Kiki with Jinkx Monsoon | Get Ready with Me

  • Publicado el 3 oct 2021
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    Kiki with @Jinkx Monsoon
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Comentarios • 5 925

  • the drama
    the drama Hace un año +15267

    jinx's singing made me so emotional! she's got a gift

    • Creep
      Creep Hace 4 meses

      @SkyTangerine :D AHHA

    • Mariel Quevedo
      Mariel Quevedo Hace 4 meses +1

      Too bad it got deleted

    • Shhh...
      Shhh... Hace 5 meses

      @rem yes, they are. Not everyone is aware of that though. :)

    • rem
      rem Hace 5 meses

      isnt jinkx nonbinary

    • rem
      rem Hace 5 meses


  • Kris Rockwell
    Kris Rockwell Hace 5 meses +3454

    "So winners do Drag race now, would you do it?"
    Trixie predicted All Stars 7.

    • Davidss10001
      Davidss10001 Hace un día

      @Celeste Echevarria Bald and the Beautiful!

    • Celeste Echevarria
      Celeste Echevarria Hace 4 días

      @Davidss10001 what podcast?

    • Cookies
      Cookies Hace 13 días

      It was already filmed

    • Hannah M
      Hannah M Hace un mes

      And she won 😎

    • Kris Rockwell
      Kris Rockwell Hace 2 meses

      @Vivian Johnson And she probably had to sign an NDA about it

  • Anna B
    Anna B Hace 5 meses +2099

    I love how Jinkx's makeup starts out fucked up and ends normal, and Trixie starts normal and ends up fucked up 😂

    • Lasse El
      Lasse El Hace un mes


    • Anna G
      Anna G Hace un mes

      😂😂😂 yes!

    • Francis Zorammuana Hlawnchhing
      Francis Zorammuana Hlawnchhing Hace un mes +1

      Jeez, accurately hilarious😂🤣👏

    • Faith Ann
      Faith Ann Hace 2 meses +8

      @Bree Nichole pls idk how people can’t tell what a joke is 😭😂

    • Bree Nichole
      Bree Nichole Hace 2 meses +17

      @Faith Ann and she took that personally 😂😂

  • Samhain
    Samhain Hace 2 meses +617

    Trixie being stunned by Jinkx's makeup as she paints black triangles the same size as her nose and calls them 'liner' will never stop being funny.

  • clockwork_harlequin
    clockwork_harlequin Hace 5 meses +1287

    "Would you do All Stars"
    Jinkx's poker face is fantastic.

    • SA_TYRN
      SA_TYRN Hace 2 meses +12

      honestly so much respect to yhat

  • N
    N Hace un año +7070

    The most deserving winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Jinkx Monsoon.

    • MagicPants
      MagicPants Hace un mes

      Twice lol

    • snookers
      snookers Hace un mes

      @N lmfao okay? i j like that phrase i luv both queens weirdo

    • N
      N Hace 2 meses +3

      @giraffejizz You were saying?

    • N
      N Hace 2 meses +3

      @Tiffany Curtis I love when I can see people eat their words!

    • N
      N Hace 2 meses +3

      @snookers Even though she won again? Bye 😘

  • Isabella Owens
    Isabella Owens Hace 11 meses +3356

    Jinkx’s makeup process is simultaneously the scariest,suffocating, but also most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

    • Brian Matt
      Brian Matt Hace 10 meses +88

      give it up for those people that maintain that theatre-level discipline. the magic of makeup is sometimes in trusting the process!

  • Vinnie
    Vinnie Hace 4 meses +721

    The way that Jinkx gives me "grandma who used to be royalty in her youth but her husband lost everything to gambling" even out of drag is the best part of all of it.

  • Jarrod Kersey
    Jarrod Kersey Hace 11 meses +6367

    whoever filed the copyright claim is homophobic

    • Emily Dunlap
      Emily Dunlap Hace un mes

      It’s ESclips

    • B J
      B J Hace un mes

      Not funnny

    • Excuse My Comment
      Excuse My Comment Hace un mes

      This is the first time I've watched this vid so I thought the missing song would not bother me but it did!

    • Panpan
      Panpan Hace 2 meses +3

      @DeathBeforeDecaf not really no. But go off, I guess.

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca Hace 3 meses +1

      I’m so mad

  • Denitsa Ivanova
    Denitsa Ivanova Hace 5 meses +589

    The way you flat out asked Jinkx if she'd do all winners all stars when she's probably freshly off the season/ is about to go on it. I love that foresight.

  • Wolfie Boy44
    Wolfie Boy44 Hace 11 meses +9768

    "Can I borrow your powder? I forgot mine"
    Trixie, this is YOUR house

    • GothGirlGlitterCrust
      GothGirlGlitterCrust Hace 4 días +1

      @Yevgeniya Leshchenko who is being skinny shamed? trixie? girl this is a reach.

    • Alexis Akins
      Alexis Akins Hace 15 días

      @Jared H R/whoosh indeed.

    • Stan
      Stan Hace 23 días

      @A M 8:57 Wrong

    • Yami Yugi
      Yami Yugi Hace 4 meses +9

      @Yevgeniya Leshchenko as a twig thin person who’s been made fun of for it, their comment was a funny joke chill

    • h3zANDRU
      h3zANDRU Hace 4 meses +1


  • shaun thomason
    shaun thomason Hace 9 meses +459

    Trixie's FULL Wisconsin accent coming out while saying fragrance is absolutely hilarious and makes watching the advertisement portion enjoyable

    • ava beth
      ava beth Hace 3 días +1

      I thought she was from Sweden or was that fake news

    • xanderdaqueer
      xanderdaqueer Hace 25 días +1

      as someone from the midwest, i didnt even notice anything interesting ab how she said it!

    • C. Richardson
      C. Richardson Hace un mes +3

      deadass made me mutter "fragrance" to myself like eight times in a row to figure out if I'm the one saying it with an accent or if Trixie is

    • Taylor LastName
      Taylor LastName Hace un mes +3


    • nettaP
      nettaP Hace un mes

      I came to the comments just for this 🤣

  • Nat Sinnett
    Nat Sinnett Hace 5 meses +224

    Trixie very often seems like she’s completely ignoring the people around her until she suddenly responds. It’s like she’s on a zoom call and there’s a delay and I love that for her.

    • L
      L Hace 2 meses +12

      It's called ADHD lmao Idk if she has it but I do and it seems like I'm ignoring people but I literally heard everything you said but I also just processed like ten other things in my head at the same time

  • Felisa
    Felisa Hace 4 meses +256

    Trixie mocking Jinkx’s routine: “My skin is sensitive. I think that only dirty brushes from 12 years ago are appropriate” 😂😂

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones Hace 2 meses +159

    “Would you ever do it again?”
    “Only if I was in a position of power…”
    Welp, that worked out just fine. Winner of winners, Jinkx Monsoon.

  • venus14
    venus14 Hace un año +3953

    Jinkx carrying all of Trixie's lippies in a box is the kind of supportive friend we all need.

  • Keighley Eickholt
    Keighley Eickholt Hace 4 meses +387

    Tracy is so lucky to be in the presence of the all stars 7 winner.

    • allie medeiros
      allie medeiros Hace 2 meses +16

      this aged well 😌

    • Bryce Vaisey
      Bryce Vaisey Hace 4 meses

      Wyd Monet isn’t there?

    • Creep
      Creep Hace 4 meses +3

      The truth in that sentence is overwhelming

  • BlameItOnJoe
    BlameItOnJoe Hace 11 meses +222

    It's so cute seeing Trixie, who isn't a fan of hugs, hugging Jinkx so fondly at 0:30 🥰

    • AWlpsSHOW36
      AWlpsSHOW36 Hace 11 días

      That is so sweet!
      Don't blame her. Because Jinkx is a precious and sweet queen. Who wouldn't want to hug her?

    • One Two
      One Two Hace 3 meses

      @Anne Onymaus hahahaha

    • Anne Onymaus
      Anne Onymaus Hace 3 meses +10

      @bubble bath There must be a glitch in the Matrix: I only commented once. Spooky!

    • BlameItOnJoe
      BlameItOnJoe Hace 3 meses +6

      @Anne Onymaus It goes to show how close she considers Jinkx ♡

    • bubble bath
      bubble bath Hace 3 meses +6

      @Anne Onymaus what's that? I don't think I understood you correctly

  • nick perkins
    nick perkins Hace un mes +31

    Now that Jinx is officially queen of all queens she should change her name to madam president.

  • Christian DeMoranville
    Christian DeMoranville Hace 4 meses +231

    trixie: "would you ever do all stars?"
    jinx: "it depends on the day"
    me in 2022 with AS7: "WHAT DAY WAS IT?!" 😂😂

  • Rania Abbasi
    Rania Abbasi Hace un año +6900

    The lil “Creep” cover at the end was everything!! Jinkx’s voice is unbelievable

    • ralyy
      ralyy Hace 8 meses +2

      @Taylor SAME OMG i almost thought I had just lost my mind

    • Saner C.
      Saner C. Hace 9 meses +7

      They edited it out due to copyrights. Nooooooooo 🥺😢

    • Taylor
      Taylor Hace 10 meses +18

      This comment, no joke, made me think I had finally lost my mind.

    • Shelley Noble
      Shelley Noble Hace 10 meses +20

      Boo. The song has been edited out now 1 month later! Rights issue? Or something deprived me. Glad for those who caught it.

    • LLL SSS
      LLL SSS Hace 11 meses +23

      did they remove it? i cant find it again:C

  • Mark
    Mark Hace un mes +7

    Hearing jinkx talk about gender is so validating. I related to everything they said a lot. I don’t want to change my body and I’m scared that I’m not trans enough, but trying to love myself all the same!

  • Tobie TaylorJones
    Tobie TaylorJones Hace 3 meses +25

    Jinkx Monsoon is my “if you could have a meal with any celebrity…” I love this human. Jinkx and Judge Judy. Oh how I would love to have a meal with them!!!

    • ava beth
      ava beth Hace 3 días +1

      They’re such collected and solid people.

  • Lily Jo
    Lily Jo Hace 2 meses +7

    jinkx caressing trixie’s bald head while trixie does a fester impression is going to rattle around in my mind for the next week

  • Aunt Jim
    Aunt Jim Hace 10 meses +24

    Jinx looks like Trixie’s beautiful rich mom who marries men for their insurance money and wears the over the top robe to answer the door to the cops.

  • B G
    B G Hace un año +2545

    Jinkx proving ONCE AGAIN why she’s one of THE BEST winners from the franchise 😩

    • Brii Cosgalla
      Brii Cosgalla Hace 23 días +1

      And now she's the actual best winner.

    • Ibra
      Ibra Hace un mes +3

      This aged so well

    • Sebastián Baeza
      Sebastián Baeza Hace un año +3

      Ruslan yes! 8 winners a different format and there’s already tea and shade about some favoritism accusations

    • Henry Bieker
      Henry Bieker Hace un año

      @Jocoby Bolgrean oh yeah

    • Ruslan
      Ruslan Hace un año

      @Henry Bieker wow. Incredible. 😍

  • gushanana
    gushanana Hace 4 meses +49

    That went from kabuki impressionist painting to real biological skin real quick… bravo, Jinxy

  • h3ywhor3
    h3ywhor3 Hace 2 meses +35

    I love how Jinkx was acting like she wasn’t on All-Star already

  • sara karpen
    sara karpen Hace 4 meses +71

    I still just cry laughing at trixie's face when jinx talks about naming herself "pretty pissed off " 🤣🤣

  • Kylee Robinson
    Kylee Robinson Hace un mes +9

    Jinkx “I’m not sure if I’d go back to drag race-“
    Jinkx is queen of all queens

  • Rafael Patelli
    Rafael Patelli Hace un año +3850

    Jinkx was like: ✨I’m a creep✨ 🧚‍♀️🦄
    Trixie was like: 🍃 I’m a weirdo 🍃🤠🐴

    • 35th Rat
      35th Rat Hace 7 meses +1

      @Tom it got copyrighted so it had to be cut out

    • Tom
      Tom Hace 8 meses

      Time Stamp ¿ or was it Deleted

    • BlameItOnJoe
      BlameItOnJoe Hace 11 meses

      LMAO it's funny cause it's true

    • Катажина
      Катажина Hace 11 meses +1

      @MagicPants ONG ITS FONE FOR U 2?!?

    • MagicPants
      MagicPants Hace 11 meses +14

      and now it’s gone wtf

  • Andy Butler
    Andy Butler Hace 5 meses +52

    When Jinkx brushes off the powder from Trixie and she immediately looks PHENOMENAL it's like, Trix. Please do this more. You look great!

  • Makeup Michelle
    Makeup Michelle Hace 5 meses +41

    Jinx spends a SHOCKING amount of time with their eyes closed doing their makeup

  • Aurora Hemingway
    Aurora Hemingway Hace 2 meses +19

    It’s funny to see her question if she would do All Stars while she is now currently doing it and WINNING!!

  • Travis S
    Travis S Hace 10 meses +92

    Trixie slowly falling into hysterical laughter at Jinx powdering at 14:20 has me weak 🤣🤣🤣

  • heliagrey
    heliagrey Hace un año +2748

    You could just SEE the inner poor kid’s shock and delight at being told “Trixie knows how to have money”. XD

    • protect_provide
      protect_provide Hace 11 meses

      @random trixie isnt a quarter of jinkx talent

    • mandala 314
      mandala 314 Hace un año +1

      @L your username is so REAL

    • Deandra Ghaitsa
      Deandra Ghaitsa Hace un año +1

      This! It made me so happy omg

    • KT
      KT Hace un año +5

      @random Honestly, with enough networking with MUAs, makeup brand partnerships, other queens, more social media activity (“boosting” followers) etc, she could easily change this and fast. Especially since she was a winner in her season!

    • Tito Lívio
      Tito Lívio Hace un año +3

      @Oliver Oh, thank you for clearing that up...
      Omg that's really sad too. Poor Jinkx, she's amazing and deserves so much more 🥺

  • Kayla Fran
    Kayla Fran Hace 2 meses +13

    Jinx has the most flawless skin even without makeup I'm so beyond jealous of them!

  • Jatii Donaldson
    Jatii Donaldson Hace 11 meses +23

    Watching jinx and Trixie go from powdered donuts to gorgeous was hilarious and amazing to watch the artistry

  • LauryB
    LauryB Hace 2 meses +8

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much Jinkx's makeup skills have improved since S5? The very definition of a glow-up.

  • Michael B
    Michael B Hace 3 meses +18

    Not gonna lie... Trixie and Jinx are actually both truly beautiful in drag. Their finished look is always a 10 out of 10.

  • Irus
    Irus Hace un año +2800

    Only a true icon collabs with his boyfriends fav drag queen. I love Jinkx

    • TayLifts
      TayLifts Hace un año +36

      David went to kiss her and she said "hold on let me get out of drag" and he said "no, LEAVE IT ON"

    • Jessi Campbell
      Jessi Campbell Hace un año +2

    • Irus
      Irus Hace un año +63

      @Adam Colin She's a survivor and in fact, the moment 😔

    • Adam Colin
      Adam Colin Hace un año +211

      You know David made trixie make this video against her will for his own fantasy

  • Taryn Varley-Twyman
    Taryn Varley-Twyman Hace 11 meses +110

    absolutely nothing on this planet can ever make me as happy as jinkx's laugh

  • hiyahandsome
    hiyahandsome Hace 9 meses +36

    I watch this video repeatedly because I love Trixie & Jinkx so much, I love their rapport, their friendship, their looks, their process, their gorgeousness and their joy. Thank you and I hope you both know how much your fans love you.


    Can't help but cackle at the ''ugliest face'' Jinkx did. I'ts just my worse nightmares with a loving laughter and voice. I love me some Jinkx

  • Queen Rayna
    Queen Rayna Hace 4 meses +31

    The way Jinkx was lying about not being able to handle competing in an all winner’s season 😂

  • Ell Salta
    Ell Salta Hace un año +2726

    Okay, but Trixie watching while Jinx is singing is so heartwarming.

    • T B
      T B Hace 4 meses +1

      @SkyTangerine :D lmao i just saw 😭😭

    • SkyTangerine :D
      SkyTangerine :D Hace 5 meses +1

      @Mads D they edited it out 😭

    • Mads D
      Mads D Hace 6 meses +2

      Where's the singing?

    • Nikita
      Nikita Hace 6 meses +16

      ugh they probably had to remove it for copyright reasons :(

    • Catherine The Cool Mom
      Catherine The Cool Mom Hace un año +9

      You can tell she's a fan too

  • Kristine Anguiano
    Kristine Anguiano Hace 27 días +2

    I literally just watched the episode of Blue Bloods with Jinkx Monsoon. It is absolutely one of my favorites. I love the interaction between her character Tallulah and Danny Reagan. Iconic. Love seeing Trixie and Jinkx together. 💖

  • john smith
    john smith Hace 5 meses +50

    i love her talking about whether or not she’d go back when she had fully already filmed all stars 7

  • Parks
    Parks Hace 3 meses +8

    I love that by 9:00 in the video Trixie has two eyebrow strokes and Jinx is full face Ultra Beige with shading!

  • Blindfold 10
    Blindfold 10 Hace 5 meses +73

    It’s so weird seeing Trixie asking Jinkx if she wants to do all stars knowing Jinkx is on all stars 7

  • Christy Oxford
    Christy Oxford Hace un año +1534

    No offense to any other guest but this is the best one. I lived, I laughed, I loved.

  • meow
    meow Hace 8 meses +4

    jinkx is speaking about the trans community and being trans/genderqueer/nonbinary while simultaneously being gender nonconforming and being happy in your trans body meanwhile trixie is literally looking like the ooky spooky babadooky

  • Jo Br
    Jo Br Hace 2 meses +11

    I foolishly always thought of jinkx' makeup as a "more natural" one lmao

  • Alan Fuller
    Alan Fuller Hace 2 meses +5

    I have watched this like 50,000 times because Trixie painting triangles the size of satellites on her face while laughing at Jinkx's amount of powder like it's too much is just freaking hilarious! I love you both so much!

  • Little Chortle
    Little Chortle Hace 4 meses +2

    I'm late, but watching Jinkx powder Trixie like a doughnut was the highlight of day

  • Haley R
    Haley R Hace un año +5666

    Trixie offering free makeup to the other queens like she's the Daddy Warbucks of the drag community

    • No One In Particular
      No One In Particular Hace 2 meses

      Today for me, tomorrow for you!

    • Lily Jo
      Lily Jo Hace 2 meses


    • katvloom
      katvloom Hace 2 meses +1

      @Angelina OnDair it's a joke

    • Nikita
      Nikita Hace 6 meses +2

      A true Virgo queen

    • Angelina OnDair
      Angelina OnDair Hace 9 meses +4

      Oh please! She's sharing her blessings. Don't spread ungratefulness. Love.

  • Igo Bymanynames
    Igo Bymanynames Hace 11 meses +75

    Jinkx saying "I got bangs!!" and "wiiiiig!!!" cracks me up.

  • Steph Gray
    Steph Gray Hace 9 meses +39

    jinx's skin without makeup is so gorgeous and her makeup? crazy process, beautiful results

  • Jett Smith
    Jett Smith Hace un mes +9

    "Maybe I would do Allstars"-Jynx Monsoon 10 months before being Queen of All Queens

  • Brian Matt
    Brian Matt Hace 10 meses +10

    anyone else just LOVE the drama and torture that poor trixie goes through while Jinkx GOES INNNNN with that powder brush??? hilarious! we're watching our baby trixie grow up and learn to "trust the process"! haha

  • Bonnie Mae
    Bonnie Mae Hace un año +1924

    Jinx is just such a beautiful human, the most deserving of a crown.

  • mitsyyy
    mitsyyy Hace un mes +9

    The most versatile queen, she truly deserves the title "QUEEN OF ALL QUEENS" fight me!

  • MJ Garcia
    MJ Garcia Hace 2 meses +4

    Pov: you're rewatching this after jinkx won the All Stars All Winners Season

  • Jenny Allen
    Jenny Allen Hace 2 meses +5

    I laughed so loud when she said I got bangs that my cat jumped and fell off table lmao now she’s just staring at me
    Love this ❤️

  • Robin
    Robin Hace 5 meses +34

    "would you do all stars jinkx?"
    "it depends on the day"
    the day has come

  • LifeOfAMakeupAddict
    LifeOfAMakeupAddict Hace un año +2588

    Why did I get all the feels when Jinkx started singing and Trixie playing her guitar! This is a show Id definitely go to! Love them!

    • coffeeonzeetele
      coffeeonzeetele Hace un año +2

      Literally me 😭😭😭🥰

    • Omnom
      Omnom Hace un año +7

      This just got Trixie so many points from David, you know she was flooding her basement behind the camera

    • Ana Flávia Pael
      Ana Flávia Pael Hace un año +1

      @Riley H I'm glad I'm not alone

    • Ana Flávia Pael
      Ana Flávia Pael Hace un año +4

      ABSOLUTELY! I could watch these beautiful WOMEN do a show like this all day long

    • Riley H
      Riley H Hace un año +4

      I cried only a tiny bit lol

  • Jackie Hurditch
    Jackie Hurditch Hace 4 meses +1

    These 2 are so fantastic together - just as funny as Trixie and Katya. I want more!!!!!

  • Mariah Morrison
    Mariah Morrison Hace 5 meses +8

    Jinkx is the OG reason I fell in love with drag and has opened my eyes to this amazing community! Madam "Monsoon" President has a nice ring to it!

  • Dominik R
    Dominik R Hace 4 meses +9

    and here we have Jinkx talking if she would ever go on All Stars a few months after they ended filming All Stars 7 🤐

  • Chris F.
    Chris F. Hace 2 meses +2

    Jinkx doesn’t think she can handle that competitive environment of drag race lol SPOILER ALERT she just WON the all winners season and is now the Queen of ALL Queens!!! we bow down to you Jinkx 💚

  • tbrcc
    tbrcc Hace un año +2053

    trixie: *has hand towels*
    jinkx: REEEEECH!!!

  • Cass G
    Cass G Hace 4 meses +7

    Jinkx' laugh is so cutie, so excited to see them on drag race again 🥺🥺

  • MsSierraAlexis
    MsSierraAlexis Hace 9 meses +17

    This is the literal the most accurate representation of 2 Virgos hanging out

  • ddbob 1
    ddbob 1 Hace 9 meses +18

    I love how trixie constantly reacts to jinx's makeup process lol.

  • Thomas Ritz
    Thomas Ritz Hace 4 meses +10

    Trixie is weirdly sensitive about people calling her rich when she owns… multiple p r o p e r t i e s

  • Weird GhoulsTravels
    Weird GhoulsTravels Hace un año +878

    Jinkx singing Creep ALWAYS gives me chills. She is absolute magic.

    • Djelloul Bounaama
      Djelloul Bounaama Hace un año

      What's the song name pls

    • Kab
      Kab Hace un año +1

      She is pure magic and charm, I love jinkxyy

    • Novanima
      Novanima Hace un año +1

      We just
      We need a collab with trixie and her on an acoustic version of creep.

    • drew
      drew Hace un año +9

      I literally got goosebumps, it was so enchanting

  • Susan Payton
    Susan Payton Hace un mes +3

    Hearing Jinkx talk about wanting to go back on RPDR now after her win is amazing.

  • andrew jones
    andrew jones Hace 4 meses +33

    Love how Trixie is coming for Jinkx's dirty brushes 2 seconds after sticking her brush in her mouth. Sorry that is MUCH more gross.

    CITYOF JESSE Hace 5 meses +7

    10:17 !!! 😂😂😂 Trixie knew Jinx was on all stars!!! Can’t wait to see Jinx she’s an amazing queen!! ❤

  • Bewitched_Cat
    Bewitched_Cat Hace 7 meses +6

    I finally came around to watching this, and I never laughed as hard as I did with this episode of Get Ready with Me. I love Jinkx! And the energy between you two is chaos, and I live for it.

  • Coolbians
    Coolbians Hace un mes +2

    Monet being confused for Trixie in blackface is terrifying and funny at the same time

  • daniel hansen
    daniel hansen Hace 5 meses +12

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      @totallyanonymousbish "One of two"?? Okay, there are wayyy more than two pronouns. Did they not teach you parts of speech in school? I'll list some off for you. I, I'm, I'll, I've, you, your, you're, they, their, theirs, they're, him, he, his, her, she, hers. Pronouns aren't "bound to the two sexes" Because one, non gender pronouns exist. Two, intersex people also exist.

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