POV you dropped your phone in the pool at Trixie Motel


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  • Dakota Darci
    Dakota Darci Hace un mes +669

    Somehow the water turned my phone into a blush-loving, mega eyelash-wearing, blonde gorgeous skinny legend diva, and it won't stop interrupting me.

    • MagicPants
      MagicPants Hace un mes +32

      …the water is turning the frogs gay? Lmao

  • No No
    No No Hace un mes +213

    This is what I imagine a sitcom intro of the Trixie motel would be but when he pick the phone out of the water it just transitions into him in drag

  • claire
    claire Hace un mes +352

    why are u holding me upside down bald?

  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore Hace un mes +70

    You're telling me that if I drop my phone in the pool Tracy Martel herself will come and get it out? I call cap sis. She can't even hug people what makes you think she wants to help clumsy strangers.

  • BEEJ
    BEEJ Hace un mes +14

    I would never drop my phone at a Trixie motel because I can't afford it😂😭

  • Mustashee
    Mustashee Hace un mes +22

    Okay but can we talk about how CUTE they are as a couple 😍

  • Poke !
    Poke ! Hace un mes +78

    she dropped it so hard david disappeared

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight Hace un mes +34

    POV you're a phone and Tracy saves you

  • Korekiyo shin gucci
    Korekiyo shin gucci Hace un mes +31

    "ew it's android" *throws it back in*

  • Eraz R.
    Eraz R. Hace un mes +18

    This is literally a Cannes Film Festival award-winning short film!

  • Ollie
    Ollie Hace un mes +15

    I love a non staged video that doesn’t advertise anything to the viewer 👹

  • Adrian Ghandtchi
    Adrian Ghandtchi Hace 29 días +3

    They are such an awesome pair, so glad that her motel is taking off still can’t afford going there but still fun.

  • Delta Loraine
    Delta Loraine Hace un mes +17

    Technically if it’s a POV we are the phone dropped in the pool

  • Amy
    Amy Hace un mes +19

    Y’all Katya obviously cast some crazy Russian witch spell that forces Brian to flail his arms dramatically and caused him drop his phone into the pool…
    I see you Katya Zamolodchikova 👀

  • David Carver
    David Carver Hace un mes +5

    Beautiful motel Trix! Congratulations on all your success! 😊

  • Robert Tanas
    Robert Tanas Hace un mes +6

    Happy for you Trixie enjoy that life that you made for yourself.

  • Sofia Lee
    Sofia Lee Hace un mes +20

    that’s the real thing ✨s n a t c h✨

  • Julie M
    Julie M Hace un mes +17

    its my dream to get drowned in a pool by you so thank you for the vr footage im going to develop to fulfill my vision

  • Tina K
    Tina K Hace un mes +3

    Just discovered you on your show and now I am obsessed, been watching your show and You Tube channel all day! Love the make up videos from your early years. 🥰

  • Kyoukichi
    Kyoukichi Hace un mes +125

    At Trixie Motel, we have nets!!!!!

  • itsAlexD00d
    itsAlexD00d Hace un mes +10

    wow, so immersive, it's like i'm rlly there drowning!!!!

  • Christian
    Christian Hace un mes +4

    I love how it clearly states it a pov of us dropping our phone but the video is from the pov of the phone lmfao

  • Casey Venable
    Casey Venable Hace un mes +6

    The content we didn’t know we needed

  • Johannes Halberstadt
    Johannes Halberstadt Hace un mes +18

    This is "POV: You ARE the phonedrpped into the pool at TM"

  • Ty
    Ty Hace un mes +7

    I feel like the skimmer should be made of pantyhose or something 🤣

  • SuperButterTwinkie
    SuperButterTwinkie Hace un mes +9

    not trixie being unaware of what POV means

  • Autumna 1992
    Autumna 1992 Hace un mes +16

    Pov the G kicked in and Trixie comes to save you

  • 🥒Lesbian_librarian🥒

    POV you haven’t got used to seeing trixie without her drag

  • Kai
    Kai Hace 8 días +6

    No this is pov trixie drops you in a pool and kindly fishes you out

  • Green E. E.
    Green E. E. Hace un mes +4

    That was soo cute 😂🥰

  • Rose Nides
    Rose Nides Hace un mes +8

    I love seeing Brian out of drag, he is just such a handsome lad and look at David with his glistening chest trove 👍 what a handsome couple of entrepreneurs 👌❤️

  • Rutger Newman
    Rutger Newman Hace un mes +3

    We Love You Trixie!!!

  • anna tigar
    anna tigar Hace un mes +26

    that one hair floating in the water

  • Lisa Larsen
    Lisa Larsen Hace un mes +5

    I can’t with these 2 😂

  • EJ Jones
    EJ Jones Hace un mes +8

    veneers are still slaying Trixie stg

  • artfornomads
    artfornomads Hace un mes +5

    The phone will be doing a tell all next week with cupcakke playing in the background💐

  • jovana
    jovana Hace un mes +4

    I will never be able to meet you but I love you so much and please continue making online content

  • Farhan Karim
    Farhan Karim Hace un mes +29

    My phone's been yassified

  • Ryan Wolff
    Ryan Wolff Hace un mes +3

    Tracey Martell, we stan you

  • slayyyder
    slayyyder Hace un mes +15

    "don't worry... it's iphone:"

  • Eulalio Guerra Garza
    Eulalio Guerra Garza Hace un mes +19

    Great, now is full of eyelash glue

  • jovana
    jovana Hace un mes +1


  • mikmaktak
    mikmaktak Hace un mes +1

    i want to get the flower room so bad 😩

  • Sierra Johnson
    Sierra Johnson Hace un mes +3

    I wonder how many takes they had to do

  • Destiny Louise
    Destiny Louise Hace un mes +6

    Thanks Trixie 😌

  • No Data Stored
    No Data Stored Hace un mes +4

    You two are too cute

  • May Productions
    May Productions Hace un mes +6

    Omgg i wanna stay there so bad everything looks so paradise-y but i live like 918282828 miles away

  • petty
    petty Hace un mes +6

    i was hoping it would be a drag transition 😣

  • MrSmiley
    MrSmiley Hace un mes +2

    Didn’t even recognize you at first 👨🏻‍🦲

  • FruityBlue
    FruityBlue Hace un mes +7

    David teleported lolll

  • Deborah S.
    Deborah S. Hace un mes

    Best heat wave cure!🐚

  • Chloe Arbel
    Chloe Arbel Hace un mes +3

    It's so clean-

  • Emma Wit
    Emma Wit Hace un mes +7

    you got me gal

  • Mela Durnford
    Mela Durnford Hace un mes

    Love you girl!

  • Tayla Marie
    Tayla Marie Hace un mes +11

    Refreshing 🌴💦

  • T R
    T R Hace un mes +9


  • Adam Kieres
    Adam Kieres Hace un mes +5

    Who is that sexy bear? May I have him please?

    • kenneth
      kenneth Hace un mes +4

      Trixie’s lover. I hear she doesn’t like to share!!

  • Bumble Bea
    Bumble Bea Hace un mes +1

    I really was expecting that gorilla swimming

  • Tima Glam
    Tima Glam Hace un mes +5

    I dono how the POV works anymore

  • shellmcc0414
    shellmcc0414 Hace un mes +2

    Trixie is giving 3 ninjas / David is weekend at Bernie’s

    • Keghan
      Keghan Hace un mes +2

      Omg she is totally giving 3 ninjas I can’t unsee it 😂

  • Pamela Hinchee
    Pamela Hinchee Hace un mes +2

    Great Music Choice!
    Love This!

  • allanWG
    allanWG Hace un mes +6

    queen of flop but into the water

  • Dicky A. Wicaksono
    Dicky A. Wicaksono Hace un mes +12

    So I'm the phone?

  • Miss Mia
    Miss Mia Hace un mes +1

    love love love you sistren

  • addy bishop
    addy bishop Hace un mes +4

    Cute pool boy

  • C F
    C F Hace un mes +2

    Uh huh. "dropped" lol

  • Kimberley Clark
    Kimberley Clark Hace un mes

    Is David signaling for help?

  • I'm Genesis
    I'm Genesis Hace un mes

    "That was a freebie."

  • Caiden Parisien
    Caiden Parisien Hace un mes +1

    u threw it back😭

  • B
    B Hace un mes +4

    Could sell less bugs... bald

  • felixcatnapping
    felixcatnapping Hace un mes +2

    My phone is not waterproof :(

  • ihatealexj
    ihatealexj Hace un mes


  • Bal Romasant
    Bal Romasant Hace un mes +3

    Season 2??

  • Coravin
    Coravin Hace un mes +11

    Put me down bald

    • Leia Gibson
      Leia Gibson Hace un mes

      best comment

    • Coravin
      Coravin Hace un mes +2

      This is a joke love you trixxie

  • Passenger Shaming
    Passenger Shaming Hace un mes +9

    can I be the phone pls

  • Brandon Robertson
    Brandon Robertson Hace un mes +15

    The pink one so terrify 👁👄👁

    • Brandon Robertson
      Brandon Robertson Hace un mes

      @Granny M yes, we are...we are ❤️

    • Granny M
      Granny M Hace un mes

      Really? We're still doing that??? 🤦‍♂️

  • arcaana
    arcaana Hace un mes

    Is this what a camp person would do honeyy not the pov too😓😥

  • Stephanie C
    Stephanie C Hace un mes +3

    What in the Better Call Saul is this?

  • ILoveCats
    ILoveCats Hace un mes +2


  • Ty
    Ty Hace un mes

    Grade A content

  • Jhonathan Zaldivar
    Jhonathan Zaldivar Hace un mes +1

    I see two bald humans 👨‍🦲 👨‍🦲

  • Greenhill Ángel
    Greenhill Ángel Hace un mes


  • fuckmorgab
    fuckmorgab Hace un mes


  • v
    v Hace un mes +18

    hi bald!

  • LmpNChi
    LmpNChi Hace un mes +3

    Where are the guests? 🧐

    • Wetsockz
      Wetsockz Hace un mes +1

      Sadly its not done yet

    • Gracie
      Gracie Hace un mes +8

      It isn’t open yet

  • Boo!
    Boo! Hace un mes +3


  • Raven
    Raven Hace un mes


  • little lil one
    little lil one Hace un mes +1


  • Janener Voldez
    Janener Voldez Hace un mes +4

    Am I the first Like ??? With 36 comments already wth lol

  • Rad Otter Reid Ott
    Rad Otter Reid Ott Hace un mes +2


  • DeathByVotes
    DeathByVotes Hace un mes +37

    Delete it bald

    • Jin Gao
      Jin Gao Hace un mes

      @ℋ𝑜𝓇𝓇𝑜𝓇 ℋ𝑜𝓃𝑒𝓎 😭mine was a joke too but work ig

    • ℋ𝑜𝓇𝓇𝑜𝓇 ℋ𝑜𝓃𝑒𝓎
      ℋ𝑜𝓇𝓇𝑜𝓇 ℋ𝑜𝓃𝑒𝓎 Hace un mes +4

      @Jin Gao dude it's a joke 😭 pretty sure she said it in one of the vids she did with Brittany

    • Jin Gao
      Jin Gao Hace un mes +1

      @moepy like the "pink one is terrifying"?

    • moepy
      moepy Hace un mes +14

      @Jin Gao isnt it a reference to somethinng tracy martel has said before

    FIVE1FIVE0 Hace un mes +1

    Save the children

  • Cooper Hough
    Cooper Hough Hace un mes

    Is the Trixie Motel a rehab for gorgeous biological anorexic women ?

  • Grant Rollins
    Grant Rollins Hace un mes +3


  • aiden siessmayer
    aiden siessmayer Hace un mes +2

    Hi egg

  • G H
    G H Hace un mes +1

    Yal are a handsome couple, but Trixie of toy ever want roof l together of David. I'm want great choice b do a queen months one last wish before she dies in 40yts place y him to me please baby drag 👸

    • mook_butt
      mook_butt Hace un mes +1

      Here’s some dressing for that word salad

    • OverEasy Egg
      OverEasy Egg Hace un mes +6

      Are you ok? Should we call someone?

    • lynternet
      lynternet Hace un mes +4

      so true

    FIVE1FIVE0 Hace un mes +5

    Save the children

    • Ollie Silver
      Ollie Silver Hace un mes +3

      That’s what we’ve been saying. Christian doctrine has gone too far for too long! We need more Trixie Motels 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Priyanshu Thakur
      Priyanshu Thakur Hace un mes +7

      From thr church

    • BasicBrittani
      BasicBrittani Hace un mes +8

      @logan he must be talkin about child labour camps.

    • logan
      logan Hace un mes +17

      from what?

  • Callum Footitt
    Callum Footitt Hace un mes +7

    Stop permoting this like it's something all of your fans should do it's for the well off advertise it as such

    • Julia Elsey
      Julia Elsey Hace un mes +1

      @Callum Footitt I support you

    • Callum Footitt
      Callum Footitt Hace un mes +8

      @Whee In Dis Beech i don't really care about the advertising its just an excuse to complain about the price

    • Callum Footitt
      Callum Footitt Hace un mes +3

      @Whee In Dis Beech no I'm just an angry poor

    • Whee In Dis Beech
      Whee In Dis Beech Hace un mes +18

      The sensitivity in this comment is screaming at me.

  • Barbiana
    Barbiana Hace un mes +1

    Okay but who tf is gonna be able to afford ur motel

    • I Catfished Your Dad
      I Catfished Your Dad Hace un mes

      @Barbiana People with more money than sense.

    • ♛ Lilibelle ♡
      ♛ Lilibelle ♡ Hace un mes +2

      @MagicPants entitlement

    • Barbiana
      Barbiana Hace un mes

      @MagicPants neither im a fan nor did i expect anything else, but still.. who gonna afford that

    • MagicPants
      MagicPants Hace un mes +27

      Why did fans expect an art exhibition full of custom pieces turned into a motel by a celebrity to be cheap as a Motel 6 lmao