef Hace 9 días +1


  • Alexsandra
    Alexsandra Hace 16 días

    The children are always to blame!

  • Angela Raafiki Roadcone

    So cool she's channelling CoCo Peru

  • Exiled New Yorker
    Exiled New Yorker Hace un mes

    If I dont get a blizzard of bad pocahontas memes im going to be very disappointed in the children. thats all.

  • Stephanie Lynnette
    Stephanie Lynnette Hace un mes

    Are you okay Tracey?

  • Alexandre Santana
    Alexandre Santana Hace 13 días


  • Deborah S.
    Deborah S. Hace un mes

    Parrots maybe? They bite!

  • kikibirdball
    kikibirdball Hace 22 días

    Always blame the children

  • Jessica Sheron
    Jessica Sheron Hace 28 días

    I blame the children, girl same.

  • Marie Prettyman
    Marie Prettyman Hace 29 días

    The reason why he won’t fall on your hand if you talk too much

  • Kristen Joanne
    Kristen Joanne Hace un mes +1

    Damnnnnnnnn Brian looking like a straight Dadddddyyyyyyyyy 😍😍😍😍

  • Hugo carrera
    Hugo carrera Hace 23 días

    Uuh Trixie..she getting that work on that face...looking 52

  • durenatu
    durenatu Hace un mes

    I blame the children too

  • Hi Priestess
    Hi Priestess Hace un mes

    Blame the children!

  • Kalynka Nigg
    Kalynka Nigg Hace un mes

    Such a disney princess

  • Joshua Fazeli
    Joshua Fazeli Hace 29 días

    Of course you’re friends with her.
    Who’s next: Meghan McCain?

  • evraet
    evraet Hace un mes

    Are you in Hyde park? :))

  • Ralph Weber
    Ralph Weber Hace 27 días

    Where in LA is this?

  • Andrew Spencer
    Andrew Spencer Hace 15 días

    Disappointing not to see Cindy Beale in this video

  • Nicely_life
    Nicely_life Hace un mes

    Def not Parakeets lol

  • kmallory100
    kmallory100 Hace un mes +1

    Who is Michelle Collins?