TRIXIE MOTEL opens soon! 馃拻


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  • Victoria Amaro
    Victoria Amaro Hace un mes +383

    the horrible lipsync in this makes it absolutely hilarious

  • KS Corbitt
    KS Corbitt Hace un mes +7

    Aww. So excited for you both. Congratulations and best of luck for a smooth opening.

  • Sarah Mathews
    Sarah Mathews Hace un mes +4

    I wish I could afford to travel there and stay there with my hubs. I went online and saw every picture of every room and read every description. Espscially having 3 kids, it'll take years to afford and plan a babysitter. So I'll just wait until it opens and read reviews from customers. It looks so awesome and I'm so happy for you Trixie and David! Congrats! I know you guys put your all into making this! It looks so fabulous. Love you bunches

  • LukeTheNerd
    LukeTheNerd Hace un mes +100

    do you think they just polish each others heads in the morning

    • Cooler heads Prevail
      Cooler heads Prevail Hace un mes +1

      Oh honey, don't get personal, my goodness!

    • Jay
      Jay Hace un mes +7

      In one way or another I think they do 馃お

    • Shawna F
      Shawna F Hace un mes +1


  • Angela Raafiki Roadcone

    So thankful David shared himself with us 馃グ
    WE ARE NOT WORTHY! 馃檶馃徎馃洂

  • Gaurav Vikalp
    Gaurav Vikalp Hace un mes +159

    You know what, David is a DILF. Let鈥檚 have that conversation!

    • Lea-Sophie Hasic
      Lea-Sophie Hasic Hace un mes

      I would

    • Jasper
      Jasper Hace un mes +2

      Why and what business is it of yours in the first place.

    • ChuckNormis218
      ChuckNormis218 Hace un mes +7

      I think the conversation is like,,, already done. We all know already 馃サ馃珷馃槱

  • Meghan92Foo
    Meghan92Foo Hace un mes +4

    Omg does this mean we will be treated like Pink starbursts? 馃挆

  • James R
    James R Hace un mes +87

    let me just sell most of my organs for a room

    • Angela Raafiki Roadcone
      Angela Raafiki Roadcone Hace 27 d铆as

      @Skunker 馃槩

    • Slim Shady
      Slim Shady Hace un mes

      maybe Motel 6 is more your style

    • Skunker
      Skunker Hace un mes +2

      @Angela Raafiki Roadcone the cheapest I could find was $400 for a night and over $700 for a night for specific days

    • Angela Raafiki Roadcone
      Angela Raafiki Roadcone Hace un mes +3

      Omg I don't live in the US and haven't looked up prices but is it a bit much?

  • Marc Frederik
    Marc Frederik Hace un mes

    I鈥檇 almost book a hotel room to meet David

  • Michaela Oleson
    Michaela Oleson Hace un mes +48

    Are you hiring? I have experience in Hospitality management and am an excellent houskeeping executive.

    • Michaela Oleson
      Michaela Oleson Hace un mes +7

      @Catherine Vaz excuse me this is my application

    • Catherine Vaz
      Catherine Vaz Hace un mes +2

      I went to a hotel & catering school in France and I have lots of experience as a waitress, barmaid, receptionist and as a housekeeper!

    • Slim Shady
      Slim Shady Hace un mes +4

      I鈥檓 sure they check comments on these videos for future employees 馃槀

    • Samantha
      Samantha Hace un mes +13

      I also have experience with their experience in hospitality management and they are an excellent housekeeping executive.

    • Neko Mochi
      Neko Mochi Hace un mes +19

      Consider my recommendation for their experience in hospitality management and excellent housekeeping execution.

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes Hace un mes

    I wonder if it will have any special parties and events like they have at the (All Worlds Resort) in Palm Springs.

  • Mel Smythe
    Mel Smythe Hace 28 d铆as

    Loving Davids's top, he has a cute little bald head. I love this for Brian

  • SexuallyRepressedMegalodon

    Oh she doesn鈥檛! Know! The words!

    • tom m
      tom m Hace un mes


  • Maria Rapuano
    Maria Rapuano Hace un mes +4

    I am afraid if I go, I will never come back to my family 馃ジ

  • Jhonathan Zaldivar
    Jhonathan Zaldivar Hace un mes +8

    It is expensive, it鈥檚 for the rich and famous lmao

  • Matt Mayo
    Matt Mayo Hace un mes +50

    Not for the poors

    • sandra Jones
      sandra Jones Hace un mes +2

      @pinkpugginz Trixie is a business mogul. She should be doing whatever it takes to make her money.
      Newsflash she is not doing this for fun.

    • pinkpugginz
      pinkpugginz Hace un mes +1

      @sandra Jones 500$ a night. kind of stupid. trixie should have made it affordable for everyone

    • Matt Mayo
      Matt Mayo Hace un mes +4

      Check the nightly rates. It鈥檚 not for 鈥渢his audience鈥

    • sandra Jones
      sandra Jones Hace un mes


  • Fried Oreo
    Fried Oreo Hace un mes +8

    The love of pink starburst鈥檚

  • pinkpugginz
    pinkpugginz Hace un mes +2

    Trixie I really wish you would have made it more consumer friendly. $500 a night is steep. I would love to visit but can't. Maybe you'll open a secondary location?

    • iunno
      iunno Hace 26 d铆as +1

      @Callum Footitt Why are you drilling them about their tone?

    • Callum Footitt
      Callum Footitt Hace un mes

      Why is your comment worded so friendly?
      I'm literally asking I don't get it, it comes across like your trying to have a serious dialogue with trixie but you have to be aware of the fact she dosent care, like you have to know that

  • kmallory100
    kmallory100 Hace un mes +4

    Party for the Caucasian gays in Palm Springs!!

  • a.a barker
    a.a barker Hace un mes +6

    omg trixie and david are bald4bald

  • yummy_yummy `
    yummy_yummy ` Hace un mes +1

    Oh he鈥檚 cute

  • Nathan Wall
    Nathan Wall Hace un mes +3

    I think the legal drinking age should be determined by the amount of trauma you鈥檝e had. I could鈥檝e been drinking since 10.

    • HannahBear9624
      HannahBear9624 Hace un mes +1

      What does drinking have to do with this?? Also no. 10 year olds shouldn't be drinking alcohol tf

  • camina jones
    camina jones Hace un mes +1

    is being bald mandatory to work at the motel?

  • Nicholas McGuire
    Nicholas McGuire Hace un mes +73

    I'm sorry my dear sachet away

    • Angela Raafiki Roadcone
      Angela Raafiki Roadcone Hace un mes

      The kind your Nana would put in her drawers

    • They Them Gae
      They Them Gae Hace un mes

      Sounds the same but the spelling is different. Sashay the spelling for this case. Love your comment though! It made me laugh (not because of typo)

    • eliza
      eliza Hace un mes +4


    • ChuckNormis218
      ChuckNormis218 Hace un mes +19


  • BoxedFridge
    BoxedFridge Hace un mes +6

    Lemme just grow 2 years so i can visit

    • Skunker
      Skunker Hace un mes

      @Shawna F actually they have availability next month

    • Shawna F
      Shawna F Hace un mes

      It鈥檚 booked up for like a year anyway lol

    • Callum Footitt
      Callum Footitt Hace un mes +1

      And 600 pound richer

    • MattB16
      MattB16 Hace un mes

      4 years here 馃槶馃

    • Nathan Wall
      Nathan Wall Hace un mes

      Me too girl. Meeeee tooo.

  • Sailor Pluto
    Sailor Pluto Hace un mes

    Love the phone

  • James Fluker
    James Fluker Hace un mes

    She's not shantaying after that lip sync 馃槀

  • Callum Footitt
    Callum Footitt Hace un mes +5

    Omg I wouldn't mind the motel being so over priced if you didn't market it to your entire audience like its something they should all do and go to

    • Callum Footitt
      Callum Footitt Hace un mes +1

      @pinkpugginz also I know trixie says "I don't wanna know about my under aged audience" but like...
      At some point you have to be aware of the fact its easily half if not 70% of her audience

    • pinkpugginz
      pinkpugginz Hace un mes +1

      yes it upset me. and its not like a luxury hotel either. 150$ per night would be plenty.

    JADE CAVE Hace un mes +1

    The. Pink. Starburst.

  • Nico 鈾
    Nico 鈾 Hace un mes

    MY BIRTHDAY 馃槑馃槑

  • Aubreyswehavethemeat
    Aubreyswehavethemeat Hace un mes

    Let me in now

  • Mason Esling
    Mason Esling Hace un mes +7

  • funkywoermz
    funkywoermz Hace un mes +9

    already booked for october! aaaaaaaaaah i'm SO hyped!!!馃挄

    • pinkpugginz
      pinkpugginz Hace un mes +2

      what job do you have that you can afford it?

    • tom m
      tom m Hace un mes +1

      Take Lots Of Photos for The gram Mama ! ( Pack Lightly and Cutsie )

    • Alex t茅rieur
      Alex t茅rieur Hace un mes +5

      Pls count the cockroaches for us!

    • Trisha Marie
      Trisha Marie Hace un mes +4

      Please come back and update us! I am so jealous!鈾ワ笍

  • Annika Hansen
    Annika Hansen Hace un mes +17

    With that lipsync. Sashay, away

  • Juicy Jackson
    Juicy Jackson Hace un mes

    David would be Sahaying Away for that terrible lip synch!

  • Ben
    Ben Hace un mes +2

    I sadly cannot afford the 2K to stay there for a few days but hope the wealthier fans get the chance!

  • themrmatthewalan
    themrmatthewalan Hace un mes +2

    Definitely David's fault there was a rushed TV show for a motel that's not even open yet.

  • Sadpuppies
    Sadpuppies Hace un mes

    come on lip sync!

  • Gingo Yalho
    Gingo Yalho Hace un mes

    Ha ha ha ha haaaa haaa

  • Robi G
    Robi G Hace un mes

    Sashay away...

  • Jay L
    Jay L Hace un mes +2

    Sashay away

  • Liam
    Liam Hace un mes +3

    David is hot 馃サ

    • Wendy Butler
      Wendy Butler Hace un mes +1

      He's also a very nice human being. We would want nothing less for Trixie.

  • Syonis Macias-Johnson
    Syonis Macias-Johnson Hace un mes +5

    That鈥檒l be $500 a night for a niche motel in the middle of nowhere that鈥檒l stay open for approximately 2 years! Enjoy your stay 馃帀

    • Savannah Darling
      Savannah Darling Hace un mes +2

      It's Palm Springs. I think they'll manage.

    • James Fluker
      James Fluker Hace un mes +6

      Palm Springs might be a niche location, but it's relatively close to Los Angeles and it's always crowded with gays. I don't think there'll be too much of an issue for them attracting customers.

    • Alex t茅rieur
      Alex t茅rieur Hace un mes +1

      Yeah i wonder how that buisiness avenue is gonna go

    • Adam White
      Adam White Hace un mes +2

      Still a better price than the Star Wars hotel 馃槀

  • Rider
    Rider Hace un mes

    It wasn't funny