How to Be a Drag Queen | Trixie Mattel's Advice on How to Start Your Drag Career

  • Publicado el 21 ago 2022
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Comentarios • 1 162

  • ar57821
    ar57821 Hace un mes +5394

    I fully expected this to be a 5 second short where Trixie just stares deep into the camera and says "Don't."

  • Lord Walker
    Lord Walker Hace un mes +1699

    Trixie’s next business will be Trixie’s drag college and language school where you can learn drag and become fluent in any language especially Swedish and Australian.

    • Phat Ballzz
      Phat Ballzz Hace un mes


    • Envoymadness
      Envoymadness Hace un mes

      May I please have...Bread!?

    • Googoogaga
      Googoogaga Hace un mes

      Please omg

    • Kelly Blanchard
      Kelly Blanchard Hace un mes +1

      dont know which video and where but trixie recently shared she was in Sweden and a cool airport gay said "welcome home" 😂🇸🇪😂

    • Star the Lotus
      Star the Lotus Hace un mes +5

      Drag U 🫢

  • narra
    narra Hace un mes +1574

    I love that Trixie's giving out tips for baby drag queens and honestly, I think every advice in this video can be applied in life in general. Love that! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Ehlie Luna
      Ehlie Luna Hace un mes


    • SoCal Gal
      SoCal Gal Hace un mes +1

      "baby" drag queens are referred to as "drag princesses" (watch "Too Wong Foo, Thanks for everything. Julie Newmar")

    • Wolfhart
      Wolfhart Hace un mes

      I was about to comment the same thing lol

    • Lethalport1515
      Lethalport1515 Hace un mes +5

      @Drew Rathbone as soon as I noticed her hands I could not not look at them 😅

    • Joe Kagan
      Joe Kagan Hace un mes +6

      ya especially "don't"

  • Only_Yours_8064
    Only_Yours_8064 Hace un mes +1177

    Am I a female who will never do drag? Yes. Am I going to watch it in full? Yes.

    • Mango Fruit
      Mango Fruit Hace 13 días +1

      I am also a cis woman and I wanna do drag😊 one day it will happen, I have a feeling my confidence will skyrocket

    • T TR
      T TR Hace un mes +1

      I would love to drag, who would hire me another story ….

    • Jacqueline
      Jacqueline Hace un mes +3

      I’m a woman and would love to do drag 😅

    • Lannik
      Lannik Hace un mes +4

      I know alot of woman who are in 24\7 drag and don't even know just go for it!✊😀

  • T S
    T S Hace un mes +1189

    It’s actually really nice that she took the time to do this. I thought it would just be a quick short joke video but she’s actually taking it seriously and helping people for free out of the goodness of her heart.

    • Sa L
      Sa L Hace 24 días

      @Aidan Woods yeah and a Lotta people agree so

    • Aidan Woods
      Aidan Woods Hace 24 días +1

      @Sa L you’re literally so negative lmao 😂

    • Sa L
      Sa L Hace un mes

      @MicroMoron lol who asked her to? Me and you are saying literally the same thing 🤣🤣🤣

    • MicroMoron
      MicroMoron Hace un mes +1

      @Sa L do u do ur job for free? Why would u expect her to

    • gfhit
      gfhit Hace un mes +3

      @Sa L have you paid anything to see this video of 20 minutes of advises?

  • Roe Kayler
    Roe Kayler Hace un mes +352

    This was so honest, Trixie really said no BS. (Would love a “part two with two ft. Katya”)

    • C. Tschanz
      C. Tschanz Hace un mes +2

      @Vintage Youth they have! two separate episodes about drag and the etiquette in the dressing room etc.

    • Vintage Youth
      Vintage Youth Hace un mes +19

      170+ episodes of UNnghhh and they still haven’t talked about this topic. I want the uncensored conversation about this lol

  • Charles E. G.
    Charles E. G. Hace un mes +297

    I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in ever becoming a drag queen. And yet I found this video completely fascinating, engaging and educational. Trixie is so intelligent, and she presents all of this information so thoughtfully and helpfully. These are all things that I had never even considered in the world of drag. I already had such enormous respect for Trixie, and ALL drag queens. But after watching this video, my respect has increased exponentially. I know that this comment isn’t funny or clever, but it really is very heartfelt.

  • RB
    RB Hace un mes +89

    Trixie’s ‘character’ is so sassy that I don’t think a lot of people realise how genuine and sweet she is underneath. I went to a meet and greet with her recently and was completely blown away by how warm and kind she was. It just made me stan her even harder.

  • Steven Clemons
    Steven Clemons Hace un mes +195

    The very first time i performed, i was quickly introduced to the cutthroat older queens. I was green and they saw me coming a mile away! The queens did everything from not letting me use a station to get ready to running after me insisting i spreay oil sheen on my face because i was too powdered. Sabotage!! But i came prepared and did really well because of it. I showed up painted, wigged and padded in sweats. All i had to do was put on my outfits and walk to stage. I was early. I was polite inspite of their ugliness. I earned their respect. (Until they learned that i got all the tips and they got none and promptly removed me from their show!)🤷🏾‍♂️ all shade lol. Moral of the story be kind, be punctual and be prepared!

    • Violet
      Violet Hace un mes +14

      That’s insanely shady of them…I hope karma comes back to bite them. Keep going girl I wish you all the success 💜🫶🏾

  • Graeme Timmins
    Graeme Timmins Hace un mes +404

    Trixie - "I love supporting small businesses!"
    Trixie - "That's why I love Google."

    • gfhit
      gfhit Hace un mes +1

      lol yes, that was fun (although in the end what she sponsored was a specific 'friendly' content)

    • Sarah Street
      Sarah Street Hace un mes +27

      I do agree that when I first heard she was sponsored by Google I didn’t love that, but I do think that a bigger company providing a tool to help support smaller companies can be useful and I think it gives small voices volume by acting as a megaphone. I want to know which businesses are woman or black owned and if a sometimes shitty company like Google provides a way for me to do that easily then I’ll try it. Ends justifying means type of thing

    • Amanda Louise Johnson
      Amanda Louise Johnson Hace un mes +6

      I respect the hustle.

    • Neodymium144
      Neodymium144 Hace un mes +10

      I wonder how much Google pays to sponsor a video? Get the $$$!

    • Tony少
      Tony少 Hace un mes +3

      I’m glad I’m not the only one lol

  • Asra
    Asra Hace un mes +590

    These tips can apply to so much more as well! These tips are wonderful for new actors, new influencers, new businesses, etc.

    • Yami Yugi
      Yami Yugi Hace un mes +1

      @Lilian. MTZ cosplay and drag aren’t too different xD at least the intense cosplay I do feels like drag sometimes xD

    • Asra
      Asra Hace un mes +3

      @Danny T no necessarily. As Trixie said, you want to meet everyone. Knowing people in the field helps you so much, coming from an actress. Before I made friends in acting, I barely got any roles but now I get almost triple the amount of roles I had before.

    • Danny T
      Danny T Hace un mes

      Sadly the only way this’ll work is if you do great and/or get well received on RPDR

    • ChuckNormis218
      ChuckNormis218 Hace un mes

      Especially the first tip tbh. If you're looking to get into a LOT of businesses, the market is already way too saturated and you will not find success 99.99% of the time.

    • Alicia F
      Alicia F Hace un mes +1

      Absolutely - be professional and do the work should apply in so many areas.

  • E F Larsen
    E F Larsen Hace un mes +546

    i'm not a makeup person. i'm not a person who will do drag. i am a person who will watch trixie's videos tho. i live here and am part of the legions of queer women with anxiety who find her comforting.

    • Paul Francis
      Paul Francis Hace un mes

      I find “her” freakish, off-putting, disgusting, and sad.

    • Paul Francis
      Paul Francis Hace un mes

      I find “her” freakish, off-putting, disgusting, and sad.

    • Paul Francis
      Paul Francis Hace un mes

      I find “her” freakish, off-putting, disgusting, and sad.

    • Paul Francis
      Paul Francis Hace un mes

      I find “her” freakish, off-putting, disgusting, and sad.

    • Paul Francis
      Paul Francis Hace un mes

      I find “her” freakish, off-putting, disgusting, and sad.

  • Corey Grayner
    Corey Grayner Hace un mes +313

    "be a children who helps the children" words to live by

  • writtenbyrandom
    writtenbyrandom Hace un mes +376

    Best advice for life in general: be ready to learn for the rest of your life 👏👏👏

  • Ryan Freeman
    Ryan Freeman Hace un mes +63

    Mine to add:
    Never EVER assume because you saw drag queens have a disagreement think it’s appropriate to try to forge a relationship by talking sh*t to one of them. If they’re sisters, it’s a very tight bond.
    Never base your whole opinion about someone’s art off their appearance on a televised reality show. Do your research!
    Credit those who helped you, even if it was just a small gesture.

  • slaying_life_ sober
    slaying_life_ sober Hace un mes +29

    “Don’t be jealous, petty and abusive towards other drag queens. You are not there to compare and contrast you are there to learn, encourage and support each other. Find your own drag identity and be supportive of other queens finding theirs!”

  • R4YNE
    R4YNE Hace un mes +19

    I really want a Drag King competition show. I feel like I see plenty of Drag Kings out there, and having a show for them would push the art-form into the public

    • Yami Yugi
      Yami Yugi Hace un mes +7

      It is a bit upsetting that “Drag Race” the biggest drag competition is really only focused on feminine presenting drag. I wish it included all drag.
      I’d love to see Drag race include kings as well instead of just the queens.
      I swear lots don’t even know drag kings are a thing because only queens seem to get the spotlight.. Drag Kings are just as talented and they deserve attention too.

  • Shh hhh
    Shh hhh Hace un mes +67

    New series idea… Trixie Mattel’s drag charm school. Different etiquette challenges, and with Britney Broski and Katya on the judging panel. Also ft. Guest drag queen judges!!

  • Ashcry
    Ashcry Hace un mes +216

    Thank you Trixie, me being an amateur drag queen is so hard and this is such clarity without someone to tell me that I'm going to straight up fail but it will/can get better is such nice clarity.

    • Danny T
      Danny T Hace un mes +3

      And don’t give up!

    • ChuckNormis218
      ChuckNormis218 Hace un mes +9

      ^ and if you don't have one, GET ONE! People find queens on social media!!!

    • hanna
      hanna Hace un mes +9

      if you have one, what’s your ig? would love to check your work out!

  • Sera F
    Sera F Hace un mes +147

    Trixie has excellent advice for understanding your expectations and setting yourself up for the best possible time. I remember hearing how she had business cards for herself early on, and her most frequently mentioned, "I had to make my own opportunities." This is such a great quick crash course for any level/aim of any endeavor!

  • Rose King
    Rose King Hace un mes +181

    I loved all of this. I recently got back into doing drag after a couple years of not. I do not do it full time and don't plan to. It is a creative outlet for me. I'm lucky to have a group of local Queen's who ask me every so often to do a show. I'm even developing a King character to try out. I've loved drag my whole life and it's my favorite creative outlet.

  • Holly Modzelewski
    Holly Modzelewski Hace un mes +89

    as a female who will never do drag but has full respect for those folks who do, of course i will watch the full video

    • zoinomiko
      zoinomiko Hace un mes +3

      You still can!! (I say as a female who enjoys 'doing drag'... but will never be a working girl 'cause that Hustle Trixie outlined so well is just toooo much hustle for me)

    • Sophia Lee Miranda aka Princessbuttercup
  • Juichibey
    Juichibey Hace un mes +20

    I was slightly interested in being a drag queen but watching this video made me realize it's not really what I want. That said these tips are great not just for being a drag queen, just great work ethics.

  • Dakotta Hunt
    Dakotta Hunt Hace un mes +136

    I started 10 months ago and it’s been so challenging and so rewarding all at once!

    • amiegaaa
      amiegaaa Hace un mes +2

      @Dakotta Hunt same here! i've been wanting to start for a while i just don't habe the funds yet

    • Dakotta Hunt
      Dakotta Hunt Hace un mes +6

      @Drew Salgado Kansas City

    • Drew Salgado
      Drew Salgado Hace un mes +2

      Where are you from?

  • Janessa Jaye Champagne
    Janessa Jaye Champagne Hace un mes +48

    Yes, yes, so much yes in this video! I've been performing for more than 2 decades and show directing almost as long, and so much of this is absolutely what I tell prospective new performers! I don't care how talented someone is, if they are rude or cause problems I simply don't book them. When newbies ask me for advice, I tell them that the biggest thing to remember is that the only thing better than being invited to perform somewhere, is being invited BACK! Be nice, have fun, and calm the eff down - it's just crossdressing, Mary!

  • Pixie 💚🌺
    Pixie 💚🌺 Hace un mes +103

    As a young cis lesbian who does drag, thank you so much for doing this Trix

  • Atomic Temple
    Atomic Temple Hace un mes +14

    Is it wrong to say that the drag culture is just a super lit theatre lifestyle? I love it, you’re entertainers immersesed in a super diversely creative artists community

  • Dora Diamond
    Dora Diamond Hace un mes +13

    This was so fun to watch. Also, I know you look back and cringe sometimes, but I always loved performing with you because you were so visually striking and your comedic numbers were always showstoppers. You had star power from the jump bb 💖💖💖

  • Nirvanic_Chaos
    Nirvanic_Chaos Hace un mes +36

    I've always been a supporter of drag, I love how much artistry goes into it. I first encountered drag in person at Hamburger Mary's in Milwaukee ( where I'm from) it's such a shame it doesn't exist anymore but if you live in a big city... Literally just walking down the street in drag will catch people's attention. I look for Trixie every time I'm back in town... Just hoping that I'll see her somewhere.
    I think another great tip would be that you're going to get negative feedback no matter who you are. There's gunna be people that hate on you, turn that hate into more fierce energy cuz guess what? Haters usually are just sad, miserable people that will never have the courage to do what you do. Develop a thick skin. Just really try to focus on the people who love you and support your art.

    • Jim Hahn
      Jim Hahn Hace un mes +1

      Hamburger Mary's still exists. It just moved.

  • Steve Tayler
    Steve Tayler Hace un mes +9

    Seriously, truly though, seriously; the Trixie Matel School of Drag needs to happen.
    Imagine; an actual Drag School, with career advice, loans for start-up wigs and costumes.
    Formally register your Drag Name, with a huge database to check you’re not accidentally using someone else’s name.
    The Clown School comparison isn’t so far fetched. They have their names, their personas and (most importantly) their unique makeup catalogued.
    A Drag School!

  • The Stylish Millennial
    The Stylish Millennial Hace un mes +24

    I'm not going into drag but so many of the tips you provided are great for new entrepreneurs! I will be employing as many of these tips as possible. Much love and many thanks to you, Tracy Martel! 💖💖💖

  • Sierra Johnson
    Sierra Johnson Hace un mes +52

    Yes I will absolutely accept this becoming a series on this channel

    • YoutubeCommenter#1
      YoutubeCommenter#1 Hace un mes +3

      But she made the points, so what is the series? Her repeating this video?

  • puzzlepiecelove
    puzzlepiecelove Hace un mes +38

    I don’t have any desire to do drag but watching this video it makes complete sense to me how Trixie is so successful

  • Wilmer Gonzalez
    Wilmer Gonzalez Hace un mes +10

    You’re a sweetheart for doing this. Etiquette anywhere you are is super important in building a strong network of people who will hire you again and again!

  • Reed Wendt
    Reed Wendt Hace un mes +40

    This affirmed my current knowledge of drag and I can’t express the appreciate I have for videos like this!
    I’ve been doing costuming for over 10 years and only recently gained the confidence to pursue drag without worry of what my ppl thought of me. After 3 years of trying to figure out what I wanted to do and gain from drag I began making my drag character a reality by attending drag shows in fun outfits and makeup, more clubkid than drag, and was able to connect with artists there. During [Pride] events I went in full drag and made even more connections!
    Trixie covers the beginnings, appreciations, and hardships of starting a little drag career/hobby well. I hope whoever is taking drag into consideration enjoys this video as much as I did

  • Lee
    Lee Hace un mes +12

    To be fair much of this applies to any art field - they are all key points to take on board regardless of the kind of artist you are

  • gilgallina
    gilgallina Hace un mes +22

    Thank you! I have been performing for 22 years and teaching drag for 17 years, and this is the most accurate, honest and relatable video ever. I will share this everywhere. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

    • hanna
      hanna Hace un mes +1

      what are your socials?

  • Kelly Lott
    Kelly Lott Hace un mes +45

    Drag and Professional Wrestling really do go Hand in Hand when it comes to this, these are the exact things that wrestlers are told/do.
    Performing really has it own special feeling to it and I believe it’s very beneficial to relate between the type of art!!

  • fern.fantasy
    fern.fantasy Hace un mes +2

    This is obviously drag specific, but watching it through the lens of general creative self employed work is still really helpful, thanks queen ☀️

  • Barbara Garcia
    Barbara Garcia Hace un mes +12

    I respect this a million times more than if she had tried to sell us a How To Be a Drag Queen course 👏👏👏

  • roland bray
    roland bray Hace un mes +18

    Trixie!! It’s like you’re in my head - I’ve been doing drag for 8/9 years now and I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Thank you so much ❤️

  • GUIGU32
    GUIGU32 Hace un mes +7

    Wow. This was the most insightful, caring , thoughtful video you have uploaded to date. Having someone so famous be so in touch with reality is heartwarming. And the call in the beginning to support small businesses and the community is so sweet
    Stan! 👏🏼

  • Malachite1995
    Malachite1995 Hace un mes +8

    I did drag once many moons ago, and yes, it was fun and the party was turnt, BUT I very quickly learned that DRAG IS A LOT OF WORK. I probably spent as much time getting ready as I did actually in the club! I have a huge amount of respect for those who do it regularly, but it's way too much for me.

  • Natalia Sitkowska
    Natalia Sitkowska Hace un mes +16

    I would love to see Trixie showing us how to sew, like any tips to start to sew, style hair etc. I think it could be very helpful, especially for starting with drag too!

  • O'Connor Wells
    O'Connor Wells Hace un mes +13

    I have never LOVED YOU MORE! Hands down my favorite video! That suit looks so amazing on you! You truly inspire me to live a Happy Life!

  • Anastasia Boyko
    Anastasia Boyko Hace un mes +2

    I'm a female dancer- performer and this really helped! Thank you Trixieee

  • shhhhyeahright
    shhhhyeahright Hace un mes +22

    This can actually carry over into a lot of different industries. Yassss business sense! 👏🏻

    • αɴαнαтα love
      αɴαнαтα love Hace un mes +1

      and life in general too. be respectful of others, don't be afraid to make mistakes, do your best and be your own original self.

  • Eros Sinclair
    Eros Sinclair Hace un mes +18

    How did Trixie KNOW I was trying to get my start in drag? she must be a physic, absolutely magical woman 💖

  • kevmagill
    kevmagill Hace un mes +27

    Trixie teaching the hopeful....these are really great tips...little honesty, little tea, little fantasy.

  • Oni Michael Mulling
    Oni Michael Mulling Hace un mes +6

    and the best quote of the video goes to: "be a children who helps the children," bc... that's just perfectly imperfect. thanks Goddess.

  • Pokhraj Roy
    Pokhraj Roy Hace un mes +41

    Dearest Trixie,
    Thank you for bringing us joy and iconic LEWKS.
    Yours sincerely,
    A Fan.

  • Susan Hartnett
    Susan Hartnett Hace un mes +4

    Also, no matter what you're trying to be successful doing in life, drag or not, gay or straight, if you aspire to be successful, do all these things. Trixie has spoken, so listen up.

  • elliew
    elliew Hace un mes +4

    trixie, im telling you, youre so successful and great at drag, if you had a series of videos on drag basics like sewing & buying clothes, lip syncing, makeup, music mixing etc etc it would be incredible!!

  • Mudkip0408
    Mudkip0408 Hace un mes +38

    As someone who is just starting Drag, this is gonna be really helpful

  • Stephen N
    Stephen N Hace un mes +3

    I'm not a drag queen, but I watched this entire video and feel I learned a great deal. 🤠🌈♥️

  • Ashley Lee
    Ashley Lee Hace un mes +5

    Honestly, great advice for most industries! I'm an event planner and work for myself, half my bookings this year are word of mouth because I fulfilled my promises and was nice.

  • Julia A.
    Julia A. Hace un mes

    LOVE THIS!! I feel like it’s all super applicable for professional makeup artists as well! Thanks Tracy!!

  • Brianna Humphries
    Brianna Humphries Hace un mes +6

    I Don’t even want to be a drag Queen but love being educated by Trixie on anything 😂

  • Kat Crowley
    Kat Crowley Hace un mes

    I love this advice, its the stuff that is much harder to find I feel like, of what being a small time drag queen is like.
    Also most of it was strong theatre culture which is so great to me. You really have to appreciate the small team who makes your show run

  • Josh Glynn
    Josh Glynn Hace un mes +1

    This was incredibly useful not just for aspiring Drag Queens but most other creative/ entertainment related freelance lines of work as well!

  • GayleGoofsOff
    GayleGoofsOff Hace un mes +8

    Got my TC package today! Had to get that sponge + case, but my order was 4 parts all heart. Love you Trixie

  • brenna
    brenna Hace un mes +38

    trixie is now my drag mom - CONFIRMED

    ХИБРИДО Hace un mes +6

    Tbh, I never ever really wanted to be a drag queen, however, the advices Trixie gave are really perspective-changing not only for baby drag queens, but also in general. Trixie is wise, clever & smart. Through out those 15 years she definitely learned something, that really helped her build up herself, even though she didn't had the full knowledge. People learn. Thanx Trix. ❤️💯

  • Syafiq Malik
    Syafiq Malik Hace un mes +3

    I had just started cosplay and honestly almost everything, if not all things Trixie said here really applies to a lot of career or side gig u want to pursue.
    Be it a makeup artist, or cosplay, dancer or a drag queen, everything just makes a lot of sense.
    Thanks Trixie for this tips! I will take all this tips with me and flourish in my pursue to being a cosplayer. 💕💕💕💕

  • Harry Montague
    Harry Montague Hace un mes

    I’m watching this knowing I might never ever do drag but the advice is actually everything, and realising I absolutely love the editor 😭🙌🏻

  • Midna Shadow
    Midna Shadow Hace un mes +12

    It’s been such an uprise of queens actually giving baby queens tips! And I love it!

    JADE CAVE Hace un mes +27

    Trixie: I'm at a stage where I look pretty much the same all the time
    also Trixie: *has changed her makeup 3 times since 2019*

  • thonvulf
    thonvulf Hace un mes +3

    I like that a lot of this advice could be applied to life in general. Great video!

  • Katarzyna Podgórska
    Katarzyna Podgórska Hace un mes +8

    Big part of what Trixies says in this video is relevant in any type of job/industry. Beginners should take some notes:)

  • hello_lydie
    hello_lydie Hace un mes +1

    What an amazing talk! I got a tip for you Girl. You should talk to the people that do the online "Masterclass" videos. Tons of people ( Gordon Ramsey for cooking, Kris Jenner for branding, musicians, artists, etc) have done it and it's pretty much a longer and more indepth version of what you did in this video. I think you'd be great at it. Get that gig. People pay to take "class" , but I don't know what they pay the talent ( probably depends on interest and revenue brought in by the "instructor"). Anyway, I just thought you'd be a natural for it when I watched this video....💗

  • Embodied Singer
    Embodied Singer Hace un mes

    This is such phenomenal advice. Totally applicable to any performing art form and much of life in general!

  • Radioactivekitteh
    Radioactivekitteh Hace un mes +17

    Please, Trixie Mattel: do a 9 to 5 office accessory line... i wanna brighten up my desk!!

    • Kelly Blanchard
      Kelly Blanchard Hace un mes +1

      now this is an idea!! especially with the new book on pre-order

  • Gio T
    Gio T Hace un mes +2

    A lot of this translates to really any industry.
    Be nice and respectful and network with absolutely everyone cause that’s how you will work.

  • alemanthony
    alemanthony Hace un mes +3

    This video was actually really helpful, especially since I’ve been contemplating about doing drag as a passionate hobby and potential long term career since I’ve watched Drag Race season 4 a decade ago.
    Thank you Tracey Motel :)

  • vanda biss
    vanda biss Hace un mes

    i feel like these lessons are applicable to almost all industries.
    i'm gonna do all of this for my application to be a nun! thanks tracy

  • Tiasson
    Tiasson Hace un mes +12

    Been realtid thinking of starting drag!This might be the SIGN for me to start now

  • Robby Phelps
    Robby Phelps Hace un mes +1

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    Dr. Kiki Psych NP Hace un mes +4

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  • kiwis eat pumpkin pie
    kiwis eat pumpkin pie Hace 24 días

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  • kiwis eat pumpkin pie
    kiwis eat pumpkin pie Hace 24 días

    I really love how if you separate certain parts and replace with your own dreams/ambitions it really is universal advice.

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