New! Trixie Tools are Here!

  • Publicado el 14 ago 2022
  • Beauty Tools 🛠 Launching Friday at 10am PT ⏰ at These tools might look like toys, but they’re Trixie-approved to tackle any beauty task. When beauty duty calls, Trixie’s got your back with this four-piece toolkit that will make you feel prepared for anything!
    💖 Beauty Scissors ($12)
    💖 Lash Curler ($12)
    💖 Heart Tweezers with Pouch ($12)
    💖 Heart Sponge with Case ($12)
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Comentarios • 750

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy Hace un mes +2842

    I have a nerve and joint condition that makes it very hard for me to hold little things for more than a few seconds and I just got SO excited about those tweezers lol like....probably more excited than one should get over them. I know they weren't designed with disabled people specifically in mind but I'm definitely getting a pair, I'm so excited!

    • DisappointingPorn
      DisappointingPorn Hace 11 días +1

      That should be a thing!
      adorable and glamorous makeup tools designed specifically for people with different dexterity needs.
      Such things do exist to some degree, but they don’t have the fun and fabulousness that other companies put into their products.

    • Sarah O'Carroll Byrne
      Sarah O'Carroll Byrne Hace un mes +1

      this was my first thought too! I have dyspraxia and it’s so hard for me to grip normal tweezers to the point where i just don’t bother anymore, maybe these will change my life lmao

    • weezie1982
      weezie1982 Hace un mes

      I have issues with twitches and shaky hands sometimes so these tweezers will be awesome.

    • Kyleigh White
      Kyleigh White Hace un mes

      This! And that’s another reason why I love rare beauty. So easy to hold and open things. Trixie really is our mother

    • Roxana Salahshoor
      Roxana Salahshoor Hace un mes +4

      I have tremors in my wrists/hands and these tweezers are a dream for me. I’m definitely getting a set. More cosmetic/beauty companies need to provide more comfortable alternatives to those of us who are disabled. Thank you, Trixie Cosmetics for this!

  • half pine
    half pine Hace un mes +1670

    “It comes in a pentagon box”
    *is fully a trapezoid*
    She may not know geometry, but she sure knows her cosmeceuticals

    • Christian Ureña
      Christian Ureña Hace un mes

      pointing the already pointed mistake

    • Adam Xaver Šich
      Adam Xaver Šich Hace un mes +10

      Let’s ask Dragometry, the Rectangle Girls of the World

    • Ashley B
      Ashley B Hace un mes +3

      She was like 5 sides? Alright yep I know that's a pentagon!

    • SpicyBean Tofu
      SpicyBean Tofu Hace un mes +8

      @Crafty not Shifty I don't think that many don't know what a pentagon looks like. Lol

  • Edward Avila
    Edward Avila Hace un mes +146

    Random but the fact that the lash curler has a spring so that it automatically goes back to an open position after being clamped makes it SO much easier and safer to curl your lashes- the manual ones u run the risk of pulling out your lashes before you unclamp them if you’re in a rush 🫣

    • msjg
      msjg Hace un mes +3


  • Alice Barrett
    Alice Barrett Hace un mes +521

    I'm so happy, I gave her those pink panther earrings at a meet and greet in Bath, UK

    • Suzy
      Suzy Hace un mes +2

      Haha I’m excited for you!! That’s awesome 🥰

    • Asdf
      Asdf Hace un mes +1


    • Chloe Christodoulou
      Chloe Christodoulou Hace un mes +3

      @Alice Barrett Definitely checking them out thank you!!

    • Alice Barrett
      Alice Barrett Hace un mes +12

      @Chloe Christodoulou a Spanish shop called KiwiPomelo ! I think they also do international shipping

    • Chloe Christodoulou
      Chloe Christodoulou Hace un mes +8

      That's so cool! Where are they from?

  • But I Forgot My Pen...
    But I Forgot My Pen... Hace un mes +630

    Trixie totally needs to collab with a power tool brand like DeWalt or Makita, and make a line of pink power tools. I'd buy them all, and learn to use them properly if she did!

    • Júlia Castro
      Júlia Castro Hace un mes

      She has a kit of pink power tools, so she knows they wouldn’t sell that much cuz they already exist

    • Christian Ureña
      Christian Ureña Hace un mes

      a straight got lost in the comment section! who's picking them out?

    • Tishy Rose
      Tishy Rose Hace un mes +1

      I have some pink power tools that I’m pretty sure are from an American company, actually called “Pink Power” so maybe she could even partner with them cuz all she’d really have to do is put her name on them since the tools are already pink, and they work well. At least for me they do. Let’s me live my DIY Barbie fantasy

    • Jay St
      Jay St Hace un mes +2

      100% agreed!!!

  • A m
    A m Hace un mes +536

    I would buy an actual tool set from Trixie, like a hammer and a screwdriver set all in hot pink, I’m here for it
    (Screw guns sold separately ❤️)

    • Ryonan Luecke
      Ryonan Luecke Hace un mes +2

      "you wannaa get PUUuuhhhMped"

    • Hi, Bathed
      Hi, Bathed Hace un mes +1

      @joanne lawllll I was like “uh, you mean SCREWGUN, bestie.”

    • Ruby Bewbsday
      Ruby Bewbsday Hace un mes +3

      Oh don't forget the screw gun!

    • Christena Washburn
      Christena Washburn Hace un mes +1


    • Abraham Félix
      Abraham Félix Hace un mes +6

      I genuinely thought she was gonna launch a hammer with lashes and hot pink lol

  • The Slithery Sylvie
    The Slithery Sylvie Hace un mes +451

    I love the colorful eye looks Trixie has served all summer. She is the My Little Pony version of Dusty Springfield and I love her for it!

  • Alexandria M
    Alexandria M Hace un mes +210

    I wore the KimChi Cosmetics x Trixie blush to a job interview and got the damn job. Thank you for your incredible work!

  • Luiza borges
    Luiza borges Hace un mes +405

    I really appreciate that she thinks so much about the user experience, not just the looks

  • Claire Pancerz
    Claire Pancerz Hace un mes +195

    That purple on the eyes is dynamite. More of that, please! And, yea, tools!!

  • Sera F
    Sera F Hace un mes +447

    As someone who does a lot of sewing (including handsewing of so many snaps and buttons), I cannot wait to get those scissors and use them as my new "finishers"!

    • hollyobaby
      hollyobaby Hace un mes +1

      @Nichole Warren big scissor loves us

    • Stephie K.
      Stephie K. Hace un mes +2

      I do cross stitching and embroidery, those scissors will replace the *yawn* boring pair I have from the craft store. Pink hearts! OMG, skweeeee!

    • AllStones
      AllStones Hace un mes

      Yall are life hacking your way with Trixie cosmetics lol

    • Danny T
      Danny T Hace un mes

      POP AWF look at Trixie improving the quality of your careers

    • G
      G Hace un mes

      That was my first thought too!

  • shannon Hormuth
    shannon Hormuth Hace un mes +504

    i love how trixie is consistent when it comes to making products she’s very dedicated and we don’t thank her enough

    • Sa L
      Sa L Hace un mes +2

      Wtf are you talking about Shannon?!?!?!? It's a business and a cosmetics company. Wtf you mean by thank her?

    • Kieran
      Kieran Hace un mes +1

      More like thanks to bills, I don't get to buy her stuff enough *cries in adulting* The ultimate thank you

    • Heather Masters
      Heather Masters Hace un mes +6

      I think she appreciates our money more

    • Debbie from Compliance
      Debbie from Compliance Hace un mes +1

      Consistent…consistently a liar

    • R WI
      R WI Hace un mes +10

      We thank her enough. Keep giving her your money and views. 💄

  • sar 🍓
    sar 🍓 Hace un mes +169

    trixie can you pleaseeee make a lash tray? something that holds like 10 pairs of lashes that isn’t made of resin. something easily cleanable that is also pink. i would give u all my money for that.

    • RAE
      RAE Hace un mes +3

      @M horrific for the environment and breakable I think???

    • M
      M Hace un mes

      Why not resin?

    • Ashley Marie
      Ashley Marie Hace un mes +3

      a million times yes

    • RAE
      RAE Hace un mes +3


  • C Cochran
    C Cochran Hace un mes +79

    I’m going to buy my mom the eyelash curler. First of all, she loves Trixie. Secondly, that woman has been addicted to curling her eyelashes since high school. I spent my entire childhood in the passenger seat of the car fearing for my life as my mother curled her eyelashes in the rear view mirror. Ah, The 80’s lol.

    • C Cochran
      C Cochran Hace un mes +4

      @Tishy Rose lol! She’s a legend. I still tease her about it to this day.
      This isn’t confirmed but I think she still does it 😂

    • Tishy Rose
      Tishy Rose Hace un mes +5

      Your mum sounds iconic, but also a bit unhinged because omg she must be proper fearless to do that! I worry myself curling my own lashes when I’m just sitting still in my house, but that’s more because being blind in one eye makes all makeup things I do to my eyes just a bit more stressful. I can’t even imagine having the sheer commitment to a look to curl my lashes in the car, your mum is a brave lady but hopefully she’s taking less risks with her beauty regime now 😹 I’m sure you’ll make her day by buying her this, such a sweet thing to do!
      (And I mean unhinged as a compliment 🙈)

  • kaitlyn k
    kaitlyn k Hace un mes +6

    obsessed with this packaging, can we see environmentally friendly packaging in the future that is still cute?

  • dsoules47
    dsoules47 Hace un mes +152

    Trixie’s passion over a sponge is nothing short than admirable she’s so brave

  • Diana Silva
    Diana Silva Hace un mes +225

    The Sales Woman we need but don't deserve

  • Venus Hart
    Venus Hart Hace un mes +55

    I don't think Trixie realized how accessable these products are when she was making them, but I'm so excited about these! I've never been so excited about makeup tools lmao.

  • João Ducci
    João Ducci Hace un mes +127

    petition to get patricia to do colorful eyes like this more often pls and thank u

  • Kayla
    Kayla Hace un mes +193

    plz come out w a version of just the sponge so we're not wasting money & extra plastic throwing away the case every time we replenish

    • Lindey Lou
      Lindey Lou Hace un mes +3

      @Júlia Castro no one said she had to stop making the ones with the case. We just want a refill option that wont leave us with endless excess plastic. I would probably even buy a few of the ones with the container, just not continuously

    • Júlia Castro
      Júlia Castro Hace un mes

      @Lindey Lou the whole thing about Trixie’s brand is creative packaging that can become collector decoration stuff

    • Lindey Lou
      Lindey Lou Hace un mes +6

      @НеСлавянки Why not just sell an only sponge version? Endlessly upcycling has been debunked for years, as space for stuff is still a factor.

    • Joshua Mattel
      Joshua Mattel Hace un mes

      @НеСлавянки exactly lol

    • НеСлавянки
      НеСлавянки Hace un mes +18

      You can use the case for jewelry, or other things. Why throw it away?

  • Dixie Rae
    Dixie Rae Hace un mes +20

    Imagine how amazing it would be if Trixie came out with a line of fashions complimenting the rooms in her Motel. Could you imagine going into Walmart and Target and seeing an enormous Trixie Mattel display with racks of these beautiful patterns. How adorable if she came out with a line for little girls and boys.

  • Mo The Codfish
    Mo The Codfish Hace un mes +8

    i know the asmr parts were probs just trixie memeing but i wish trixie actually made a full asmr video 😆😆😆💀 the tapping and even the brief scissors sound were just 👌✨

  • Pandastrix
    Pandastrix Hace un mes +77

    Trixie sweetie… this is so cool and I’m so happy how big trixie cosmetics is getting. Hope you can get into Walgreens and start a feud with kimchichic cvs lmaooo

  • Alycia
    Alycia Hace un mes +20

    I sometimes have grip issues, especially on little things like tweezers. You've just made my whole life so much easier, you have no idea. I'll finally be able to stop looking like Groucho Marx (at least in the eyebrow department).

  • Prince Of The Moon
    Prince Of The Moon Hace un mes +87

    Not us being exclusive besties 😮‍💨🥰 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnhhhhhhh 😩😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️

  • AJ
    AJ Hace un mes +61

    this blue and purple eye is giving me everything i could ever ask for

  • Ladynodrinette Tumblr
    Ladynodrinette Tumblr Hace un mes +8

    you should make the sponge available for purchase by itself, so when we need a new one we don't buy a whole new container too!

  • Emil Christensen
    Emil Christensen Hace un mes +16

    tweezers with an actual grip on them?? I got so excited about this genious design feature too!! Trixie must be a woman in stem

  • Zaq Putnam
    Zaq Putnam Hace un mes +16

    Trixie: Use your lash curler safely!
    Gigi Goode: *using a lighter to heat her lash curler, to then put hot metal next to her eye*

  • kmegx
    kmegx Hace un mes +82

    You know Trix, hardware tools wouldn’t be terrible. I literally thought makes sense she has a reno show…. 😂😂😂

  • Demi P.
    Demi P. Hace un mes +35

    Omg I’m loving this exclusive preview and I’m already getting my wallet prepared 😳🙌🏼💕

  • titlepaige
    titlepaige Hace un mes +7

    I have issues with the joints in my fingers and holding tiny tweezers is away so hard and makes my hands ache, so I'm so excited to get the new tweezers!

  • BobCrochets
    BobCrochets Hace un mes +3

    Those scissors are also going to be AMAZING for crafters.

  • rcaraway1
    rcaraway1 Hace un mes +4

    Love Trixie giving us some asmr with her nails and scissors.

  • Cerulean Golem
    Cerulean Golem Hace un mes +24

    It takes a special type of derangement for a person to refer to their tweezers being loose at the bag as "raw dogging"! Hahahahahahaha! I love this maniac so much ❤️❤️

  • dainty gorl situation
    dainty gorl situation Hace un mes +14

    I feel like I should speak to my managers at work and just direct my paychecks to Tricia directly

  • Juju B
    Juju B Hace un mes +8

    Those scissors definitely should have come with a case especially if they’re that pointy and sharp. Imagine having those in your makeup or cosmetics bag and you reach your hand in the bag and you’ve just stabbed yourselves

    • hal gaucher
      hal gaucher Hace un mes +3

      Or a flexible plastic sleeve

  • Alex CC
    Alex CC Hace un mes +1

    I love the fact that she says "our logo", "our products", "our company", knowing that it's her image and her inspiration, her ideas and approval behind the products but that there is a whole bunch of professionals behind her making her ideas happen. I love that she includes everyone when talking about the company.

  • Fem ke
    Fem ke Hace un mes +16

    I'm really happy how these are priced. I can actually buy this without having to pay a sh ton of money at customs

  • Selena Hedrich
    Selena Hedrich Hace un mes +2

    “I’m a renovation star but this is beauty tools”
    I need a Trixie Cosmetics power drill NOW!!!!

  • A.J.
    A.J. Hace un mes +6

    Would love to see more products for non-makeup users! Nail clippers, toothbrushes, lotions/creams, etc.

  • OffBalance
    OffBalance Hace un mes +9

    I love seeing bright colors on your eyes! That combo is looking stun on you!

  • Asia Rogers
    Asia Rogers Hace un mes +28

    This woman never stops working, but we are grateful😭

  • Forest Night Star
    Forest Night Star Hace un mes +6

    I love that these are affordable! Yay! Ill def be supporting my girl, I love the thought you have put into them ❤️

  • Boston Terrier
    Boston Terrier Hace un mes +4

    Somehow editor Nick's confession that he likes one of the products is more convincing than the full demo

  • Todd B.
    Todd B. Hace un mes +2

    Trixie really must rate high on the flammable metric when compared to other drag queens. I mean, polyester & hairspray. Girlfriend is asking for trouble.
    Love the packaging! 👽

  • Stacey Fuller
    Stacey Fuller Hace un mes +10

    Trixie I totally appreciate you and all the work you put into everything you do. You constantly amaze me. Proud of you!

  • Brockcon Admin
    Brockcon Admin Hace un mes +2

    Trixie should totally create a range of hardware tools for Trixie motel. I would 100% buy them all.

  • Win Rar
    Win Rar Hace un mes +2

    It looks cute, I wish the eyelash curler and scissors came with a little case or something like the tweezers and sponge to complete the theme. Or have the scissors fold up like those mini scissors that have been around for years.

  • K
    K Hace un mes +9

    I love the pink press ons! Love the blue and purple eye look, I love the dress, the HAIR!! THE SKIN. THE LIP. 💗💕💘💖🥹💗

  • kmallory100
    kmallory100 Hace un mes +2

    Your makeup in this video is on point, sis. I'm here for it.

  • Vanessa Whitney
    Vanessa Whitney Hace un mes +9

    Love the purple eye shadow... Always fun to see a new launch... xo

  • Laisahh
    Laisahh Hace un mes +1

    I'm in love with the tweezers! I didn't know I needed that till now

  • A.J. Thompson
    A.J. Thompson Hace un mes +2

    Drinking game:
    Take a swig every time Trixie says the word cute
    You will be hammered in no time

  • McKaela Brooks
    McKaela Brooks Hace un mes +2

    I love all these products!! I've never seen a collection where I actually wanted everything in the video omg

    ZIGGY SOUP Hace un mes +1

    Trixies makeup is IT today!!! I don't know if it's the colors, the application...something has definitely leveled up here

  • Joanna Turner
    Joanna Turner Hace un mes +1

    Shout out to how the sponge case has air holes so the wet sponge doesn't get moldy. Love that.

  • Jhonathan Zaldivar
    Jhonathan Zaldivar Hace un mes +1

    Omg that sponge case is actually a BRILLIANT IDEA!

  • Mary Purpura
    Mary Purpura Hace un mes +1

    Love this eye look, the purple is so pretty!!

  • Carrie Roberts
    Carrie Roberts Hace un mes +10

    Trixie nail press-ons next!!!!!

  • Ryan Vita
    Ryan Vita Hace un mes +1

    I’m so excited! I’m about to place an order for the first time, but I guess I’ll be back Friday too! 😅 (shopping addiction? It’s fine)

  • Adipati Julian Sutisnawinata

    Even when she's wrong, she makes it funny & entertaining.
    The queen of improv.
    I think Trixie should open an acting school for her next endeavor.

  • Omnom
    Omnom Hace un mes +1

    3:50 I can’t with how Trixie says “so delijüss & so ripreching” it gets funnier & funnier every time I hear it! 🥹

  • Morgan Forrest
    Morgan Forrest Hace un mes +4

    Polly Pocket realness!!! 🌸💕💖🎀 I looooove it! Also shoutout David Attenborough

  • Floora Fauna
    Floora Fauna Hace un mes +1

    Trixie's make-up looks extra pretty today ✨💖

  • Liverworst
    Liverworst Hace un mes +1

    Love the shadow look today! ✨

  • properwicked
    properwicked Hace un mes +1

    your eye makeup looks amazing in this video, love the colours! x

  • annie m
    annie m Hace un mes +1

    you look so pretty here trixie, love the eyeshadow!!

  • mason trotter
    mason trotter Hace un mes +3

    cant wait for all my makeup tools to look like a barbie playset

  • Twiley James
    Twiley James Hace un mes +3

    Trixie!!! Your makeup is PERFECT and STUNNING! (hey Juno Birch) Love you! ❤️

  • JaneDoe
    JaneDoe Hace un mes +1

    Trixie should do an ASMR beauty video, that would be so relaxing and fun!

  • headlesszebra
    headlesszebra Hace un mes

    those tweezers actually sound so useful, i love the wide grip! wish i had money

  • Alexandria borges
    Alexandria borges Hace un mes +1

    I love Trixies makeup here it’s so cute😍with the purple and the blue I’m living lmao

  • Baytriot
    Baytriot Hace un mes +2

    Love this! The tweezers are a must have.
    Can we pleaseeee have a brow spoolie next?? That’s my most used make up tool!

  • violetsnotviolence
    violetsnotviolence Hace un mes +4

    Your eye makeup is gorgeous. And I love that dress. I would be totally willing to drop some money on a Trixie fashion line.

  • Sammi Hill
    Sammi Hill Hace un mes

    i appreciate how everything is always so affordable 🥹

  • Tarzan
    Tarzan Hace un mes +1

    I love the “or just don’t have a little brother” advice 💯🙌🏼 it’s true they are a scam

  • Trent Noor
    Trent Noor Hace un mes

    Finally! A tool to place my stones, I’ve been waiting YEARS Trixie!! 🪨

  • icucingme
    icucingme Hace un mes

    I have mild hand tremors sometimes, so I used air drying clay to make more of a grippy area on my tweezers since there was nothing in the market. But since is clay is not travel friendly. So happy to see those tweezers!

  • Michael Peddy
    Michael Peddy Hace un mes +1

    I thought she released her own screw gun, but I love this too!

  • Samantha Padgett
    Samantha Padgett Hace un mes +1

    “A lash curler should last you months and months of use”
    Me using the same lash curler from the dollar store for the last 3 years 😂

  • Rafa S
    Rafa S Hace un mes +1

    I literally have a lash curler from that very same manufacturer!! Like it's literally the same color and everything... And it's truly amazing so great choice by Trixie cosmetics

  • Oliver Helm
    Oliver Helm Hace un mes +1

    If Trixie made some hot pink screwdrivers, hammers and drills - I would 1000% buy them 🤣

  • GennyFK
    GennyFK Hace un mes

    As someone with a physical disability that often makes it hard to hold thin tools without handles etc... these are actually so awesome. I could see how using these tools would make my experience way smoother and easier

  • Brianne K
    Brianne K Hace un mes +1

    The transition from losing all your shitty tools to the adorable carrying case is 👌🏼

  • Bird LaRue
    Bird LaRue Hace un mes +1

    I have to say it. Trixie, darling you are absolutely fabulous. And I wish I had half the make up skills you’ve got.

  • girlnotgrey101
    girlnotgrey101 Hace un mes +2

    I LOVE your makeup today and all these products!!

  • Scott Brinson
    Scott Brinson Hace un mes +1

    I think I need those tweezers. (ps, a suggestion: how about a tiny, fine-toothed comb for grooming eyebrows with those scissors? Some of us...of a certain age...are beginning to develop the "mad professor" brows which require serious upkeep in order NOT to look

  • Essi Karjalainen
    Essi Karjalainen Hace un mes

    Love the sponge and container! Wondering if theres an option later to buy the sponges separate to the container once you need a fresh one? ✨

  • loveya 1417
    loveya 1417 Hace un mes +1

    Trixie’s makeup here is incredible!!! 😍😍😍

  • Thalita.ferreira
    Thalita.ferreira Hace un mes +1

    I am loving the different and colourful makeups

  • Alksjfjslaldjsl
    Alksjfjslaldjsl Hace un mes +1

    Always in awe of her salesmanship

  • Hol's Kitchen
    Hol's Kitchen  Hace un mes

    Cute and functional! Congratulations on the new products.

  • VintageGal 73
    VintageGal 73 Hace un mes +1

    Really love Trixie's makeup here.

  • Cat
    Cat Hace un mes

    Excited for these tools that get revealed on my birthday week! 💖

  • Candice Gregoris
    Candice Gregoris Hace un mes +1

    1) LOVE the eye makeup 2) Want the scissors very badly 3) The box shape is an Isosceles trapezoid (a type of parallelogram)

  • Satanyanko
    Satanyanko Hace un mes

    Those earrings!! Are they pink leopards? 🐆💕
    Also, I admire how smooth the white under your eyes looks, Trixie. Whenever I wear a lot of white in my inner corners it ALWAYS creases and cracks, no matter what primer I use 😭

  • Jordan O'Dwyer
    Jordan O'Dwyer Hace un mes +1

    Love your colourful makeup today!!!

  • Krystal Rose
    Krystal Rose Hace un mes

    I absolutely adore all of these and want the sponge so bad!!! Question though do you have a safety mechanism or cover for the scissors or could they just come open? I'm just curious because I could definitely see myself being clumsy with that

  • Ken Childers
    Ken Childers Hace un mes

    Thank u for making this stuff affordable but high quality!