Trixie Reacts to Her All Stars 3 Looks

  • Publicado el 19 jul 2020
  • The year was 2018, Trixie makes her return to television to join the cast of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3. Let's relive my lewks:
    Entrance look
    hair by Zach Kilian
    Talent Show look
    hair by Bobbie Pinz
    gown by Dallas Coulter
    Uggliest Dress redemption runway
    dress by Lyn Kream
    Wigs on Wigs on Wigs runway
    caftan by Fena Barbitall
    Soup Can Runway
    hair by Sara Andrews
    Red For Filth Runway
    outfit by Jane Doe Latex
    prop by Jacob Muehlhausen
    Kitty Girl look
    bodysuit by Fena Barbitall and Katya
    hair by Ariel Versace
    Finale Runway
    hair by Wigs & Grace
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Comentarios • 3 741

  • Trixie Mattel
    Trixie Mattel  Hace 2 años +11407

    You guys requested this! Wow in conclusion I am so flawless/gutted.

  • emma
    emma Hace 2 años +7271

    “i think katya cut out the fabric, then got bored and quit, and then feena finished it” that’s so katya i cant even😭😭

  • shan
    shan Hace 2 años +13425

    The fact the judges said there were too many flowers for “DRIPPING in flowers” and too many balls for Rock M Sakuras ball extravaganza makes me so mad haha

    • Liam Henshaw
      Liam Henshaw Hace 7 meses

      @Luis Delgado There were flaws in all of Rock's looks

    • Poette
      Poette Hace un año +1

      Ikr... it's _drag!_

    • Jose Pedro Vicente
      Jose Pedro Vicente Hace un año +1

      rock m's look was shit. The flower power look was amazing

    • A Free Potato Chip
      A Free Potato Chip Hace un año +2

      @Luis Delgado i agree it should've been aiden vs brita, i think brita survived too many episodes

    • Saahir Mawani
      Saahir Mawani Hace un año +5

      @Luis Delgado im surprised ayden didnt go home, when rock m got eliminated, you could tell he didnt think he deserved to go home

  • Jin
    Jin Hace 2 años +5260

    "Look at my ass, you guys! No wonder I won..."
    Also. Cheers to BenDeLaCreme for being an absolute iconic friend? Hell yes!

    • Le Normand
      Le Normand Hace 6 meses +6

      I love that she says that she didn't have more gowns when we know that she had the gorgeous bendela leopard one with matching gloves 😭

    • Joy Chavez
      Joy Chavez Hace un año +38

      also, "my butt should be studied". hahahhah

    • Anna Pettit
      Anna Pettit Hace 2 años +42

      Jin DeLaChrist 🙏🏻👼🏼

  • Avery Lee
    Avery Lee Hace un año +1329

    Ben’s “I don’t need it” cuz her mind was already made up about eliminating herself is absolutely *HEART WRENCHING*

    • Yashwant Gurjar
      Yashwant Gurjar Hace 4 meses +14

      @Javi nah since ben was fine and happy with that decision....also it was her choice so i doubt its sad or tragic. she isnt dead you know.....unlike chichi, rip.

    • Javi
      Javi Hace 5 meses +3

      Is it though?

  • AlexRightNow
    AlexRightNow Hace un año +1689

    Runway look: dripping with flowers
    Trixie: dripping with flowers
    Judges: too many flowers
    Like huh? You can't just give a prompt and then complain when they meet the prompt

    • Isabella Fortune
      Isabella Fortune Hace 2 meses +15

      and the flowered umbrella was a great touch for dripping with flowers! so funny!

    • radical_gryff
      radical_gryff Hace un año +101

      the only person who got it was Nichole Byer. she thought it was great.

  • Made in Busan
    Made in Busan Hace 2 años +3563

    At 3:04 that was totally a Katya sound. These two besties are morphing into each other and it's the cutest thing ever ❤️

    • Zarry Stylik
      Zarry Stylik Hace 8 meses

      @Ling hater

    • Ling
      Ling Hace 9 meses +3

      @R DR they’re a kpop shipper what do you expect lol

    • R DR
      R DR Hace un año +4

      you need to live your own life and make friends

    • Rayne Michelle
      Rayne Michelle Hace un año +2

      @Raphaël Delacour only if she holds it for a really long time

    • nicole
      nicole Hace un año +2

      @Jonathan Herrera the og comment username is a jimin reference

  • Aleah Berroa
    Aleah Berroa Hace 2 años +3594

    Sometimes i roll my eyes whenever trixie calls herself rich, but then i remember she use to live on a farm and bathe in a lake

    • Michael Walus
      Michael Walus Hace 2 meses

      @jacob p richest drag race that isn’t rupaul*

    • K D
      K D Hace 4 meses +3

      Lol and it wasn't a farm even. Just a shack in the country.

    • Grape Grape
      Grape Grape Hace 7 meses

      @바지♡ yeah everyone knows that shes obvi 87

    • Neighbor Citizen
      Neighbor Citizen Hace 8 meses

      @Samuell Jayy he took his profile pic down gaggy

    • moon
      moon Hace 8 meses +2

      @Jax i mean she QUALIFIES, she doesnt own 10 mil. but i guess in a way its being rich? truthfully shes probably relatively wealthy or comfortable enough in her financial standing to spend as much as she does.

  • VDJ Vivacity
    VDJ Vivacity Hace un año +1001

    The hilarity of Trixie admitting her gingham bodysuit was from H&M and there was just a controversy on UKS2 with RuPaul reading a queen for a dress from H&M is just priceless to me.

    • Harry Healey
      Harry Healey Hace un año +35

      @Anonny Anonymous well most drag queens are on a drag queen budget. So sometimes they have to wear off the rack, that doesn’t make them any less of a drag queen and it doesn’t make their drag invalid.

    • VDJ Vivacity
      VDJ Vivacity Hace un año +3

      @paul roy Oops mistake. Fixed it. Thank you!

    • Kikiricki Kira
      Kikiricki Kira Hace un año +58

      I will never understand how people think Rupaul meant it like „anything h&m is bad“. It was meant as in „you didn‘t even do anything with it!“.

    • paul roy
      paul roy Hace un año +16

      Not season 13 ,season 2 of uk drag race

    • Anonny Anonymous
      Anonny Anonymous Hace un año +93

      The problem I think is that they wore it right off the rack and didn’t modify anything.
      I think it’s ok to use the clothes as a base, but if you don’t change it up, that’s not really drag. Right? Or at least it’s not to the level of top drag performer.

  • Abby 🌷🕉 "Survivor " A
    Abby 🌷🕉 "Survivor " A Hace un año +345

    *She lent me her dress for the challenge and eliminated herself*
    Lmao Ben being an earth angel ✳️

    • Tucker Ferguson
      Tucker Ferguson Hace 4 meses +1

      then trixies wearing ben’s dress in this video 😭😭😭😭

    • Delta Ovalpanda
      Delta Ovalpanda Hace un año +13

      well we don't call her BenDelaChrist with no reason

    • Unique Rebel Janey
      Unique Rebel Janey Hace un año +10

      I really love Ben, such a sweetie.

  • Rummycaek
    Rummycaek Hace un año +204

    Your 'Red for Filth' look will go down in history as one of my favorite drag race looks ever. The latex was PERFECT and the color balance was so on point.

  • Taylor
    Taylor Hace un año +1300

    Joe Black watching Trixie win in h&m 👁️👄👁️

  • Pedro Bustos
    Pedro Bustos Hace un año +435

    Trixie: A pink gingham swimsuit I bought at H&M in 2013
    Rupaul: I dont wanna see no fucking H&M ! 🤣

    • totoro819
      totoro819 Hace un año +6

      My jaw dropped when Trixie said that was from H&M lol

  • Tyler Greene
    Tyler Greene Hace 2 años +332

    Your red look WAS the best of the season and I'm obsessed with your final look. I got super 1991 Holiday Barbie vibes from it. My sisters got them every year growing up.

  • kay
    kay Hace 2 años +353

    that black poodle gown look was the SEXIEST TOP 4 GOWN EVER and nobody can tell me different❤️

  • Toxicoke
    Toxicoke Hace 2 años +8870

    “Because every white gay thinks they can do drag” AND SIS THAT’S TEA

  • Carrie Tobey
    Carrie Tobey Hace un año +116

    "She couldn't take me! She couldn't take me with my produce!" I say that out loud at least once a day.

  • Dani Golightly
    Dani Golightly Hace 2 años +154

    Challenge: Dripping with flowers. Judges: That’s too many flowers. What? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Juan Yuste Del Valle
    Juan Yuste Del Valle Hace un año +36

    Actually, Trixie's pronunciation of Moiré, albeit not perfect it's far more accurate than the one on the voice synth clip. Aaaaand my snooty moment ends now.

  • iLuv Toads
    iLuv Toads Hace un año +42

    as a dog groomer i stand the poodle wig more than anything. i want everyone to have a hairstyle like that.

  • Insanityle
    Insanityle Hace 2 años +8828

    “I hated this dress” *Is everyone’s favorite dress from the season*

    • FirefulXD
      FirefulXD Hace 10 meses

      @hi i agree, it's not a bad look but it's not trixie

    • Maga Zitro
      Maga Zitro Hace 11 meses

      It's not my favourite and I actually agree it's not her style and it was out of place for best drag

    • hi
      hi Hace 11 meses +2

      Gurl, I hated that poodle wig and that black dress. It was not at all Trixie and felt out of her element in all the wrong ways. I would've loved to see her wear a pastel gown with a tiara like a princess-barbie esque ( almost fringing on shangela's look) and for the "evolved" Part of the look, mama Trixie nightgowns the house down, so yes a gown would've been an evolved look. To this day I still do not get why everyone loved her poodle wig look. Someone please explain!

    • aloha chavez
      aloha chavez Hace 11 meses

      personally,,,,,, i hated it too.

    • a bathtub
      a bathtub Hace un año +1

      fr i immediately thought expensive collectors barbie! im figured she was doing black instead of pink since the judges are go crazy for ☆versatility☆- plus the silhouette was really flattering. suprised to find it was just what she happened to have left

  • Sukhrajah
    Sukhrajah Hace 2 años +71

    Trixie’s lack of contacts, mahogany brown eyes - gorgeous, simply gorgeous eyes! Love it, love it, love it!

  • rikareader
    rikareader Hace un año +24

    I STAN THE POODLE WIG!! Also I love hearing how much drag queens collaborate and share stuff around

  • Gabryel
    Gabryel Hace 2 años +40

    It's amazing how humble Trixie is, she recognized all the other queens job! I mean...she's amazing ❤️

  • ミIɳƚҽɾɠαʅαƈƚιƈ Sραƈҽ Kιƚƚҽɳ

    I always think back to how the other queens referred to Trixie's style as "clown makeup" and probably viewed her as "unpolished". HA! She's let herself be seen and everybody fell in love, with her now being the ultimate fan favorite.
    It truly pays to stand out and make your own way.
    Trixie is super freaking talented too on top of her charm.

    • lisa Mitchell
      lisa Mitchell Hace 2 años

      I used to be on of those people who didn't like her makeup but now I love it :D

  • Ning
    Ning Hace 2 años +6779

    “Katya cut the fabric but then got bored and quit” Yup sounds like Katya

    • gamergirl
      gamergirl Hace un año

      @chris Damn why you gotta drag Ohio?

    • Catalina Martínez F.
      Catalina Martínez F. Hace un año +19

      @A H You can do it, but it doesn't make it right. That person was making an assumption based on what a person has shared publicly. You're sharing "facts" about what a person has been doing privately

    • A H
      A H Hace un año

      @Catalina Martínez F. uh, if someone can share that he's sober, I can share that he's not sober.

    • A H
      A H Hace un año

      @Sweetumskitty UWU that made no sense.

  • Riley Johnson
    Riley Johnson Hace 2 años +40

    “Look at my ass you guys, no wonder I won.” The best part 😂

  • MIL Dungca
    MIL Dungca Hace un año +9

    Trixie living for her red for filth look is exactly the type of hype I need in 2020, I loved that look so much

  • Larel Escoto
    Larel Escoto Hace 2 años +13

    Yes, the poodle wig is lit. Your Red to Filth and Best Drag runway is ICONIC.

  • beryl crust
    beryl crust Hace un año +9

    This video was a serve and yes, I stan the poodle wig. I also adore the patchwork interview chambray.

  • drey from accounting
    drey from accounting Hace 2 años +13123

    i'm fixated on how cute it is that trixie just gave her shirt to a cameraman who wanted it and was too shy to ask for it

    • Rage
      Rage Hace un año


    • Salmo
      Salmo Hace un año +6

      I imagine Katya bribed that cameraman to get Trixie's shirt to burn it.

    • Will Rogers
      Will Rogers Hace un año +4

      You know he's uses it as a flex to impress girls. "Yea, you know this shirt? I got it from someone that won a tv competition."

    • CorniferSleeps
      CorniferSleeps Hace un año


  • Gabryel
    Gabryel Hace 2 años +45

    "I hated this dress"
    Literally everyone's favorite dress and also one of the most beautiful dresses of all stars herstory!

  • Truebornseeker
    Truebornseeker Hace 10 meses +3

    I will never get over the judges reading her for being *dripping in flowers* on the *dripping in flowers* runway

  • Dalsemien
    Dalsemien Hace un año +5

    Trixie: I made this myself 2 days before.
    Shangela: My production team made all of my looks.

  • Blake Ehrlichman
    Blake Ehrlichman Hace un año +7

    “Passed around like a party bottom” I actually wheezed

  • MallBRATgirl_300
    MallBRATgirl_300 Hace 2 años +2297

    The amount Trixie’s makeup has improved from her baby drag, to Season 7, and even from 3 years ago or so is insane, it looks so stunning now!

    • Nacho
      Nacho Hace 2 años

      Her makeup was my favourite on AS3! The proportions were spot on and flattering, I liked her overall style the best. Not that she looks bad now or before, he mod girl aesthetic is cute, but something about this era is what I see when I close my eyes and think of her.

    • MallBRATgirl_300
      MallBRATgirl_300 Hace 2 años

      Brenna Tarpley aw thank you, I did mean it that way cause look at her now, it’s gorgeous...

    • Brenna Tarpley
      Brenna Tarpley Hace 2 años +8

      Girl it wasn’t backhanded at all, some people can find the negative in anything. I thought it was really sweet and 1k other people agree. I’m sorry for the person who sees a compliment as a backhand.

    • Ptrckhnghn
      Ptrckhnghn Hace 2 años +11

      yeehaw state saying that someone has grown isn’t backhanded lmao. Like imagine saying ‘your makeup has been the exact same since you started with no improvement :)’

    • astonrose
      astonrose Hace 2 años +22

      @Gay Rights you can acknowledge growth without it being a backhanded compliment!! :)

  • prettyfarfromOK
    prettyfarfromOK Hace un año +8

    I thought that her "Best Drag" outfit was genius, i gaged. because it showed that trixie is the best even stepping out of her comfort zone

  • jennifer lawrence
    jennifer lawrence Hace 3 meses +1

    Girl, I just rewatched your All Stars season and you were effing fantastic the whole way through. I just kept thinking what a pro you were. Certain queens I think are kinda beyond drag race.. like so classy, so polished, so professional... the Apex of drag and you are definitely one of them!❤

  • miran.
    miran. Hace un año +41

    Trixie: I got this at H&M!!!
    RuPaul watching: 👁👄👁

  • sarah slate
    sarah slate Hace 7 meses +1

    Honestly I love all of the looks. I didn't know the black dress was supposed to be best dress but I thought it was giving very fancy French poodle person. Like all you were missing was your dog but I loved it. Looks stellar on you

  • elphbwckd
    elphbwckd Hace 2 años +5

    That 'Red' For Filth look is absolutely amazing. Her shape and the way that fit so, absolutely perfect. Simple, but stunning! Iconic

  • starbtle
    starbtle Hace 2 años +3

    I love the interview shirt, the colours work really well together and it is cute on you.

  • danny
    danny Hace un año +11

    the dripping in flowers runway was one of my fav looks from her i-

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel Hace un año +3

    All your looks in AS3 were amazing. And you served so much variety!

  • David
    David Hace 2 años +6076

    “The makeup is a little wild!” (Literally nothing different than her usual)

    • gummie
      gummie Hace 8 meses +5

      I mean, she’s definitely more polished now! Her skills have developed so much.

    • Alessandro Benitez
      Alessandro Benitez Hace un año +6

      IT llooked very different

    • Yuhhh Leca
      Yuhhh Leca Hace un año +4

      @Deepanshu true dat, we need to see them abs

    • Donut Hoel
      Donut Hoel Hace un año +6

      clearly dont see her makeup lol

    • Dylan Erenfryd
      Dylan Erenfryd Hace un año +16

      the pfp😳

  • Jazz Gilbert
    Jazz Gilbert Hace un año +13

    It's funny how Trixie's hated her best drag look but that look was Iconic and one of the best of the season

  • Joe Morrison Music
    Joe Morrison Music Hace un año +91

    10:12 - “I GOT FROM H&M” guuuuurl you better cut that out your video or rupaul going to be asking for that cheque back 😂 we all know how she feels about H&M now... 👀

  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson Hace 2 años +36

    “You guys, I had to pee all day, and my cash & prizes were so smashed!” Lmao i cackled!

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty Hace 2 años +3

    The amount Trixie’s makeup has improved from her baby drag, to Season 7, and even from 3 years ago or so is insane, it looks so stunning now!

  • Beth Alayne
    Beth Alayne Hace 2 años +5057

    Theme: dripping with flowers.
    The judges: thats too many though

    • Jᴜʟɪᴀɴ Aʀᴀ
      Jᴜʟɪᴀɴ Aʀᴀ Hace 2 años +4

      @Jorge Paulo But they didn't critique her for "two wigs." They critiqued her for "too many flowers."

    • Jorge Paulo
      Jorge Paulo Hace 2 años +1

      By that logic the other category was Wigs on wigs on wigs and she had only 2 wigs instead of 3.

    • Sydney5291
      Sydney5291 Hace 2 años +2

      “It was the only look that had enough flowers!” 😂😂😂

    • Jᴜʟɪᴀɴ Aʀᴀ
      Jᴜʟɪᴀɴ Aʀᴀ Hace 2 años +4

      @Naomi Because someone is your favourite doesn't mean you're gonna automatically agree with every fashion choice they make, but yeah I get it. Also I agree, I always disagree with the judges.

    • Naomi
      Naomi Hace 2 años +1

      Jᴜʟɪᴀɴ Aʀᴀ well trixie is one of the most loved queens so I’m sure most her fan base adored that look too but yeah seriously I got so mad at the judges for saying it was to much when the challenge was advertised as dripping in flowers? Sometimes the judges just don’t know what they are talking about 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  • Daniel
    Daniel Hace 2 años +10

    Her “ugliest” dress ever, was actually one of the most beautiful looks EVER💕

  • Evelyn García
    Evelyn García Hace 2 años +75

    “NO WONDER I WON” this is so me

  • FireyHealer1
    FireyHealer1 Hace 2 años +1

    We NEED a Trixie doll In the talent show outfit 💕💕💕💕💕

  • oramosperez
    oramosperez Hace un año +3

    You’re crazy, Tracy: that final outfit with the yellow and that mini turtleneck dress is beautiful! Even with flats! (Rainy Day Realness?) it’s iconic, and I love it!

  • Amanda Bourke
    Amanda Bourke Hace 2 años +1 in the poodle wig in that stunning black dress was EVERYTHING! I would have never guessed you put that dress on as a last choice-its sheer perfection with the wig! And Tuesday you worked that Runway? Mama, I would have thought you planned every stitch, hem and individual hair! Love you!

  • Cal
    Cal Hace un año +1

    Rewatching after episode 5 of Drag race UK and hearing that Trixie won the season and brought H&M is sending me

  • Heyo it’s Finn
    Heyo it’s Finn Hace 10 meses +6

    “I hated this dress” NOOO that’s my favorite dress but also every drag look that trixie did on all stars 3 was sickening

  • Falcon O'Reilly
    Falcon O'Reilly Hace un año +5

    Love that Trixie just randomly said, "boogy woogy" and didn't address it. 😂

  • Fanged
    Fanged Hace 10 meses +1

    The poodle look is my all time favourite.

  • Rose
    Rose Hace 2 años +1

    I looove the poodle wig. And I'm so down for the country looks.

  • Michael! In The Bathroom
    Michael! In The Bathroom Hace 8 meses +3

    Trixie: "... that I bought at H&M in 2013..."
    Ru, however many years later: "I don't wanna see any goddamn H&M!"

  • Catherine Russell
    Catherine Russell Hace 2 años +2

    Okay, let me just say that I thought your nymphomaniac-math-nerd look was SO CUTE, that while Ben Dela Creme is literally *ELIMINATING* herself, I could not stop gagging! Could not pay attention, had to rewind.
    Contour: Razor sharp,
    Wig: perfectly-coiffed-cotton-candy- perfection
    Accessories: Those bright white glasses that fucking made everything pop! All while you and the other girls have your jaws dropped at Dela's speech. I was dead henny!!! I would buy a poster of most of these looks, just iconic. Very "I would rock this in Animal Crossing".

  • Briana B
    Briana B Hace 2 años +911

    “Kennedy is literally levitating behind me and I look like Ronald McDonald” 😭😭😭 that’s exactly what it looked like

    • Zinedine Reid
      Zinedine Reid Hace 2 años +1

      I was on the floor😭😭😭😭😭

  • Caitlin m
    Caitlin m Hace 11 meses +1

    I honestly think trixie had some of the best outfits in the season but that’s just me

  • Bruce Brewster
    Bruce Brewster Hace 7 meses +1

    The dripping ing flowers look was one of my favs of the whole season

  • Surgeon Funtime
    Surgeon Funtime Hace 10 meses +1

    You looked beautiful in your finale look, and your dripping flowers too :)

  • Justin W.
    Justin W. Hace un año +3

    The Flower Power outfit is still my favorite one in Trixie's herstory 😍✨🌸

  • SBH
    SBH Hace 2 años +1014

    "Bebe IS Diana Ross and I'm.... having a good time"

  • Olivia
    Olivia Hace un año

    lyn kream was one of my dance teachers in high school and let me tell how exciting it was to see her costumes on tv!!!!

  • MagicRaccoons
    MagicRaccoons Hace 2 años +3

    IQ kitty was my favorite look. When I saw it I wanted my own to wear.
    Also the story about the boy look shirt that was one of the cutest things I've ever heard.

  • Mushroom 🍄
    Mushroom 🍄 Hace 8 meses +1

    I watched that episode with her in the bright pink jump suit it’s an amazing episode

  • Brandon Dellafave
    Brandon Dellafave Hace 2 años +1

    Just to let you know - you actually said the word correctly.
    I live in France, am fluent in French, and moiré is pronounced "mwa - ray"
    good job girl - those few weeks in the French High School really paid off 👌

  • NelsonTh
    NelsonTh Hace 2 años +1161

    Behind all that TV drama and "shade", it's heartening to hear of the sisterhood of queens, lending each other outfits, helping each other even within the confines of a competition. Love your anecdotes, Trixie.

    • wiznahhh k
      wiznahhh k Hace 9 meses +3

      She doesn't know what anecdote means.

  • benzodiazepinequeen
    benzodiazepinequeen Hace 2 años

    Trixie is so unique an amazing! She deservers the crown even if she didn´t do well on some of the challenges.

  • KttyClaw
    KttyClaw Hace un año

    The 60's, 70's vibe is heavenly! You are stunning! 💖

  • Cid Schnubedubaubau
    Cid Schnubedubaubau Hace 8 meses +2

    "Gets passed around like a party bottom" is my new favorite thing to say

  • Michael Heeks
    Michael Heeks Hace un año

    The poodle wig is freaking adorable. I love it. 😄

  • Angel Bites
    Angel Bites Hace 2 años +2292

    As someones whos wardrobe is 97% black with like 3% satanic bullsht mixed in, I reeeeeeeeally like your flower dress. There is no such thing as too much.

    • Soundwave
      Soundwave Hace 2 meses +1

      Especially in a category of "dripping with flowers".... You'd think so many flowers wouldn't be a problem :/

    • Rowan
      Rowan Hace 7 meses

      Katya? That u?

    • C.o.R (Lex)
      C.o.R (Lex) Hace un año

      This is slightly random but if you (or anyone else in the comment thread) haven't heard of Wicked Clothes then you need to check them out. They have 4 design 'groups', Satanic, Gothic, Occult and Death. I love them.
      (They also sell a dog collar with animal skulls on it, if you want the matching Aesthetic with your pooch)

    • Harry Healey
      Harry Healey Hace un año +6

      “It’s too much” yeah, Michelle look at your looks from All Stars 1 and let’s see who’s wearing too much.

    • Blurple
      Blurple Hace un año +6

      @j3l3n4 yes hi hello it’s me a punk :)

  • C R
    C R Hace 2 años

    I stand the poodle wig SO HARD
    Tbh, your best drag outfit is my all time favorite Trixie's Look.

  • Quinn
    Quinn Hace 2 años +1

    That flower dress and the black finale look were my absolute favorites. My friend actually drew her in that flower dress.

  • Agustina Kazuyo
    Agustina Kazuyo Hace 2 años +1

    I first learned about Drag Race (they don't broadcast it in my country) through Trixie's music. Literally a friend told me while I was listening to it one day "oh, and she was also so funny in RPDR" and I was like "in what?"
    First season I watched was s7. I went into AS3 stanning Trixie like a t r a i n. In the end, I thought it should have been Shangela v Trixie, and yes, Shangela would have probably won. Still, it was such a pleasure to have so many Trixie episodes to watch. Even if people hate on her for winning (I mean, like she had a choice?), I'm so happy my baby won. I love it. She's such an amazing Queen, she deserves the world.

  • Gannon Sallach
    Gannon Sallach Hace 2 años +1

    Ok am I weird or was her “ugliest” dress one of the BEST looks that season? Also her crowing look was BEAUTIFUL it reminds me of (idk why) like some kind of raspberry lemonade or something lol, like I can taste the dress... anyway Trixie in yellow is amazing and I need more

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson Hace 2 años +1939

    Have we seen the outfit you were actually going to wear as IQ kitty? I think I'd love to see that. Maybe a video about outfits you brought to drag race that we haven't seen/you didn't get to wear 🥰

    • TheLadyCrankypants
      TheLadyCrankypants Hace 2 años +31

      Pllllleeeeeeaaaaaase 😘 The one Ben lent was so perfect I never would have known 😮

    • Clow
      Clow Hace 2 años +10

      Yesssss, this!!!

    • Daniel Jason
      Daniel Jason Hace 2 años +24

      I'd love to see it as well

  • Amanda Zane
    Amanda Zane Hace 2 años +11

    In that final lip sync when you were on your knees tearing your hair out, I WAS LIVING!!!!! I felt allllll that!

  • Claire Joksimovic
    Claire Joksimovic Hace un año

    Love the poodle hair!!! And your winning look was one of my FAVORITES no lie!!!!! I’m shocked that it’s not one of your favorites because I think you look stunning in yellow, and it looks good with the red!!! And I want that look so 😭😭💛💛🌹🌹

  • Causeof Gehenna
    Causeof Gehenna Hace 2 años

    You're amazing Trixie! Always enjoy your work.

  • ghostdirective
    ghostdirective Hace 2 años +1

    I love the poodle wig! Love knowing all the workmanship that goes on with these lewks!

  • Alexandra F
    Alexandra F Hace un año

    I LOVE your winning look. It’s so good.

  • SafumiMarijke
    SafumiMarijke Hace un año

    The hair from the I.Q. Kitty look is SOOO gorgeous.
    It's the way it flows...

  • Javier Olguin
    Javier Olguin Hace un año

    I barely started Drag Race since lockdown and have seen every episode and your dance number, Ariel wig and outfit is my favorite. Great job! Glad you won and ❤️ ur authenticity

  • Angelique Oren
    Angelique Oren Hace un año

    You look so beautiful in the Dolly Parton look! Just stunning, everything about it.

  • Patrick Weyland-Smith
    Patrick Weyland-Smith Hace 2 años +1989

    "every piece of drag that's good gets passed around like a party bottom..."

    • Jay Wimhurst
      Jay Wimhurst Hace 10 meses +4

      As a drag queen, this is 100% true.

    • Eric Nutting
      Eric Nutting Hace un año +31

      Did someone mention Jeffrey Moran?

  • Doodle Plays
    Doodle Plays Hace 2 años +106

    why hasn't trixie done katyas makeup like hers on here yet BDNSBXN

  • gothgirlfilth m
    gothgirlfilth m Hace un año

    The poodle outfit and the red one the best 2 outfits I've seen on her i know she likes pink with some tacky prints but those 2 outfits were perfection

  • Julissa S
    Julissa S Hace 2 meses

    Trixie I'm so glad I found you and I wasn't even looking for you. I love your channel you are amazing. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. 😍

  • Ryan Beaty
    Ryan Beaty Hace 2 años +2

    Trixie had some of my favorite looks of the season. Talent show look? IQ Kitty? Red for filth? Amazing. I want to see those three looks in a comic book.

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi Hace 2 años +6765

    “Kennedy is literally levitating behind me, and I look like Ronald McDonald...”

    • Justin Reyes
      Justin Reyes Hace un año +2

      @John D. it was the final lipsyncs when she had to lipsync, either in S7 or AS3, so idk why y’all trying to invalidate her style of lipsync when the times she did have to on the show was in the final moments, where she had to put her heart and soul into it or otherwise she would’ve been eliminated

    • lemonade
      lemonade Hace un año +2

      @lxyshu I meannn it was a lip sync battle not a dance competition. How much lip syncing can you actually do when you’re doing front Aerial and running all over stage...

    • lxyshu
      lxyshu Hace un año +1

      i think im the only person who thinks Kennedy wiped the floor with Trixie

    • Manuel Esaa
      Manuel Esaa Hace un año +9

      Kennedy was trixie's backup dancer

    • Kylee Smith
      Kylee Smith Hace un año +22

      @John D. i agree! kennedy was doing the most which wasn’t bad, but as a lip sync trixie did astronomically better. she was actually showing the emotion of the song instead of trying to make it look like a professional dance routine

  • Alexandria Trenier
    Alexandria Trenier Hace un año

    My favorite is the school teacher look. The hourglass figure was on point along with the basic red and white color palette. IQ Kitty is also my favorite as well.

  • Mason C
    Mason C Hace 2 años

    I think it's very interesting to see Trixie critique her makeup from years ago because as viewers we see it as the same, but to her its much different and we get a little insight to her process in doing her makeup

  • Drew.Stevens
    Drew.Stevens Hace 2 años

    That's why we love you Trixie. You are so true... Loves from 🇵🇭