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  • Go behind the scenes with us at Trixie and Katya Live! Full video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9da8_...
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  • toxic.pink
    toxic.pink Hace un mes +37

    This tour better have a documentary, special or DVD souvenir after it's finished because I can't go but I have to see it

    • Holly Glendenning
      Holly Glendenning Hace 5 días

      I really hope it’s filmed because you’re told not to film it

  • Lisa Larsen
    Lisa Larsen Hace un mes +87

    What if we never saw dinesse Richards again

  • Koolbean
    Koolbean Hace un mes +31

    I'm so excited to see these divas in February miss hunty mawmaw🥵🥵🤤

  • Manda_Musings84
    Manda_Musings84 Hace un mes +1

    Why do I crush so hard on drag queens 😩🖤

  • Tamara Jones
    Tamara Jones Hace un mes +1

    You too crack me up love you to pieces happy travels

  • Erik Wieboldt
    Erik Wieboldt Hace un mes +5

    The divas really can wiggle

  • Denis Haxhnikaj
    Denis Haxhnikaj Hace un mes +1

    Those divas❤️‍🔥

  • Betsy Thompson
    Betsy Thompson Hace un mes


  • Kat Wilder
    Kat Wilder Hace un mes +8

    i LOVE the crocs hehehe

  • The Fandom Master
    The Fandom Master Hace un mes +1

    October can't come sooner!

  • Marie Starr
    Marie Starr Hace un mes +1

    Lets say you and katya switched make up? Could it work 🤔

  • Malisa Lavis
    Malisa Lavis Hace un mes


  • allanWG
    allanWG Hace un mes +1

    Dollz keep Dolly-ING

  • anacaroline
    anacaroline Hace un mes

    Vou fazer uma caminhada 🚶‍♀️
    A Roberta zumba

  • Ghost Giraffe
    Ghost Giraffe Hace un mes +2

    I have to say that Trixie and Katya are the reason I went from being ambivalent about drag and high fashion to being literally enthralled with the culture. Comedy geniuses and I don’t know about Katya but Trixie is seriously a crazy talented musician. I love their… his?…. her? ….voice.

  • S M
    S M Hace un mes +2

    hi trix

  • 토니
    토니 Hace 3 días

    The dolls? So theres trans women there :0??