Trixie and Katya Take Us Behind the Scenes at Trixie and Katya Live!

  • Publicado el 7 ago 2022
  • A behind-the-scenes look at Trixie and Katya Live! For more information, go to
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Comentarios • 797

  • Stacy McSlay
    Stacy McSlay Hace un mes +1217

    i hope they record at least one performance of the show so people who couldn’t get tickets could one day buy like, a viewing pass to watch it digitally or something

    • Nikki B
      Nikki B Hace un mes

      Or maybe a momenthouse show !! Would love that

    • Savannah Darling
      Savannah Darling Hace un mes +4

      @M HL they're talking about the live show that this behind the scenes video is about.

    • Anita Manbadly
      Anita Manbadly Hace un mes +3

      Margaret Cho filmed her stand up concerts, and then released those films in theaters for people who couldn't get into the show. I think Trixie and Katya need to do the same.

    • M HL
      M HL Hace un mes +1

      You could actually buy the whole shows 1st season here on ESclips for $12.99

    • medora kea
      medora kea Hace un mes +9

      @Capybara With an Orange on its Head Yes, I second this!!! I'm autistic & have auditory processing disorder, and as much as I adore live performance, it's really not accessible. Being able to rewind & have the words on screen makes a world of difference.

  • Rah0328
    Rah0328 Hace un mes +1652

    I hope they do a master release after the tour ends, it would be a shame to have this master piece lost forever

    • Bea
      Bea Hace un mes +4

      @Em Em I understand that part, and yes I agree, I said that because when I first saw the video the comment about closed captions was the very first comment show with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments already. Also maybe I misunderstood a little because the way the person commented made it seem like other people should edit their whole comment to only be about the closed captions and nothing else, plus they commented it on every single comment there was.. But I apologize if I took it the wrong way, and I also want Trixie to put in closed captions soon

    • Rah0328
      Rah0328 Hace un mes

      @Rachel Aimee Mateya Me too!!

    • Em Em
      Em Em Hace un mes +3

      @Bea it’s a very small thing to ask - edit a comment so people can be included 🤷‍♀️ if it takes every comment to do it then why not help where people can help

    • Rachel Aimee  Mateya
      Rachel Aimee Mateya Hace un mes +8

      I would absolutely pay to see it virtually!

    • Bea
      Bea Hace un mes +21

      @Capybara With an Orange on its Head honey it's already the top comment. If they ever open their comment section that will be the first thing they see, no need to make every other people edit their comments to say the same thing

  • L
    L Hace un mes +2431

    hi please could you put proper cc and not auto captions for your deaf fans and other people who rely on captions please? we can't watch videos with auto captions because they're not accurate and difficult to read 😭
    edit: to people commenting that the auto captions are accurate I'm going to watch the first 5 minutes and write down the captions that don't make sense so please explain to me how this is accurate and accessible
    "you spill it all over those in the seats"
    "live here's some of my costumes"
    "stuff items items and stuff some akati's costumes you"
    "do my dressing room area look at that"
    "to this project because they were looking for"
    "a lot of steps a lot of choreoscope"
    "I'm disgusting I'm still an if those were out there giving a one too I"
    "hello hello trixie and saw her in my or so and she looked the other dancer"

  • Kaylin Smith
    Kaylin Smith Hace un mes +1201

    I am so thrilled to see Kelly in this. She is absolutely hysterical, and I'm glad that we're all getting to see what she can really do.

    • Teddi' Bear
      Teddi' Bear Hace un mes

      excactly my thoughts x

    • Cloudfish
      Cloudfish Hace un mes +3

      @Em Em I did not say that. Captions would be a wonderful addition. I am sorry if my comment came across that way, it was not my intention. I explained this a bit more in my other comment. You took the negative from my comment when all I did was say that the statement about all of us struggling was not accurate. I also know a couple of deaf people who would also be mad about being told that they are struggling to watch a video. That isn’t to say that captions are unhelpful, they really are, but that wasn’t the point.

    • Em Em
      Em Em Hace un mes +4

      @Cloudfish yikes, so because you can follow the video fine - fck everyone else and it’s their problem if they need captions?? 😬

    • Em Em
      Em Em Hace un mes +9

      @Black Bat it’s not sad for someone who feels excluded to want to utilise the top comment to have closed captioning added! I’m surprised so many people are replying to this person in a negative way - it’s something so small to help many communities be included

    • pinkbunnie
      pinkbunnie Hace un mes +5

      @Cloudfish wow, we found the ceo of all hard of hearing people

  • T S
    T S Hace un mes +530

    I love how Laganja choreographed it. She’s the most talented dancer to come off the show imo.

  • Alicia Bergman
    Alicia Bergman Hace un mes +397

    Can’t wait for Trixie to finally unite with the Sweedäsh Peewplö in Stockholm in November!

    • C M
      C M Hace un mes +5

      @Egor Jaguarov *whispers* It's "Klarma", but don't tell anyone or they'll get you in four easy installments.

    • Capybara With an Orange on its Head
      Capybara With an Orange on its Head Hace un mes +3

      Edit your comments to direct the team to the comment about accessible closed captions! Hard of hearing people are struggling to watch videos with auto captions!!!

    • Egor Jaguarov
      Egor Jaguarov Hace un mes +16

      for KLARNA! 😆

    • Doornebuzz
      Doornebuzz Hace un mes +3

      See you there! 💙💛

  • A Fun Guy Among Us
    A Fun Guy Among Us  Hace un mes +252

    Live stage shows are lightning in a bottle, they are never the same twice. I know Trixie is settling down in Palm Springs but she really deserves her own Las Vegas Revue.

  • Grace B
    Grace B Hace un mes +530

    Katya is really committed to this doll hunty yasss gawd era

    • Psychedelic Anxiety
      Psychedelic Anxiety Hace un mes

      Probably because things are pre recorded and posted all at different times Over the course of months

    • C M
      C M Hace un mes +3

      "Hello, gay!"

    • laneybug
      laneybug Hace un mes +9

      @Ty katya ironically making fun of drag race culture has unironically turned her into part of it herself. we love layers!

    • Capybara With an Orange on its Head
      Capybara With an Orange on its Head Hace un mes +4

      Edit your comments to direct the team to the comment about accessible closed captions! Hard of hearing people are struggling to watch videos with auto captions!!!

    • Toby
      Toby Hace un mes +9

      Boots the house down WERK

  • Ben
    Ben Hace un mes +163

    Katya needs a whole series of perfumes called fierce hunty and yes gawd and they all smell the exact same… like sweat and cigs

    • C M
      C M Hace un mes +24

      You're forgetting her OG fragrance "Sympathy F*ck", which smells like cigs and sweat, with just a hint of lilac.

  • Gee Cortez
    Gee Cortez Hace un mes +170

    It's so sweet to listen to Tom lie to through his teeth about how challenging the dance was for him to make Trixie seem like a better dancer. Such love and support for our delusional queen.

    • Gee Cortez
      Gee Cortez Hace un mes +11

      @Nic Anonymus Tone indicators are a must. I wish they were more widely used.

    • Nic Anonymus
      Nic Anonymus Hace un mes +5

      The /Joking part is important otherwise the fans are coming for you. 😜

  • Mario Espinoza
    Mario Espinoza Hace un mes +37

    can’t believe we get to see the behind the scenes of the critically acclaimed two-woman show: “Margaret with the Gimpy Leg & Trixie with the Peanut Head.”

  • Justine Peralta
    Justine Peralta Hace un mes +11

    I love how they hire their drag sisters! It’s like sharing their success with their own community. ❤

  • Anita Manbadly
    Anita Manbadly Hace un mes +5

    Echoing what other people said here. I hope this is being recorded in various venues, so Trixie and Katya can emulate Margaret Cho and release a concert film

  • Boston Terrier
    Boston Terrier Hace un mes +137

    Did not know that Laganja did the choreo for this tour! So awesome! Also living for how dramatic their director is!

  • Bryleigh Hamilton
    Bryleigh Hamilton Hace un mes +78

    I went to the show in Columbus and Trixie forgot her line and her laugh sent the whole theater into orbit

  • Laura Klein
    Laura Klein Hace un mes +6

    They better have filmed one bc I was crying laughing the whole time and I’m dying to watch it again

  • Channel 1 Texas
    Channel 1 Texas Hace un mes +246

    I really love that Kelly is giving Coco Peru in the show - that doesn't botha me.
    Amazing production, ladies!! It was so unreal seeing you in person ♥️♥️

    • Capybara With an Orange on its Head
      Capybara With an Orange on its Head Hace un mes

      Edit your comments to direct the team to the comment about accessible closed captions! Hard of hearing people are struggling to watch videos with auto captions!!!

  • Aurora Sanders
    Aurora Sanders Hace un mes +191

    I saw this show back in March in Milwaukee and it was INCREDIBLE, truly an experience I will never forget! The energy at the theater was SO amazing, there was just so much love.

    • bttrcrmz1074
      bttrcrmz1074 Hace un mes +3

      I want to buy tickets for March ‘23 and I wanna get the meet and greet package too…. Fingers crossed

    • Barb Larkin
      Barb Larkin Hace un mes +3

      I was at the show in Milwaukee and will also see the show again in Oshkosh next March.

    • Jack Rosenfeld
      Jack Rosenfeld Hace un mes +1

      Whats the plot of the show?

    • Suzy
      Suzy Hace un mes +1

      I was there too!!! The hardest I’ve laughed in a long time. It was amazing

    • Capybara With an Orange on its Head
      Capybara With an Orange on its Head Hace un mes +2

      Edit your comments to direct the team to the comment about accessible closed captions! Hard of hearing people are struggling to watch videos with auto captions!!!

  • Erika Langbein
    Erika Langbein Hace un mes +78

    I saw Katya in Berlin and the first thing she said was „Berlin you do not disappoint. I love this underground concrete sex dungeon venue!“

  • Omnom
    Omnom Hace un mes +41

    Can we talk about how much of a showstopper Kelly was in the show. She really added a whole other layer of comedy that really made the show a stand out.

  • KweenKimberly
    KweenKimberly Hace un mes +86

    The show is GENUINELY AMAZING!!! Saw them in Seattle in March & I’m going back again to see them for my birthday in Seattle in October! The only other artist I’ve seen more than once is Britney Spears. I’m excited to see the show again…I’ve already planned out my outfit ♥️💗💃🏼

  • Wasabi.
    Wasabi. Hace un mes +26

    I'll repeat this, nobody it's doing it like Katya and Trixie in the modern drag queen world except for Rupaul itself.

    • Candice Morrison
      Candice Morrison Hace un mes +1

      Umm... RuPaul who? They have surpassed RuPaul in my opinion...just saying!

  • Gold Crow
    Gold Crow Hace un mes +31

    I saw it in Portland. I have never screamed and laughed so much in my life! Katya booped my finger and I loved hearing Trixie laugh in person. It was one of the happiest nights I have ever had. ❤️

  • Griffith
    Griffith Hace un mes +24

    The dolls are being divas and slaying the tea and gagging fiercely serving hunty

  • Estelle Bonnelame
    Estelle Bonnelame Hace un mes +140

    I have a ticket to see them in December in Manchester and these behind the scenes have just made me even more excited to see them perform!!!!

    • Estelle Bonnelame
      Estelle Bonnelame Hace un mes +1

      @Patrick Ferguson that's awesome!! :)) Are you also going by yourself?

    • Patrick Ferguson
      Patrick Ferguson Hace un mes +2

      I'm going to the Manchester show too, how exciting🤗

    • Nic Anonymus
      Nic Anonymus Hace un mes +1

      @Estelle Bonnelame I hope you’re having fun even if you’re alone! You meet definitely funny people there. I see they’re coming to Zurich in November. I definitely wanna go! I didn’t know they are coming to Switzerland. Yeah!

    • Estelle Bonnelame
      Estelle Bonnelame Hace un mes +1

      @Nic Anonymus bahaha
      I mainly commented in the hopes of finding someone else who's going to that show in Decemeber cos I'm going by myself 😅

    • Nic Anonymus
      Nic Anonymus Hace un mes +1

      No need to brag about it! Just kidding… I’m jealous! 😩😛

  • Courtney Mulligan
    Courtney Mulligan Hace un mes +9

    When Kelly says Trixie is doing her own Lilith Fair I died 😂

  • Joshua R
    Joshua R Hace un mes +55

    The show in New Zealand was fantastic! Loved every second of it. Sat behind this drunk lady who screamed “we love you trixie, but we hate your music!” And it was honestly the funniest thing.

    • Katelyn
      Katelyn Hace un mes +4

      I love her music! 😡

    • help me
      help me Hace un mes +24

      @Federica Piccirilli She said "Well, I love my music but I hate you." It was great lmao

    • Federica Piccirilli
      Federica Piccirilli Hace un mes

      @nzgal 30 what she said? we wanna know 👀

    • nzgal 30
      nzgal 30 Hace un mes +10

      Lmaoo I was at the same show and Trixies clapback was hilarious 😂

    • James Fluker
      James Fluker Hace un mes +4


  • Eli
    Eli Hace un mes +46

    Loved this behind the scenes look at the show! I was lucky enough to see it and it’s absolutely brilliant! If you haven’t seen it yet, you must go. It’s totally unexpected and hilarious the entire time. Congrats to Trixie&Katya and the whole cast and crew on such a great production!

  • hanna
    hanna Hace un mes +58

    that seems like such a demanding show, can’t wait to see it! make sure you’re taking care of yourselves in whichever breaks you have

    • Capybara With an Orange on its Head
      Capybara With an Orange on its Head Hace un mes

      Edit your comments to direct the team to the comment about accessible closed captions! Hard of hearing people are struggling to watch videos with auto captions!!!

    • Capybara With an Orange on its Head
      Capybara With an Orange on its Head Hace un mes

      Edit your comments to direct the team to the comment about accessible closed captions! Hard of hearing people are struggling to watch videos with auto captions!!!

  • Karen Nepomuceno
    Karen Nepomuceno Hace un mes +10

    I hope this show later finds its way to streaming platforms for us fans in far, far away lands. Love from the Philippines!

  • Miss Retro Rebel
    Miss Retro Rebel Hace un mes +3

    The show was absolutely amazing!! I'm pretty sure my friends and I started the standing ovation at the end of your show in Christchurch! 😍 you are both so talented!

  • soycubus
    soycubus Hace un mes +35

    I was at this show💗 I levitated in my seat when Katya did her wind beneath my wings number😭it was magical

  • Ariel M
    Ariel M Hace un mes +14

    I really hope we get to pay to see this on ESclips for those of us who can't make it to a show!!!! 😍

  • Laisahh
    Laisahh Hace un mes +5

    I'm literally jealous of everyone who got to see them live!!!

  • Elliot James
    Elliot James Hace un mes +1

    I play the first 23 seconds of this video every morning, just so Katya can hype me up for the day ahead…

  • Hunter Moser
    Hunter Moser Hace un mes +29

    So happy for all your success! Positive vibes for both of you ❤️

  • Brandon
    Brandon Hace un mes +1

    I'm so happy I got to see this show when it came to Columbus! I absolutely enjoyed every moment of it, and I really hope they go on tour together like this again!

  • edward
    edward Hace un mes +7

    are you ever going to put a video of the whole show online somewhere? (behind a paywall, ofc)

  • T S
    T S Hace un mes +7

    They need to bring Tammie Brown in on this too. I need to see her and Kelly talk in a room together.

  • MissNinaY
    MissNinaY Hace un mes +2

    It was a fun show! Houston was "LIT" as Trixie would say 😂 would love to see y'all again for stand-up comedy/ live podcast 💜💜💜

  • J Redeam
    J Redeam Hace un mes +1

    This show was so much fun to watch. I was in the nosebleeds in Portland and it was worth it

    NICOMEEKER Hace un mes +1

    I’m so proud of you and the team and am soooooo happy to support ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sierra _
    Sierra _ Hace un mes +4

    I would love to have a digital version released, I would pay 💰

  • Fran P
    Fran P Hace un mes +5

    omg guys, seeing the people you work with being so kind and admiring of you warms my heart, I really wish you the best best best ❤️

  • Shrugs Alltheshrugs
    Shrugs Alltheshrugs Hace un mes

    I've never laughed so hard in my life as I did at this show. And I'm still dreaming about the sparkly shoes. 😍😍😍

  • María Alejandra H.
    María Alejandra H. Hace un mes +33

    my emotional support drag queens 😌✨

  • Girl in the Striped Sweater 🏳️‍🌈

    I remember once Trixie had said Katya was the sweatiest person she knew and I couldn't tell if that was an exaggeration or what. I guess now I know 😂

  • Em
    Em Hace un mes +4

    I had a rotten year so far and this show made my whole year. I wish I could go back. I love them so much. They're brilliant.

  • Shane Reid
    Shane Reid Hace un mes

    I saw y’all in Atlanta, I can say this, I wish I would have seen the show again a second time. It was truly amazing!

  • Hyperspace
    Hyperspace Hace un mes +2

    I'm really loving this retro home video style vlogs. Please keep them coming.

  • Hayward Garner
    Hayward Garner Hace un mes +3

    Creativity is not always “family friendly”. Keep up the amazing work. ❤️

  • Destiny Babe
    Destiny Babe Hace 4 días

    I literally love them today lmao I would laugh all day if I was ever around them 😂

  • Marcos Klein
    Marcos Klein Hace un mes

    I'm a huge fan! I love both of you. Hope to see you performing here in Brazil someday........ kisses from Rio 🇧🇷

  • Tania Arroyo
    Tania Arroyo Hace 16 días

    I purchased tickets for my son, as a graduation gift, and after watching this, I am so incredibly excited for him to have this experience. He's a freshman in Boston and this will make his first few difficult weeks so much better. Thank you, Trixie and Katya!

  • Kristan Daves
    Kristan Daves Hace un mes

    Stunning make up, hilarious and just so fantastic. Thank you for your gifts of laughter and music!!

  • avie
    avie Hace un mes +15

    We NEED a part 2!

  • Bryce
    Bryce Hace un mes +1

    I saw this show in SLC and it was comedy gold. I have never laughed so hard at a live show! They are beyond talent!

  • Ripley Dc30
    Ripley Dc30 Hace un mes +8

    girl there giving everything they got and more wish i can see them live rofl love them ♥

  • Eva W.
    Eva W. Hace un mes

    I saw the show. No exaggeration: one of the best💅nights💅of💅my💅life💅. Long live these comedy queens! 👑👑

  • Summer VDV
    Summer VDV Hace un mes

    This was amazing to see live. Absolutely loved it and Kelly was just hysterical!

  • גלעד סוירזנסקי

    I love these type of videos where they show us the behind the scenes of their tour

  • Helen A Miller
    Helen A Miller Hace un mes +2

    I hope their success is full of joy, happiness and love. And I hope they have long and inspiring careers. I think this is just the beginning.

  • Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Johnson Hace un mes

    You 2 are SOOOOO amazing. I've got a musical theatre background and you are PROS ALL THE WAY. And, in addition to everything else, your dancing is SPOT ON!

  • mskarinalouise
    mskarinalouise Hace un mes

    Saw the show 7 times across Australia and New Zealand and this has me in the feels 😭

  • Spencer J Spence
    Spencer J Spence Hace un mes

    The show has been the best thing I have seen in 2022. Thank you for coming to Perth Western Australia. It was worth the nearly 3 year wait. I would definitely pay to see this show again. Thank you again for coming to Perth. We love you both!

  • TheDeltuckians
    TheDeltuckians Hace un mes +1

    I saw the show in Columbus, Ohio. It was THE ABSOLUTE BEST show I’ve ever seen! When I wasn’t laughing so hard that my face hurt, I was smiling like a fool. If I have the chance to see Trixie and Katya live again, I’m definitely going and maybe purchasing tickets in nearby cities too. Thank you to all who made the show happen, and of course, Trixie and Katya. I’d also like to say that Kelly Mantle was amazing. Just wow!

  • Luiza Hundt
    Luiza Hundt Hace un mes

    Soooo excited to see them in November in Hamburg!!! I'm honestly crossing off the days on the calendar just waiting for this! Never thought I'd get to see them live!

  • CurseWord -Amy- Demonatrix Grave-Ash

    I literally got tears in my eyes .... this was fabulously put together 😭😭😭 so freaking glad I'm on this rock in space at the same time as so much talent and beautiful art 😭🖤🛸👽🔮🧁🍄
    You guys.... the whole creative team... 👌👌👌👌 never fail to give.

  • Nic Anonymus
    Nic Anonymus Hace un mes +1

    Please Trixie, can you do a show in Switzerland? You can take holidays after, it’s beautiful here! Please! 🥺 edit: There is a show in Zürich! Amazing!

  • Miz Stories
    Miz Stories Hace un mes

    Oh! This is great. The behind the scenes stuff is my favorite!

  • Yu 3
    Yu 3 Hace un mes

    So wholesome🥰 all of them who are involved in this tour deserve all the success!!

  • chocolate milk
    chocolate milk Hace un mes

    Saw it already and loved it. Can’t wait to see it again in October!

  • Nina Maia Dal Moro
    Nina Maia Dal Moro Hace un mes +5

    Is there gonna be a recorded version for the international fans? pleeeeeeeasssssseeeeee

  • Monique P.
    Monique P. Hace un mes

    Having seen the show, I really appreciated this bts! Thank you divassss!

  • Taylor Wolverton
    Taylor Wolverton Hace un mes

    So happy to see a packed house for you both! SLAY!

  • Emma Polette
    Emma Polette Hace un mes

    I saw the very first performance in Australia in Perth and it was way beyond my expectations. It was so funny. And the audience loved it so much. I walked out literally buzzing because the energy from the whole experience was amazing.

  • Symptom of the Universe

    This was such a treat! Thank you!

  • Bella BeYoutiful
    Bella BeYoutiful Hace un mes +1

    oh my gosh! You guys did a behind the scenes, meet all the people that brought this together video for us!!!! This is AMAZING!!! I love the format you took in making the BTS!! BRAVO! ENCORE!
    I’m sure I had nothing to do with it, but I did comment it when you asked for video ideas while on tour!!!

  • Elizabeth Dahl
    Elizabeth Dahl Hace un mes

    I saw this show in Denver on my 30th birthday and it was the best time ever!! I took my boyfriend who is very straight and we both loved it, now he’s a Trixie and Kayla fan 💕

  • tracy clements
    tracy clements Hace un mes

    I saw this show in Wellington and loooooooved it **stamps feet in wild appreciation**

  • purplebekstar77
    purplebekstar77 Hace un mes

    I constantly think of this show. It is the best live show you will ever see. So happy they came to lil ole Hobart to do it for us- Go see it if you have not and get the chance!

  • supersandi2
    supersandi2 Hace un mes

    I love these behind the scenes/doc style videos!

  • Matthew Graham
    Matthew Graham Hace un mes +1

    Let's give props to Trixie for keeping those dancers on the pay roll

  • Nicky Persnickety
    Nicky Persnickety Hace un mes

    We waited 2 years for this show and it was completely worth it!

  • CoolPonies
    CoolPonies Hace un mes

    This show was so fun! Entertaining, dumb, hilarious! Both of them and Kelly were amazing! (oh and the dancers)

  • S M
    S M Hace un mes +1

    As a european fan I can't believe i actually get to see them live in the flesh. I'm so goddamn excited

  • Djenaba
    Djenaba Hace un mes

    I saw the show in Melbourne recently and I absolutely loved Sandy! If you get an opportunity to see this show I highly recommend it.

  • lumenue
    lumenue Hace un mes

    As a stagehand, I'm sure this show would be stellar to work for and I'm so jealous of these BTS shots! Book some tiny gigs in shitkicker middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania for me next time, okay? My home theater has AC if that sweetens the deal.

  • scottie thompson
    scottie thompson Hace un mes

    Love that Kelly is in the show - - she's giving me Coco Peru vibes!!!!!!

  • Darby Kassab
    Darby Kassab Hace un mes

    Thanks to this tour I have been exposed to the talents and showings of Kelly Mantle, who has now become one of my favorite performers

  • Amina Gilbert
    Amina Gilbert Hace un mes +1

    i was at the chicago show and it was absolutely brilliant!!!

  • Frank Orandle
    Frank Orandle Hace un mes +2

    It is great seeing family succeed. Love TK more than I love KY.

  • Sonia mac
    Sonia mac Hace un mes

    I really loved this great to see what goes on behind the curtain.x

  • Peter Costello
    Peter Costello Hace un mes

    I can't wait to see the show in December in Ireland. I hope Kelly will be part of the show then also!

  • Tahni Helms
    Tahni Helms Hace un mes

    Saw ya'll in March. My partner and I had a great time. Could not stop laughing.

  • Betsy Thompson
    Betsy Thompson Hace un mes

    I would love to watch these two ladies perform. They are amazing !! Sending you two lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Scott Brinson
    Scott Brinson Hace un mes +1

    I loved this, I am so so happy for you two.

  • Tarzan
    Tarzan Hace un mes

    I saw you guys preform in Sydney in June and I’m still like “I can’t believe Trixie and Katya actually exist!” I lost my voice for 4-5 days afterwards 💯🙌🏼 I spent the entire show in awe in absolute awe, what an absolute dream come true watching you both preform together live while sitting there with my best friend will forever be one of my favourite unforgettable night ever 💯❤️❤️🥰

  • Lucy Hall
    Lucy Hall Hace un mes +5

    I was there opening night in SF!!! It was so great!! NEITHER OF THEM KNEW THEIR LINES

  • Angie
    Angie Hace un mes

    i LOVE this! it makes me so happy!!!